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Welcome to Baghdad West

Posted by mesablue on January 9, 2007

This could start to get interesting…

Vandals hit Shi’a stores in Detroit

Muslim leaders cite Saddam’s execution in Detroit damage

DETROIT — Muslim leaders say a spate of vandalism over the weekend involving stores owned by local Iraqis could stem from brewing sectarian Islamic tension over the execution of Saddam Hussein.

While Shi’a and Sunni Muslims are fighting in Iraq, the two groups generally get along in Metro Detroit and the United States. But Muslim and Arab leaders say the hanging of Saddam, and especially the timing of the execution, spurred hard feelings.

They say the vandalized property was owned or operated by people of Iraqi descent who are Shi’a.

“People are scared to come here. It’s very dangerous, this place,” said Inaam Alkhafaji, referring to her Detroit business, Dana Media, whose windows were broken.

“It’s a war with the Iraqi people. Maybe next time they kill us.”

The tension that concerns Muslim leaders was spurred by the timing of the execution, according to Dawud Walid, the executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations and other community leaders.

Saddam was ordered hanged by the Shi’a controlled government of Iraq on the morning Sunnis began celebrating Eid al-Adha, the holiest of Islamic festivals. Most Shi’a did not begin to celebrate until the following day.

While Shi’a Iraqis took to the streets of Dearborn to celebrate, many other Muslims viewed the timing of the execution as an insult. Realizing the tension in the local community, some clergymen were considering meeting this week to take action.

Shattered glass remained inside a cardboard box outside of Alkhafaji’s store on Warren Avenue Monday. Next door, the window of the Al-Akhasi restaurant was boarded up — it, too, had been smashed. A person called the restaurant earlier that day and made a threat that an incident would occur.

The incidents follow similar acts of vandalism at stores along Seven Mile near Woodward, Arab leaders say.

Seven Mile and Woodward, about a mile from my house. Great.

Update: Welcome back, Ace of Spades HQ readers. Wow, twice in one week. I feel so special.

I’m going to do my best Zombie/Green Helmet Guy impression and go take some pictures. Check back later to see if I make it out alive — mesablue.

Update:the pictures are here — All’s quiet on the Western Baghdad front.

Also Moosetracked at the Bullwinkle Blog.

20 Responses to “Welcome to Baghdad West”

  1. carin said

    I prefer “Little Falluja” to Baghdad West. Multiculturalism at its best- bring your centuries old, tribal grudges to the US! Isn’t Deaborn Conyer’s district? What does he have to say?

  2. With the example of their youthful French counterparts, and unable to continue in the facade of tolerance, even for fellow Muslims, acting out their repressed true rage toward the Shia neighbors was only a matter of time.

    Although this happens daily all over the Muslim world, it sucks its happening right down the street.

    I trust your locked and loaded in the event of an escalation.

    Im waiting to see what Conyers does too, if anything. (most likely)

  3. I guess you can take some people out of a primitive culture but you just can’t take the primitive culture out of them.

    Actually, if they start behaving like this inside the U.S. it might open some people’s eyes to a few things.

  4. Rocketeer said

    “Actually, if they start behaving like this inside the U.S. it might open some people’s eyes to a few things.”

    Would that it were true. But you know and I know that if it happened here in the US, it wouldn’t be evidence to the left of any Islamic religio-cultural failing – oh, no – it would be America’s fault.

  5. Hoodlumman said

    America’s fault?

    No, no…

    Bush’s fault.

  6. Sobek said

    By an amazing coincidence, Jamil Hussein was an eyewitness to the whole thing. That guy is amazing.

  7. That’s nothing new over there. It’s already expected.

  8. mullah cimoc said

    Mullah Cimoc say that relentless slaughter is sapping the strength of ameriki.

    Obvious to all is that evil doings cause more harm to the doer than the victim. Every time another muslim is slaughtered for israeli more than 550 ameriki young men turn feminzed with gel in hair and no will to fight. Of course the next step is the homosexual.

    Every child slaughtered in Iraq is 6000 more ameriki women become sluts with the LBT (low back tatoo). Bush is actually destroying amerika, all the while making the ummah stronger.

    There is justice in the world and the sissies, sluts and feminzed men of amerika are the evidence.

  9. hutch1200 said

    FYI, LBT=Tramp Stamp

  10. Montego said

    Hey Mesa…

    You’ll give me a heads-up in the event of any significant escallation since you are a couple miles closer to the action than I am…? And btw, I am packin’ heat, so we can set up a bunker if need be…

  11. Jonathan said

    Great blog post. If I recall correctly there are more Muslims in Dearborn then in any other city in the world outside of the Middle East. Is this true?

    Also what is that comment about Bush turning women into sluts all about?

  12. Wow. Maybe then the UK Prime Minister will go over to the USA and stick his nose into the sectarian violence over there. Oh, no, wait, that was the US president sticking his nose into Ireland.

    I hope it doesn’t all go pear shaped for you people. I was lucky to be living most of my life after The Troubles, but the memories linger for lots of people.

  13. Scott said

    Itwillall, that was a while ago. Not a lot of people in the US were happy about that. However, as a Chicagoan with a lot of Irish friends and someone who loves Ireland and is Catholic, the day that Sinn Fein and the rest stand up with Al Qaeda — as they’ve done to some point — is the day that they lose all of our pity. Stand with our enemy and then you are the enemy.

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  15. Rich Rostrom said


    Umm, first, there are large Moslem countries outside the Middle East. Indonesia, for instance: the capita, Djakarta, has 9M people. Dearborn has less than 100,000 people, of whom 30,000 are Arabs, and not all of those are Moslem. (Most Arab-Americans were Christians, and that may still be so.) NYC has 70,000 Arabs; of course that is not a concentrated population or a large proportion of NYC’s vast population. Dearborn has the largest concentration of Arabs in America.

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