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But mom, I don’t want to be an epidemiologist!

Posted by mesablue on December 26, 2006

Here we have the perfect stuffed animal toys for your little future plague stopper:

GIANT Microbes

The common cold

The common cold

We make stuffed animals that look like tiny microbes—only a million times actual size! Now available: The Common Cold, The Flu, Sore Throat, Stomach Ache, Cough, Ear Ache, Bad Breath, Kissing Disease, Athlete’s Foot, Ulcer, Martian Life, Beer & Bread, Black Death, Ebola, Flesh Eating, Sleeping Sickness, Dust Mite, Bed Bug, and Bookworm (and in our Professional line: H.I.V. and Hepatitis).

Each 5-to-7 inch doll is accompanied by an image of the real microbe it represents, as well as information about the microbe.

E. coli

E. coli

As wierd as this looks and sounds, it’s a brilliant idea — bet these guys make millions.

3 Responses to “But mom, I don’t want to be an epidemiologist!”

  1. JVD said

    E coli does not look like that..it looks like a good & plenty.

  2. Scott said

    And, you know this how?

  3. Lisa said

    JVD you are correct…I knew you were the smartest man alive.

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