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Stupid terrorist tricks

Posted by mesablue on January 14, 2007

What happens when ten jihadis get together for the day to plan an ambush on our troops and bring along their video camera?

“Oops! Somebody forget to turn off the video camera, because he was fucking dead.”

Click on the link above for video. Warning, towards the end there are some very graphic images.

These scumbags like to record their crimes so they can send recordings of beheading Catholic schoolgirls or blowing up crowds of civilians to each other as some kind of islamo-porn.

Whenever they try to take our armed forces head on, they tend to get their asses blown off.

This was one of those days.

Found at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

3 Responses to “Stupid terrorist tricks”

  1. Mashalla – Allah willed it ;->

  2. Wickedpinto said

    The Bears are playing NO?

    God that is gonna suck, I hate this whole “team of destiny” shit, but even more I hate the off season crap guaranteeing another ’85 bears, next year.

  3. Wickedpinto said

    Everytime I read “Cuz he’s fucking dead!” I think of Andrew Dice Clay’s “Why did the monkey fall out of the tree” joke.

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