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Let ’em eat foie gras

Posted by mesablue on December 21, 2006

Chicago Tribune:

When the letter came from City Hall threatening punishment if he continued to serve foie gras at his North Side restaurant, Doug Sohn framed the warning and set it beside his cash register.

In another example of government run amok, the Chicago City Council outlawed the sale of foie gras in restaurants and stores in the city.

So, how has that been received in Chicago?

Almost four months after an ordinance went into effect that forbids serving the rich delicacy, many chefs and restauranteurs are shrugging, if not thumbing their noses, at a law that has led to charges of an overly invasive City Council.

Several restaurants are so brazen, they list foie gras on their online menus.

At least one elected official has some sense:

Mayor Richard Daley is no fan of the ban–just this week, he called it “the silliest law” the City Council has ever passed.

Life after the ban:

As he did before the ban, David Richards, owner of Sweets & Savories, has two foie gras dishes on the menu, which are two of his most expensive: a Kobe beef burger topped with foie gras pate and seared foie gras accompanied by pumpkin flan.

“We look at it as a choice,” he said. “We live in a free-market society and if people are truly offended they won’t buy it. If they don’t buy it, I won’t buy it.”

Instead, he said, his foie gras sales have climbed, making him even less inclined to heed the law. But just in case, he has talked with a couple of attorneys who double as loyal customers that told him they are ready to fight any citation on his behalf.

New York bans trans fat and Chicago finds duck and goose livers dangerous enough to outlaw?

It’s good to hear that the Chicago Department of Health is not wasting it’s resources tracking down dangerous duck liver panderers while they are hard pressed to just keep up with more important issues. But, how does a law like this even make it past early ridicule?

This is Moral Authority run wild. I can almost understand the trans fat law in New York, trans fat has no real redeeming value. But, wasting time and city resources passing a law to protect us from the sweet, wonderful, smooth taste of foie gras because a tiny portion of society objects to the way the geese and ducks were fed is rediculous.

I know what I’m going to order the next time I’m back home in Chicago. Mmmmm.

Update:Jay Tea at Wizbang has an article up about this issue — Playing pate cake with the law


6 Responses to “Let ’em eat foie gras”

  1. JVD said

    1. Buy some Ducks.
    2. Over feed some.
    3. Breed the rest
    4. Over feed some more.
    I just have to figure how big of an operation I want to run?

  2. Scott said

    Sounds yummy. Duck livers. Duck breasts. Duck confit. Duck soup. All good.

  3. Lisa said

    Maybe JVD and Scott could have us over for dinner around the holidays!

  4. Scott said

    Hmm, maybe JVD and Lisa could hang out with us common folks more often. We don’t bite and we make a mean smoked brisket.

  5. Lisa said

    Is that an invitation? I’m up for some smoked brisket…I’ll even bring the wine.

  6. Scott said

    Hmm, it’s the right time of the year to blow off a day to devote the eighteen hours it will take to smoke a brisket.

    It has been a while. I’ll go shopping and let you guys know.

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