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Most realistic video game — ever

Posted by mesablue on January 4, 2007

Part two

Part three

And, if you really want to make it to the end —

Part four

Update: Welcome, Ace of Spades HQ readers.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out A Charlie Brown Motha#%@in Ramadan. Charlie Brown gives up the pimp and ho biz to convert to Islam. Very NSFW and don’t watch if you’ll be offended by the Peanuts gang using the F-word every other word.

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21 Responses to “Most realistic video game — ever”

  1. Shoot201 said

    ooooh im watching this already…yes…very real

  2. apek-kun said

    my god..that’s so real real indeed..it is THE most realistic game..lol

  3. rod. said

    Oh gosh, another Zelda-inspired video!!!
    If I am not mistaken, some guys at Caltech have done already

    (this video is slightly better though… I have to admit!)

  4. rod. said

    I’d bet a 1000 bucks that this Mark Leung dude has no girlfriend… not that there’s nothing wrong with that, but IMHO there’s a lot of better ways of using one’s time. The video itself has some artistic value, for sure, but still…

  5. The music is great

  6. engtech said

    This rules if only because he fights a TI-83 who attacks him with sin[x].

  7. mikesterx said

    Haha that’s awesome.

    “Look at those graphics!”

  8. slimslaby said

    That textbook packs quite a wallop.


  9. Wengistein said

    Well, this guy has earned a +100 dorkiness in my books. 😛

  10. Sam Hill said

    Haha. That was really well done. I love the random encounter with Dick Cheney! 😀

  11. LOL said

    That was fucking epic! GG

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  13. haha said

    you dickhead its final fantasy not zelda

  14. mad guy said


  15. This is hilarious 🙂

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