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I hate Comcast!

Posted by mesablue on December 26, 2006

Can’t say that strongly enough, I’m developing a true hatred for that terrible excuse for a company.

One month later and still not any closer to a resolution.

A month ago a Comcast tech came out and identified a problem with my digital cable service. Since then five techs have been scheduled to come out and have either not shown up or have been the wrong kind of tech. Comcast customer service has repeatedly promised to correct the problem and then a week will go by with nothing having been done. When I call in, it’s another week until they can have someone else come out to not fix the problem.

So glad I spent two grand on the HDTV that just sits there all day until I go out and rent a DVD.

Oh yeah, I haven’t paid my bill yet for this month, they told me they had to wait to issue a credit until after they resolve the problem — they cut off my service for nonpayment so I couldn’t even watch the small TV in the bedroom on analog cable. Morons.

I give up. If after a month of screwing things up, they can’t send some one out any faster than a week from now? After all of the bowl games? They don’t want my business.

Now I have to figure out which satellite system I can get installed before Jan. 1.

I made an appointment at our city attorneys office tomorrow to file a complaint. If there was any other option, I would go with it.

Comcast Sucks!

Update: I had to get a group of neighbors and go to our City Attorney before Comcast would fix the problem.

They promised a discount to make it up to us — of course they screwed that up.

Called back in about it and they say “I don’t see anything about it in the call notes” — their standard response for everything.

Just a horribly run company. I give them one more chance to follow through on their promises or I’m sticking a dish on the house.

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  1. carin said

    I hate Comcast, which honestly goes back to my hatred of Don Barden- it used to be Barden cable – who was a the black man who got the “cable” contract in Detroit. He got rich off of it, sold it to Comcast,and now he’s making money in Casinos. When I used to bartend (at the Downtown Fishbone’s) he used to come in. Expected everything gratis. Black royalty, you know.

    We cancelled comcast during the last ice storm. Cable was out a week. Satellite baby. Only way to go.

  2. PattyAnn said

    Mesa, is fiber (Verizon) an option in your area? Haven’t had one problem with it and the HD channels are beautiful.

  3. Tushar D said

    Mesa, I have been using DirecTV for last two years. I don’t have HD. I am quite happy with them. I used to work for DirecTV’s parent, Hughes Electronics, and I am not exactly happy with them. But DirecTV is good. When there is a big storm, you might lose signal for a few minutes. This happens once every 3-4 months. But that is better than not having a signal for a month.

  4. Brian said

    I’ve been working with ComCast for over a year now. I work in a call center. When your pissed off, and nothing’s working, i’m the guy who gets the brunt of it. The service you recieve from any given agent is like a doctor. They may word things differently, may have interpreted policy differently (we ARE human) and may have more working experience than others, but we do the best we can. Unfortunalty we don’t have individual extentsions (or else i’d give you mine).
    Try to kind of see things from our side. Of the 50+ calls you take in any given shift, 40 of which are incredibly pissed off, and occasionally ignorant, are itching to rip your head off. So unfortunately, if you call toward the end of any given shift, we may not be in the best of moods, but we do our job. Which is exactly what it is.
    And last of all, its a free call. Which is why its sometimes a long wait to get through. In front of you is a grandmother who bought her first pc, wants to know how to work her email, but can’t exactly see the monitor, and panics over everything. We are patient. We try to be thorough. And if its not a Comcast product, we can’t help you. Internet problems? Unplug mdm for 20 seconds, restore power. You should be good to go. I’ll post basic Trouble Shooting Tactics later. Hope yaw’ll enjoy it, and spread the free advice. Or wait on the phone 🙂

  5. mouse said

    Oh brian or jerry, which ever name you perfer to be called.

    Here you are again with the same old story for comcast. Not one line is changed. It’s sad that comcast is making rounds to all the “I hate comcast” blogs. Atleast you updated that october response with you alteregos name jerru. What worse than going around and posting in your companys’defence is that Your service is just as bad over the internet. Not one of the blogs that I’ve seen actually list that follow up info that you were suppose to post.



