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History of religion

Posted by mesablue on December 20, 2006

How has the geography of religion evolved over the centuries, and where has it sparked wars? Our map gives us a brief history of the world’s most well-known religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism. Selected periods of inter-religious bloodshed are also highlighted. Want to see 5,000 years of religion in 90 seconds? Ready, Set, Go!

Maps of War: History of religion.

This is pretty interesting, it shows visually the advancement of the worlds major religions over time.

Via Hot Air:

Static maps don’t capture the speed at which great movements advance; these do, which hits home at this particular moment in history. As Steyn says, “Permanence is the illusion of every age.” And so it is, right before your very eyes.

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  1. JVD said

    Very nice!

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