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Lucky # Slevin

Posted by mesablue on January 5, 2007

I just finished watching Lucky # Slevin.

A very good movie. The trailer in the link above makes it out to be more of an action movie, so I let it sit around for a while before I watched it. There is some action, and a little gore — they shoot some guys. But, this is a great flick, almost noir in the story telling. Several plots twists with just enough left out to keep you on your toes — and satisfied. And that’s important in a good movie, when it was over I was glad that I had watched it. I don’t say that very often and never thought I’d blog a movie review. I just thought it was that good.

Good cast, too. Josh Hartnett, Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, Lucy Liu, Ben Kingsley and Stanley Tucci.

If you liked movies like Usual Suspects and Memento, you’ll like this one too. Watch it.


2 Responses to “Lucky # Slevin”

  1. Ed said

    Yeah. I saw this at the pics when it came out and was pleased it turned out to be a goodie. Bought it on DVD too which pretty much says it all for me (tight-fisted in the extreme you see)

  2. I’ll add it to the list of movies to see.
    Mrs. Geezer and I saw ‘The Illusionist’ last night. I was pleasantly surprised. Sure I saw it coming but I thought the acting was pretty good.

    Oh, by the way:

    That’s Batman?

    I thought it was The Tick


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