  6. Danielle said

    Hey Hey to all!
    I also work for comcast like Brian does but I am handing in my two weeks notice today. I have worked here for 4 months and have had enough, I honestly hate comcast and I work for them! Well I work for an outsourcer which provides all their technical support. Sitting at a cubicle for 10 hours a day getting $10 dollars an hour to deal with 90% of the time seriously irate cx’s is just not enought to keep me around here.
    There is several problems with the company that the employee’s cannot do anything about. The number one thing that bothers me is that we do are not allowed to have any of the disptach numbers, so when a cx calls abot a technician that has left his tools or never showed up all we can do is put a ticket thogh one of the programs for the local dispatch in that area to be notified of, and even if they are notified they never do anything with it.

    I also hate that we have to escalate everything through a computer ticketing process, basically anything to do with changes, downgrades of even upgrades put pending changes in the account that often take up to 7 days to fix. Regular comcast representatives have no way of knowing when or if the problem has been looked at or worked on untill it has been resolved.

    I have been bitching for a while now though but to finish this convo off i would just like to say that I am a comcast employee and I HATE COMCAST!

    Unfortunalty they have a huge monopoly with phone, internet and cable tv service in so many states that people are unable to find other service providers.


  7. BigBallsMcGlinch said

    Dude…GREAT bust on Brian / Jerry. Not surprising that Comcast does this. They are a Marketing company that dabbles in Cable.

  8. david said

    I hate Comcast as well. I wish there was something that we all could do to bring this company to their knees. From every aspect of Comcast. Quick example – I work in the construction industry. i called comcast at the begining of construction of an apartment complex (only because they were the only game in town). 4 months later and about 1200 employees later, I finally reached the person who could help me. This gentleman was the RUDEST, MOST AROGANT, ASSHOLE I had ever met. Everything was my fault and I was such an imposition on him to even request new service, not alone pay him close to 100 thousand dollars to run the service into the complex. Please note that the revenue alone from 400 units would/could be in excess of $40,000/months.


  9. […] I Googled Comcast and people REALLY hate them, as evidenced here, here, here, here, and here. […]

  10. Cory said

    I’m too mad to even type out all the hassles I’ve had with Comcast. If one more idiot like Brian tells me to powercycle my modem I’m going to go postal.

  11. Matt said

    I’m a physician, and when my internet went out 7 days before being on call, I immediately called customer service. Long story short, after talking to 5 customer support technicians, never being called back (as promised each time), driving to a center to get a new modem (which still didnt work), I finally got an appointment 8 days later. As a result I had to sleep at the hospital when on call just to have access to patient labs, histories, imaging, etc… because nobody could come out for 8 days!

  12. George said

    The customers are worse than the phone reps!

  13. mesablue said


    Anyway, Comcast just blew my email account away for the third time this year and tried to blame it on Microsoft Outlook. My account on their system needs to be restored and they blame Outlook. Typical.

  14. IntegrityWoman said

    I have worked for Comcast for several months and my integrity is hurting very much. I am a CAE in a call center and 98% of my calls are from irate customers who either haven’t had services for several days or their service just went out all of a sudden, the tech has not showed up ( I don’t really blame the techs because I know that they are backed up with Trouble Calls seriously),customer is waiting for a supervisor to call them about a credit, etc., customer’s first bill is extremely high due to a change of service midway through their billing cycle and no one explained this to the customer beforehand. I could go on and on but I don’t have enough time or enough room to write all of the type of calls that I receive. One of the problems is we cannot contact dispatch by phone, we can only set up a ticket regarding the issue. Also an annoying part of our job is that we have to constantly repeat “I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this” and we have to sit and listen to customers call us the B word, F word, stupid, etc. and we can’t hang up and we can’t respond back to the customer of course. It’s the most horrible experience that I have ever been through at a place of employment and I intend to get out ASAP!! I feel for the customers because when you pay good money for your services you should have decent and reliable services. That is why I always mention a credit to the customer to appease them and help them in any way that I can…they deserve more than that but that is all that I can offer them. Comcast benefits are nice but when you weigh the amount of verbal abuse and low pay, that outweighs the benefits that you can try to get elsewhere. They truly need a consultant to help them get a better structure of their company because with a company of this magnitude, they should have better services and I mean no harm but to be honest they also should have more intelligent customer service reps.

