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Jingle Bawls

Posted by mesablue on December 24, 2006

How about 173 pictures of little kids who are afraid of Santa?

Chicago Tribune


I love this one:


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Off to the game…

Posted by mesablue on December 24, 2006

Go Bears!


Update after the game:

Bears 26 Lions 21

It wasn’t pretty, but it sure was fun. Had a blast with my son and at least 25,000 other Bears fans at Ford Field.

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Best Christmas lights — ever

Posted by mesablue on December 24, 2006

Stolen directly from My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

More pretty lights .

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A Peter Griffin Christmas

Posted by mesablue on December 24, 2006

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Don’t tell PETA

Posted by mesablue on December 24, 2006

They might want to get in on this action:

Macy’s pulls Sean John hooded jackets

NEW YORK – Macy’s has pulled from its shelves and its Web site two styles of Sean John hooded jackets, originally advertised as featuring faux fur, after an investigation by the nation’s largest animal protection organization concluded that the garments were actually made from a certain species of dog called “raccoon dog.”
“First these jackets were falsely advertised as faux fur, and then it turned out that the fur came from a type of dog,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States.

I don’t think a lot of people bought these coats specifically because they wanted faux fur. But, if just a few vegan types find out that they’ve been wearing Fido around town, it’ll warm my heart.

The folks at PETA could have made a lot of money if they sold some of the 15,000 dogs they’ve killed the last few years by freezing them, and tossing them in other peoples dumpsters. PETA has killed over 80% of the animals they have taken in for adoption since 1998 while pretending to be a protector of animals.

Seven things you didn’t know about PETA:

2) Despite its constant moralizing about the “unethical” treatment of animals by restaurant owners, grocers, farmers, scientists, anglers, and countless other Americans, PETA has killed over 14,400 dogs and cats at its Norfolk, Virginia headquarters. During 2005, PETA put to death over 90 percent of the animals it collected from members of the public.

PETA Hates You:

Thanks to Bullwinkle

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