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A post for Wickedpinto

Posted by mesablue on December 20, 2006

Here ya go buddy.

Go Bears!

I get to see them play live here in Detroit this weekend after several long years in exile.

Update: 12/21 I changed the video to one that I think is a lot better.

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Rabbit chomping in Iraq?

Posted by mesablue on December 20, 2006

While it’s important that the Iraqi army and police force re-establish itself and provide a balancing presence in the country, their tactics may be a little weird at times.

Via LGF:

The Incredibly Strange Graduation of the Iraqi Anti-Rabbit Police Commando Geeks.

U.S. troops turn over Najaf to Iraqis:

NAJAF, Iraq – U.S. forces ceded control of southern Najaf province to Iraqi police and soldiers, who marked the occasion Wednesday with a parade and martial arts demonstrations.

Home to 930,000 people, Najaf saw heavy fighting two years ago, but has been relatively peaceful lately. It was the third of Iraq’s 18 provinces to come under local control. British troops handed over southern Muthana province in July, and the Italian military transferred neighboring Dhi Qar in September.

About 1,500 police officers, soldiers and security personnel staged a parade around an infield of stubby brown grass, in festivities complete with warriors on horseback.

At one point, a small group of soldiers stepped forward with a live rabbit and tore it to pieces. The leader bit out the heart with a yell, then passed around the blood-soaked remains to his comrades, each of whom took a bite. The group also bit the heads off frogs, as some of those in the crowd held their noses from the stench.

Chewing on live animals is a traditional display of ferocity for elite troops in Iraq and was also observed by special units during Saddam Hussein’s rule.

Police then steered shiny new cruisers and motorcycles with ribbons and flowers stuck to their windshields around a track ringing the soccer field, which was still littered with fur and discarded frog legs.

“Our soldiers do a lot of things, but I’ve never seen them do anything like that,” said Maj. Gen. Kurt Cichowski, who attended the ceremony


If you have the stomach for it, Charles found pictures. Here and here.

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Tis the season…!

Posted by mesablue on December 20, 2006

Now this is much better…

Merry Christmas from Sweden!!!

Hat tip to Bullwinkle.

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Tis the season…?

Posted by mesablue on December 20, 2006

Vandals Stab Family’s Frosty The Snowman To Death For The Third Time.

WZZM TV: with video

Cincinnati, OH – A family in Ohio was prey to holiday vandals recently. Their lawn decorations were attacked by neighborhood scrooges.

The holiday grinches have been knocking the wind out of frosty.

A hidden camera caught two people stabbing repeatedly an inflatable snowman.

The snowman’s owner, Matt Williquette says, “I thought I heard something but didn’t think much of it but then my wife came running downstairs saying ‘frosty was down.'”

Williquette has seen this happen twice before in the last three weeks, “They slashed him there and they also got him in the head twice.”

Ah, but there is a somewhat happy ending to the story.

Last week Matt installed a hidden camera because he knew the vandals would come back.

This time he got them on tape. The police were canvassing the area.

Deputies arrested Robert Snell who lives on Overdell Drive.

Matt now plans to install a second camera and once again patch Frosty with another round of masking tape, “If anything it makes me want to decorate more and put more stuff out.”

Yesterday afternoon, a second suspect surrendered to police.

Nathaniel Daniels, 18, was arrested and charged with one count of criminal damaging.

Morons. Watch the video, these guys have some issues to resolve.

Hat tip to Ace of Spades HQ.

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A brief musical interlude…

Posted by mesablue on December 20, 2006

This guy is excellent but, you won’t catch me banging on my Taylor the way he does.

Andy Mckee – Drifting

Just found this one and had to add it. He’s on the same label with Andy Mckee.

Antoine Dufour – Dracula & Friends Part I

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Who Should You Believe – AP or Bloggers?

Posted by mesablue on December 20, 2006

Mac Guy and PC Guy become Blogger Guy and AP Reporter guy as Wuzzadem breaks out the funny again in:

Who Should You Believe – AP or Bloggers?

Also not to be missed: Eason Jordan’s Checkered Past. I highlighted Eason’s latest exploits in this post — Eason Jordan is on the loose again!

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History of religion

Posted by mesablue on December 20, 2006

How has the geography of religion evolved over the centuries, and where has it sparked wars? Our map gives us a brief history of the world’s most well-known religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism. Selected periods of inter-religious bloodshed are also highlighted. Want to see 5,000 years of religion in 90 seconds? Ready, Set, Go!

Maps of War: History of religion.

This is pretty interesting, it shows visually the advancement of the worlds major religions over time.

Via Hot Air:

Static maps don’t capture the speed at which great movements advance; these do, which hits home at this particular moment in history. As Steyn says, “Permanence is the illusion of every age.” And so it is, right before your very eyes.

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Another female teacher accused of student sex

Posted by mesablue on December 20, 2006

The Denver Post:

An Elizabeth High School teacher has been arrested and charged with having sex with a member of the school’s football team during an away game in Glenwood Springs last month.

Darcie Esson, 32, an English teacher for four years and sponsor of the student council, is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old football player on the floor of her hotel room while her two children, ages 4 and 8, and their babysitter slept in the two beds, according to the arrest affidavit. The female babysitter is also a 17-year-old high school student.

This is becoming epidemic.

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2006: The year of perpetual outrage

Posted by mesablue on December 20, 2006

While 2006 will be remembered for many fine examples of Absolute Moral Authority, it was also a year that saw many violent acts perpetrated with the excuse of “outrage” by our Muslim friends.

Michelle Malkin rounds up the years events in 2006: The year of perpetual outrage:

It began with the Danish cartoons. It ended with the flying imams. 2006 was a banner year for the Religion of Perpetual Outrage. Twelve turbulent months of fist-waving, embassy-burning, fatwa-issuing mayhem, intimidation, and murder resounded with the ululations of the aggrieved. All this in the name of defending Islam from “insult.” Let’s review.

In late January, masked Palestinian gunmen took over a European Union office in Gaza City to protest the publication of a dozen cartoons about Islam, Mohammed, and self-censorship in the Danish newspaper, the Jyllands-Posten. They stormed the building, burned Danish flags, and spearheaded an international boycott of Denmark products across the Muslim world.

This is a must read as the year comes to a close.

It’s easy to lose track of just how many incidents there were and how often this happens under the pretext of “outrage”.

2007 will not be any better as things come to a head in Iraq. We must continue to bring these incidents to the forefront in their true light.

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Baby is sent through X-ray machine at LAX

Posted by mesablue on December 20, 2006

The Chicago Tribune:

A woman going through security at Los Angeles International Airport put her month-old grandson into a plastic bin intended for carry-on items and slid it into an X-ray machine.

The early Saturday accident — bizarre but not unprecedented — caught airport workers by surprise, even though the security line was not busy at the time, officials said.

A screener watching the machine’s monitor immediately noticed the outline of a baby and pulled the bin backward on the conveyor belt.

The infant was taken to Centinela Hospital, where doctors determined that he had not received a dangerous dose of radiation.

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