  15. IntegrityWoman said

    I forgot to mention one more thing….I really believe that Comcast has it set up to do certain things via their system to shut folks services off all of a sudden on a random basis so that customers can call in and the CAE can try to upgrade their services. That would be a way to get customers to call in and a way for the CAE to try to upsell services to the customer. I say this because I found that a lot of times all of a sudden people within the same area will call us and tell us that their screen went blank and they are getting “One Moment Please” showing on their screen. I think Comcast sabotages customers systems per marketing purposes to have the customers call in….I wish that I could prove this. BTW, I am not a disgruntled employee….I have received several commendations from Comcast….I just don’t like how Comcast treats their customers! It really bothers me.

  16. Neil said

    I used to hate Comcast now I despise them. They raised prices left and right over the years for their overpriced and low quality service.

    In my area they took the NFL network from the basic package and set it up as a premium channel. That was the last straw.

    I canceled my service on July 23. They have now billed me for August, September and October saying that, although they see the disconnection request, it has not been disconnected from the pole. I don’t know what to do. I don’t us their service but they keep billing me. They even sent a collection agency after me for money I do not owe.

    I will watch nothing before I use them again.

    I now use DirectTv and I am very happy.

  17. tyler said

    Consider yourself lucky.

    I’ve been dealing with comcast for two months now, and tonight was the night that I was able to actually log on and access the internet. Comcast has sent three trained monkeys to my house so far (one decided not to show up, and I spent a day of missed work waiting around for them).

    They gave me a dead modem. Then they forgot to register a modem we had with them. Both times, comcast blamed the computers on our network for their own mistake.

    I recently had a friend who was told by comcast to purchase an entirely new router, since the old one was ‘dead’. The technician from comcast could not install the new router that was purchased, and left them with a puzzled scratch on the head. I went over there to help this confused elderly friend and managed to get the old router (which comcast proclaimed dead) up and running. We returned the new router and saved 70 bucks.

    At one point during the second half of my own fiasco (after helping the friend), I called comcast regarding registering our modem. I had connected to the modem and noticed it wasn’t even registered with their provisioning server! The tech said he would ‘escalate’ it, and have our modem registered with them; so we would no longer be in the scenario of basically stealing cable that we were paying for. Comcast did not register us, and instead (a week later) told me to go pick up a new modem. I waited a week for them to tell me to go pick up a modem!

    When we received our first connection, comcast’s installation program would not function correctly. This program is a browser based one that somehow registers you with them. The program explicitely told us to contact comcast support for help. We called comcast, and they blamed the issue on microsoft, telling us to call microsoft instead! I used my amateur technical abilities to jerry-rig the network to avoid comcast’s dictatorial networking program, and finally managed to get our network running, after two months of back and forth dealing with their army of trained monkeys (without the training).

    To ice the cake, comcast did not give us the credit they promised. We downgraded from our 80 dollar a month plan to a normal 45 dollar plan, and they have not downgraded our bill yet. I have put over 80 hours into this fiasco. I have broken a keyboard, considered my lack of internet a working of karma, and felt envy towards the lucky people who blissfully, ignorantly skip through life with easy-to-access internet. I have come close to tears over this.

    I am so grateful that this web page is loaded, although am skeptical over whether or not I will get an error screen when I click ‘submit comment’.

  18. William said

    I would share my ongoing saga of Comcast incompetence, but it would simply be to repeat the many other stories already posted. The most startling, or perhaps brilliant (if you are Comcast and you have just signed a monopolistic contract with a city – like Houston) aspect of their “customer service” is that it is set up so that there is absolutely no accountability. You can never speak to the same person twice, and as a result, the clock punchers at the call centers just do what they can to placate you and move on to the next irate customer

    Rather than continue to vent, or change to ATT, there needs to be some organized opposition. Class action lawsuits usually get a company’s attention, and Comcast is certainly primed for one or more, but I think people are pining for some more immediate attention. If you are like me, you simply want your internet and/or cable to work. I would gladly pay my bill each month in exchange for an internet connection that actually functions. So, how do we get there?

    My thinking is to fight them at their own game – advertising.

    In that regard, I am curious as to whether there is enough support among us to gather a fund to purchase newspaper advertising, get the attention of Comcast, and force them to put up or shut up.

    If I set up a website to accept donations for advertising to get Comcast’s attention, would there be contributors?

    I am not asking for anything now, just trying to measure the interest out there.

