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Free speech for me, but not for thee

Posted by mesablue on January 13, 2007

A very typical action by “progressive” lefties. Liberals are always whining about having their “freedom of speech” violated when they try to force some insane idea upon us and we react by telling them to go back to Berkely.

The funny thing about liberals, they don’t care about your right to express your freedom if they don’t agree with what you are saying. We’ve seen it several times this past year. In one incident students at ultra-liberal Columbia University violently disrupted a speech on campus( follow the link for video and more), violating the rights of others while claiming that they were just exercising their right to free speech by punching someone they didn’t want to hear speak in the face. Kind of like how they like to express pacifism and protest against the war through vandalism and violence.

Now we have readers of the leftie haven The Huffington Post getting their panties twisted about the lone conservative contributor out of dozens, Greg Gutfeld, and want to have him removed. They don’t like him sullying up their echo-chamber with his conservative poison. So, rather than ignore him, they want him out.

They’ve gone so far as to start an online petition.

Check it out, you can read the comments without signing the petition yourself. It’s not turning out the way they had hoped. After a few leftie goofballs signed, it took on a different sort of life with the majority telling these losers to go cry in a corner somewhere. Priceless.

Somewhere there is a little leftie whino stamping his feet about how “unfair” it is that his petition to quash someone’s freedom of speech was over run by “neo-cons who are violating my right to freedom of expression while I’m trying to deny that right to Gutfeld”.


Thanks to Purple Avenger — How the left practices “free speech”.

2 Responses to “Free speech for me, but not for thee”

  1. goy said

    Scott, this sort of thing goes on to some extent on both “sides”, but the excesses are hard to top in places like Huffing-n-Blowing or dKos. Wyatt, a blogbuddy of mine, had a wonderful experience last year at the latter, when he tried to express some thoughts there. The “trollrated” (I love that term!!) thread is actually still visible here, and the very last comment tells one all one needs to know about leftist notions of “free speech”, that is, “it’s cool as long as WE are the only ones who have it and THEY just STFU!” The UN-trollrated comment thread is archived here, and of course you can see how unreasonable Wyatt, the author of the post, was being (not!). Of course the rancor, insults and unwarranted vitriol spewed by the kossacks went completely unacknowledged.

    Both Wyatt and I have experienced precisely the same sort of censure (to put it politely) in a forum one would think ought to be devoid of partisan censorship. Wyatt describes the experience here, complete with links to the archived “insults” and “condescension” that got me banned from that site (it’s registration-only). At least three others have experienced the same there. Coincidentally, all three have expressed conservative or centrist views and were banned by the socialist administrator of the site for posts that were far less incendiary than the worst of the leftists’ who have posted there. Most interesting of all, my ban came almost immediately following a post by one of the ‘fence-sitters’ there who expressed an epiphany in understanding my point of view. Next thing I know, I’m banned. Coincidence? You decide.

    This is going on everywhere, unfortunately. The best example, and the one followed by sites like HP, dKos and the Serenity site, is the exempt “mainstream” media itself. Anything that goes against the relentless, pervasive, overarching narrative aimed at destroying George W. Bush at any cost is eliminated from the discussion. Period. The Democrat Party has been co-opted by the Anti-Bush Party, and the Fifth Column media, along with their counterparts in the blogosphere, are going to take him down even if they have to take America down with him. And that’s precisely what they’re doing.

  2. I’m sure they’re just “focusing the discussion”

    Scott at Absolute Moral Authority links to a post at Purple Avenger discussing censorship at HuffPo (which doesn’t get a link).
    This is something both I and my blogbuddy Wyatt have experienced first-hand in places where the leftist notion of &#…

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