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Bill Roggio: Anbar Province and the Iraq Study Group Report

Posted by mesablue on December 25, 2006

Last year Bill was imbedded with the Marines in Anbar, here he follows up with a report from the ground on local leaders views about the news coming out of the United States.

Anbar Province and the Iraq Study Group Report:

I specifically asked the tribal leaders if they watch the news coming out of the United states, and if the news impacts their decision making process. The answer in every case was yes, absolutely. The sheikhs’ primary concern was the U.S. would withdraw from the region, and those who collaborated with the U.S. and Iraqi forces would fall prey to al-Qaeda.

The situation in Anbar province has not changed, and the tribal sheikhs and politicians still watch the Western media. Today, the release and implications Iraq Study Group report is their main concern. Last week, I attended the Fallujah city council meeting and the Anbar province mayor’s meeting. The Iraq Study Group report was the main topic of concern at the Fallujah city council meeting, and a primary topic at the Anbar province mayor’s meeting.

The politicians and tribal leaders are very concerned that the Iraq Study Group report spells the end of the U.S. presence in western Iraq. These men have risked their own lives and the lives of their families by working with the Iraqi government and U.S. forces.

Read the whole thing.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin

2 Responses to “Bill Roggio: Anbar Province and the Iraq Study Group Report”

  1. The Iraq Study Group is clearly flawed, but the U.S. cannot stay indefinitely either. The military is breaking and cannot maintain this troop level for much longer. Something’s got to give.

  2. Breckshire said

    I don’t think that anyone has ever proposed a vision of a permanent Western occupation – however the notion that the military is “breaking” has a lot more to do with the lack of political will and support back home, and in the halls of Congress in particular (thank you, Democrats), than it does in the ability of the American military to fight and to do it’s job, when permitted. This conflict is nothing, compared to wars of the recent past, in which we faced a much more lethal enemy, with much fewer resources, and a lesser state of readiness to fight.

    The tragedy is that one would have thought that one of the awful lessons learned from the Vietnam debacle is that you DO NOT let politicians direct the waging of wars. Once the decision has been made and the objectives established, it is far less destructive in the long run for the politicians to get out of the way and to let the generals and the soldiers do the awful work for which they have been trained.

    The recent lesson this week of the Ethiopians vs the Somalian Islamists, is that the Islamic militants are NOT the inexortable force that they are portrayed to be. When they are firmly and decisively stood up to, even by a third-world military force, they can be defeated. The weak-kneed and the wobbly in Congress and in the political left of this country should take note.

    Peace will only come once victory is decisively achieved. This constant “pulling of punches” in order to somehow satisfy the nervous sensibilities of those whose values and goals are hardly any less opposed to freedom and liberty than are those of the Islamists, is only serving to prolong a deadly conflict, and will lead to a much greater carnage in the longer run.

    Had the world united against the Hitler-Nazi threat early enough, it is likely that it could have been contained, or even snuffed out, before 6-million-odds died in a global conflict that lasted much longer than the few years the US was actively involved.

    If the world had not pressured Israel to stop it’s most recent action against Hizbollah in Lebanon, Lebanon today might not be teetering on the brink of collapse, and Syria, Egypt, and Iran might not be gearing up, along with their terrorist clients, for yet another war against the Israeli state, that Israel will once again not be allowed to win.

    While no one seriously promotes the kind of tyrannical oppression that is common in that part of the world, it is also important to realize that the Arabic/Islamic culture does not respect weakness, and in fact considers it an open invitation to take advantage in whatever way possible.


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