    Let me know by emailing wakeupcallcmcsa@gmail.com

    Also, if you know of any other organizations, groups, persons or others who are engaged in the same effort, or if you have any ideas, email them to this address as well. My intent is to start a website and compile all this information and make something happen.

    Let’s stop complaining and DO SOMETHING constructive!!!

  19. John said

    I made an appoitment at the local office in Aspen, Colorado. Was told the service installer would be able to do the install the next day from 1:00pm to 5:oopm. He never showed. I called the 800 number and was told the person who took my order gave me the wrong date. So I just took a half day off work for nothing and you want me to do it again.. FORGET IT! The saying that a happy customer tells one other person and an unhappy one tells ten, I will be telling everyone that will listen about the poor service I got from Comcast.

  20. karen said

    What are scheduled outages? Why does Comcast think it’s o.k. to shut off my internet and phone services on random nights from midnight to 6 am? Heaven forbid I leave my cell phone in my car/office overnight or actually need to contact emergency services! Before our city switched from Time Warner to Comcast the only outages I experienced had to do with the weather, not a routine updating of the system. Also, if they are updating/maintaining the system to keep it running smoothly, why do I also experience unscheduled outages as well? AND why doesn’t Comcast change that stupid outgoing message that states “we are currently experiencing a high call volume…wait times are excessive…please call back” when it’s 3 am! Other than me, who else is actually calling them at 3? I want Time Warner back or our city needs more options for cable/internet/phone providers.

  21. pajama momma said

    Ha funny I should read this now. I just switched from Comcast to DirecTV on the 7th of December because I was so over Comcast’s bs. I will state for the record however, that I have a 52″ hdtv and football games are just not quite like they were on cable.

    However the NFL network is included in this package and was not with comcast. I’m also saving money. I switched to their phone service and DSL. I was afraid to do internet with them because of possible slowing which luckily did not happen.

    Chances are you won’t be reading this anyways because you’re *ahem* prolly busy.

  22. I stumbled across this website along with a dozen others when I entered ” I hate Comcast” into google. I’m sure my comcast saga rates right up there. The whole story is on my myspace page (bellachica) but to make a long story short- The tech was supposed to come out on a Thursday at 8am. 11am comes around still no tech. He calls at 11:30 apologizing cuz he is late and says he’ll be there at 12. I said ok, no problem but I have to leave for work at 1:20. 12 rolls around, no tech. 12:30 rolls around STILL no tech. So I call and reschedule for saturday. No big deal, whatever. Well 1pm rolls around and who should roll into my driveway? the wayward comcast tech. I told him sorry that he made the trip all the way out here, but I had already called to reschedule because he was 5 hours late and I had to go to work. He was actually decent, and couldn’t stop apologising. He said he could have my dsl cable hooked up in 10 minutes if I wanted and the other tech could come back on saturday to hook the cable up. I was like sure go for it. So he hooks it up and I pay the $110.90 in full for my internet, digi cable and the one time installation fee. I get my work order and reciept showing that i paid in full as well.

