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Game Day! This is for all the marbles, baby!

Posted by mesablue on January 14, 2007

Win or go home… Chicago Bears, home field advantage all the way. This is what we live for.

Go Bears!

The last time we faced Seattle it was a romp. If “good” Rex shows up we should be able to do it again. We are a little banged up on D, but it’s no excuses time. Bear Down!

Put on your Bears gear Wickedpinto — Mooooooooooooose!!!

Check out a great Chicago Bears site: Bears History.com


First drive for a TD! Bears up 7-0 and Bad Rex hasn’t shown up yet. It could be a good day.

Ugh, an ugly drive by Seattle, 7-7. C’mon Bears, that was sloppy.

Wow, first play 70 yard strike for a TD! 14-7 Bears.

Bad Rex just put in an appearance. He fumbled on the ten to help Seattle get an easy score. 14-14.

There you go, nice efficient drive to end the half. They went for it on fourth down and got the TD to take back the seven points we just gave away. 21-14 Bears.

Not good, two scores by Seattle in the third. 24-21 Seattle.

Ugly, Mohammed lets one through his hands for an interception inside the ten yard line. The Bears just squandered a huge scoring opportunity.

Woah, the Bears intercept on the next play! Now we have to get seven.


Hester runs a punt back for a touchdown…penalty. Nothing.

Long drive by Bears results in a field goal to tie the game. 24-24. 4:24 left.

Bears stop Seattle and then give the ball right back at the end of the game.


Wow. Robbie Gould kicks a 49 yard field goal to win the game.

The Bears do just enough to overcome Rex’s mistakes.

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