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Experience is everything

Posted by mesablue on January 9, 2007

One of Detroit’s better exports.

Heh, I bought my truck at his Dodge Dealership — Bruce Campbell Dodge.

3 Responses to “Experience is everything”

  1. Montego said

    So this guy has experience…? Experience with sitting in chairs I guess. He stands up from a chair, just to walk over to another chair and sit back down (they look exactly the same to me so I don’t really get it). Man, I really need to get a marketing/advertising job.

  2. Sobek said

    I would so buy a car from him. But only after harassing him into going through a couple lines of dialogue with me.

    Sobek: “Okay, I’ll be you, you be the crazy demon chick.”
    Campbell: “You swear you’re going to buy the car if I do?”
    Sobek: “Sure, whatever. Now say the line!”

  3. […] Experience. […]

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