    Saturday rolls around, 8am no tech. 12pm no tech. 1pm no tech. FINALLY around 1:30 the tech rolls in, and as soon as he stepped foot out of his truck i knew it was going to be a big mistake. He started swearing right off the bat, every other word either beginning with an S, F, or GD. When he finds out that absolutly nothing has been done and he has to drill the holes, that sets him off even more because he wasnt prepared nor did he feel like drilling holes today(HIS OWN WORDS) I showed him my work order from Thursday where I had paid in FULL. So he starts swearing again, and tries to charge me an extra $85 to come in and drill holes! I was like you have got to be joking. My husband is a plumber/ construction worker. I have a freakin drill in the house. I’ll drill my own holes… But I told him I refused to pay the extra money, because comcast had stated to me upfront (after I had told them that the house was NOT wired already) that it would only be the 110.90, and i showed him where I had paid in full. So he gets on the phone with his supervisor and tells him nothings wired and that i refuse to pay anymore money. I tell him thats fine. If you don’t want to work and install my cable, then leave. But before you do, I want a full refund and all my money back right then and there. He proceeds to put his hand in my FACE (The talk to the hand pose) and tells me to be quiet. I was about to go off. But I composed myself and after listening to him cuss for another 5 minutes to his boss, I ask him again if he was going to instal my cable today. He tells me “If it will shut you up, then Yes, I’ll do it. It’s not worth the hassle.” I wanted to knock his front teeth in. But I also wanted cable more.. So I let him in. While he’s inside he programs the tvs room by room- but doesnt bother to tell me how to work the new remote or the cable box. So I go into one room and try to turn the tv on and off to see if the channels work. Nothing comes on. So I go and let him know (he’s outside taking a personal phone call for the umpteenth time) and he storms back in the house proceeds to tell me that I broke the box. he yanks it off the table and comes back n replaces it with a new one. He then tells me to never ever ever touch the box. That I would break it. To always leave it on and to never ever ever turn it off because it would have to be reprogrammed and I wouldnt know how to do it. like I was freaking 2 years old. Which is bull cuz my parents have the same cable and they use the all on button all the time. but whatever.. there is a clock on the box.. i guess i can use that.anyways. So he’s all done. I go and very politly inform him, that since I am not “allowed” to touch the cable boxes that he would have to come back to each room, because he ignored ALL the expensive power surge protectors I have to protect my tv’s and ps2’s and cable boxes and whatnot. And that I would like for him to plug everything back in the protectors like I had it, cuz thats what its there for. He slams the work order on the table and says ” I dont have time for this SH*%. I have other houses I have to go to. Then he just LEAVES. He doesnt leave me instructions for the remotes incase I get a new tv, he doesnt leave me my welcome kit or anything. But he did leave me all his trash and little bits of sharp exposed wire poking out from plastic cable, in every single room.. which my 1 year old niece got a hold of and could have very well gotten hurt when she put it in her mouth….

    The fall out.. I went to the comcast office first thing monday morning to file an official complaint (along with that issue, we had ordered the second tier of digi cable so my husband could have the Outdoor channel specifically, and everytime we would go to it, it would show up as not authorized and that we would have to call comcast to order it! BS!)but anyways, the lady at comcast told me that there were no supervisors there that could handle my complaint and to call the 1-888 number. Which I did. When the lady answered the call, I informed her that I wanted to speak with a tech. supervisor. She told me that tech supervisors do not speak to the general consumer and esp. not for complaints. But that she would file that I had a complaint against a tech and never wanted him to come to my house again. i tried several times to go into detail on why i was filing a formal complaint. She kept cutting me off and wouldnt let me. So finally I asked for the techs work id number and his name. She proceeds to tell me that they dont give out that information when you have something negative to say about them. Only when its something positive. So I said thank you and hung up.

    So I went strait to the Virginia State Corporation Commission and filed a formal complaint with them. I knew comcast wasn’t going to do a darn thing about it, but that they would. Within 6 hours of filing the complaint I recieved an email telling me that it had been escelated to the manager in charge of the vscc and that she would call me and let me know what action they were going to take in my case. Within 2 hours of that email, I recieved another email letting me know that it had now been handed over to the FCC. THose boys don’t play around. The next morning at 10am I recieved a phone call from the fcc AND comcast apologising their butts off for what had happened, AND along with giving me that techs full name, they also informed me that as of the previous day that gentleman (and i use that term loosley) was no longer employed by Comcast. They were also refunding me ALL of my installation charges AND giving me more $$ for my troubles. (Within 3 hours, my online bill was showing those promises.) Needless to say I dont have to worry about my cable bill anytime soon. But I didnt do it for the money. I told them, I didnt want any money back AND I wanted to keep my service. I just wanted to make sure that that tech never treated anybody the way he treated me.

    It’s a shame that I had to go the route I did, but I wouldnt have had to do all that if the customer service at comcast was better, and they would have helped me when i FIRST went to them.I only contacted the VSCC when all else failed…

  23. tipster said

    IT IS not professional for any any Comcast employees to vent on any site.

