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Most annoying and cool song — ever

Posted by mesablue on January 12, 2007

Heart-ache: U.S. soldier cops to playing “Happy Flowers” during Iraq interrogations

The triggerman was within 50 meters of a house. We go to the house and of course the gentleman living there has seen nothing. We had questioned this guy before and not gotten any information so this time, we put him in the Humvee, tell him we are taking him with us and start playing “Mom, I Gave the Cat Some Acid” over and over.

After about an hour of Happy Flowers and being told that we don’t want to take him, and that if he would tell us what he knows we will take him back home, he finally tells us who the triggerman is, where we can find him, where other bombs are hidden and ID’s 3 corrupt policemen. All without having to threaten, imprison, or break any of our rules of conduct.

A Happy Flowers song: Cartoons.

A must listen.

I said! I want to watch cartoons! Heh.

From Hot Air

One Response to “Most annoying and cool song — ever”

  1. Pupster said

    Amazing. The Happy Flowers have managed to record what I hear in my head on a hung-over Saturday morning. I’ll have to buy the album to see if I’m listed in the liner notes.

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