    n all areas of the usa. verizon finds it ok to charge its non-fios areas fees to build the fios in the areas which are rich in money.
    number three: most “dish” companies do not guarantee services as does verizon.
    number four: this person apparently is not happy with their job. HOWEVER WHAT THEY SAY ARE MOST LIKELY THE TRUTH. Asking for a supervisor at Comcast is like asking for a tootsie pop. You can take that comment at will. Allow me to help with a visual. You try to get to the center but you never do unless you lick off the outside to the point you just want to bite it. That is a supervisor at Comcast. The outside is the person you take your frustration out on (who is the person who can help you) yet you do not want that you want that center……………..there is no center………it does not exist.
    number 18: nice create money for your own interest. i hope if you have had any proceeds come in you reported them to the irs. consider yourself reported.
    number 22: comcast is not dsl. it is broadband. when you schedule any appointment you must figure there will be human error. sounds to me that you had a outstanding bill with comcast prior to any services being installed. It is easier to hook up your cable to tv than it is to internet sounds like your influence on the tech. I have to ask if the house is not “wired” then how did you get your internet because that comes over cable wires because it is broadband. The $85 was most likely told to you prior to “drilling” holes. No contractor will start a job without telling you a estimate. I still wonder how you got broadband with comcast if you had not cable wires….

    what tangled web we may weave.

  24. And I must ask you *tipster* what got your panties in such a freakin wad. I never claimed to be a comcast employee, but it is obvious by the way that you are taking up for comcast that you must be one, because of course everyone knows ugly little step children never do *any* wrong. I still have my service and I might add that I am very pleased with it. Never did I say at ONE point that my problem was with comcast. It was with the tech who came out and how he treated me. And without you actually being here, you have no right to take up for the way he treated me. Nobody should have been treated that way. Unless you are one of those people who treat consumers that way.
    There is no “most likely told to me”. The first I had heard of the $85 dollar charge was when that tech informed me of it on the spot, after I had paid my bill in full. No contractor should ever treat a customer that way. You do realise that comcast won’t do anything to begin with until it is paid in full right? I paid the first tech and I have the paperwork to prove it. There was no estimate because the bill was already paid.
    I was and AM a new comcast customer. Before last month I had never had cable, therefore NO OUTSTANDING CABLE BILL. Sounds to me like you don’t know what your talking about.
    There were no holes drilled into the house, and I sat here and watched the FIRST tech who drilled the hole for my internet. And if it is broadband and not dsl like you state, then please by all means tell comcast to take off those ridiculous internet commercials with the turtles which advertises DSL. And for you to insinuate ANYTHING about me influencing the tech to hook up my cable internet is downright rude and wrong. And proves that there is something wrong with you to automatically asume that a female who actually gets things done has to put something out to begin with.
    Please tell me how I am creating money for my own interest. I would like to know. I never once asked for money back, it was comcast who refunded my $19.99 installation fee and took it apon themselves to show good faith and customer service by crediting my account another$19.99. So please, be my guest, if it will make your pathetic little day, by all means, email me and give me your adress and I will Refund YOU the $19.99 for the time you wasted proving to everybody how low and arrogant you are. Wonder all you want. I doubt you will ever get it. Yet I sit here and Im watching my cable on something you say I should not have in the first place.
    The only tangled web I see is the one that you just weaved.

  25. jack said

    cast is the worst Can’t wait for fios. They lie – they tell you what you want to HEAR and then send you a bill for things YOU DON’T HAVE or don’t want or even things they didn’t do
    Why did I sign up for internet and phone ??????????

  26. Tina said

    I hate Comcast too. That’s why i went with a different service. After they purchased our local cable company, the first thing they did was implement a 16% price increase. When i changed providers I TRIED to call and cancel my service. I was disconnected 2 times. 3rd time’s a charm…I was on hold for 40 minutes. Finally I get a very rude service rep who states, “I’m sorry you’ve decided to go with an inferior service. We’ll be happy to take you back when you’re ready.” (Inferior, at least they answer the phone!) She informed me that the money i paid in advance would be refunded in 10 weeks or less (When did I ever have 10 weeks to pay them?) When I didn’t receive the refund I went to the website to try the live chat service. My status was “waiting for a live chat service representative” for nearly 3 hours (I’m pretty sure they’re all dead!, so I sent an email. 2 weeks later I got a phone call “regarding the email I sent yesterday…” (are we in a time warp?) The woman informed me that I would have a refund issued on May 5. That is 5 months after i cancelled my service.

    I’m sure they are losing plenty in areas where they are not the only choice…..INSANE!

  27. Tina said

    Aaaawawww Brian, my heart hurst for you….I work at a Big 10 University that has a research center completely dedicated to your profession. I do realize it is a high stress job with high turnover. Time for you to turn over. I can you stand to accept a paycheck from a company that is so unethical. I would be ashamed of myself! It does say something about your character as well.

  28. Rachel said

    Some of these posts are funny. I hate Comcast with a passion. They provide an inferior product at inflated prices, and their outages made me want to cry. Not to mention they have shady illegal agreements with apartment buildings so that you can only receive cable from their company. That won’t last long. They claim I still owe them money. If I have to go through my entire life with a bad mark on my credit, I will. They will never see a dime. They can’t even prove I owe. What is their problem anyway? They make so much money you’d think they could afford proper staffing and customer service. They’ll probably sell their sorry excuse for a company at a huge profit any day now…

  29. There was a big expose last night on CBS regarding comcast. It was not pretty.

  30. There was one on ABC last night as well. They told of this one little old lady named Mona Shaw who had enough with their BS and took her hammer down to the office and went postal on their phones and keyboards. They also mentioned the site http://www.comcastmustdie.com.
    Props to Mona for doing what alot of us wish we could.

  31. Um, oooops. I guess I was watching ABC.

  32. Daniel Alexander said

    Don’t worry, it gets worse. Comcast is geared to collecting personal information about their clients such that they can force more and more ads upon you. They monitor your usage of both your TV watching and your web usage. When I was paying for their service they also installed spyware on your computer to search your hard drives and report back to their servers. I had to reinstall my system to get rid of it. Never install any software they give you. There is no reason that you need to install anything on your computer. You can set up a connection to their service without installing anything (even if they tell you that you must install it, IT’S A LIE—they just want to dump a bunch of spyware on your computer).

    Eventually, as you start to use bandwidth Comcast will threaten you. It won’t be their tech support or customer service that threatens you (they will be clueless as usual). Rather, Comcast has this branch of “Secrete police” that monitor your usage and if you use” too much” bandwidth they will start threatening you and will cancel your service. However, since Comcast sells their service by claiming to be an unlimited usage service (which is exactly what the person told me when signed up) it gets you interested in arguing the point with them. Don’t do it!!! Just cancel their service and save yourself the headache (they will boot you anyways so save yourself the frustration). Here, I can tell you how that conversation would go. “You are using too much bandwidth, but since we have no limit on bandwidth usage we can’t tell you how much is too much, but you are still using too much, and we can’t even tell you how much you are using since that would imply that we have a some limit on usage which we do not, so you either use less or we will cancel your service, but we can’t tell you how much less to use because we don’t have any such limit on usage, but you are still using too much…and 1+1=5 and snails can fly and the moon is made of cheese and the Earth is flat and is at the center of the Universe…etc”. There, now you know what you are in for. Save yourself the frustration and cancel their service if you ever get this group of idiot “Secrete Police” on your case.

    You know it is unbelievably stupid of them to do this. What they are doing is targeting the top 10% (or so) of their power user clients. But that group is the group that most people go to when they want computer advice. And that group is the group that knows how to get the word out how much they hate Comcast. I have gotten over 30 people to dump Comcast directly, and I take every effort to post informed messages about how bad a company they are on the web and elsewhere. And I’m just one of the many power users that they got mad. So, it just doesn’t make any sense for them to be such jerks about this. Even if you completely ignore the sheer idiocy of their reasoning (“We have no usage limit, but don’t go over our usage limit or we will cancel you”).

    As far as the quality of their service is concerned I was quite disappointed. Because they are so geared to pushing advertisements upon their clients they intrude upon you by monitor your usage of their service (for advertisement reasons). Ok, I figured I could live with that, but what irked me was that they put up ads every time I changed channels and that slowed down my channel changing to about 2-3 seconds per channel. It was crazy. It would take me an hour to surf around to find something good to watch and by the time I decided what I wanted to watch, it was over. It was so painful that I disconnected my cable box and just watched the analog signal (and I don’t even know if you can do that anymore). I didn’t get all the channels, but at least it didn’t take me all day to find something to watch. Plus the picture was never clear. It was a bit grainy, but more importantly you would get these blocks popping up frequently and sometimes the picture would freeze though the sound was still coming through.

    Oh, and what started me ranting again was that I sent an email to a friend that still has Comcast (FIOS not available in his area yet) and I got it bounced back saying that it is spam. But when I went to their website (as the bounce told me) to try to get my IP off the block list they asked me for all sorts of personal information that they could not possible need. Now if it was any other company I would suspect that they are just trying to resolve the problem, but since it is Comcast I suspect that they are trying to compile information about the clients of other providers (like FIOS). You get a bounced email and you go to the Comcast site and you give them all your personal information so they can then target you for their advertisements. I have to hand it to them they know how to squeeze every bit of information out of not only their clients, but also the clients of other providers. Still, I took the opportunity to send them a message thanking them for alerting me to a friend of mine that I have not yet gotten to dump Comcast. Of course that particular friend has no other choice as of yet, but it reminds me to check to see if any new choices exist. So, in a sense this bounce of my email is helpful to me. It’s just one more person that I might directly help out by getting them to dump Comcast.

    I could go on about their service and billing problems, but you all seem to know about those. I’m just giving you the additional problems that you might not know about (like the idiot “Secrete Police”). Luckily for me FIOS became available in my area just as the Comcast “Secrete Police” were cutting off my service. I don’t like Verizon much as a company, but so far FIOS has be pretty great. I get a constant download speed of 19.7mbps where I would be lucky to get a fluctuating 5mbps from Comcast, my FIOS upload speeds are better than that (and Comcast’s upload speeds were less then 700kbps—very slow). My TV looks like I bought a new one. The picture is so much better then Comcast and I have no problems with it at all. My phone is about the same, but I had a different phone company that charged me a lot so I saved a lot switching mainly due to the phone (I save over $130 a month switching to the FIOS package). There are probably cheaper and better phone providers, but not by much so I am happy about that. I get unlimited calling throughout the U.S. (so no more long distance carrier like I used to have, thus the savings).

    I have some other horror stories related to the initial installation (drilling holes in my house other then the spot I told them too, I had to drill my own hole after they left and run the wire into my basement where I already had all the cable wires connected up, instead they drilled holes around my house and ran wires up the outside site walls, it was ugly, but more importantly I told them not to do it and they did it anyways) and related to billing when I cancelled their service (they billed me for stuff I never had and didn’t cancel the service when I asked them too and a mess of other things that made me quite angry). Still, I will leave that for another day.

  33. Bob Humperdink said

    Jesus this company is making money! How many commercial campaigns are they running now?

    1. The Slowskies (Turtles who prefer DSL cause they like being slow, but don’t use dial up for some reason.)
    2. The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy rip off with the cheap animations.
    3. The fake news guy ragging on AT&T.
    4. The liquid silver gue that makes you do dishes faster, run to Peru and back and throw a baseball like a space ship.
    5. The dumb puns. (“All on one Bill”, “Load of Benjermins”…etc)
    6. Yeah I know you hate it when I call, but I am on Comcast digital voice now. (“Roger you tiger now.”…etc)
    7. The ANNOYING song dubbed “More More More” commercials!
    8. Countless other stand alone commercials (Spider man room mate, You got nothing on me 8:00…etc.)

    Well if they are going to sabotage the democratic process by paying people to sit in on public hearings and the like then I say REBEL!

    So what happens when you strip the coax cable and plug it into a wall socket? I am sure that has to cause some damage to some somewhat expensive equipment somewhere down the line, no? Just a little zap before you have your service disconnected. If they keep having to send guys out to replace amplifiers and repeaters… maybe they will seriously start considering improving their customer relations and service. Maybe at least they will have less money to spend on all these fricken commercials.

  34. tara said

    i too hate comcast. a slaesman said we would pay 110 including all taxes for 1 year per month for all 3 services. HA! we have never seen a bill for just 110! each month the darn bill gets higher and higher. when you call them, they give you the run around and refuse to answer your questions directly. they say “well ma’am that’s just how we bill you.” they don’t explain the hidden charges they add onto you. they just in general suck! we are searching for new service providers. ones that can do their jobs!

  35. Doug said

    I have Comcast for my home service. What a pain! Their website is nothing more than a billboard. So much advertising that my head spins. Are we not paying quite enough for the service? Must they harrass us with endless advertisments to make ends meet? It’s absurd!

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  37. Charles said

    I,too, hate Comcast. Its like the company is being run by a 5 year old. And not to be sexist, but everytime I call and a female rep picks up, they are always rude and jump to conclusions. They also have no patience and seem to be in bad moods. I never have that problem with male reps. The company overall sucks and they should do something with their reps

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