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Beirut is burning….again

Posted by mesablue on January 24, 2007

Hezbollah is rioting in Beirut. Over the last several weeks, Hezbollah had been camped out on the city center hoping to disrupt and take over the democratically elected government. Not content with the damage they caused to Lebanon when they attacked Israel and started a war, they have now thrown the country into near civil war.

Michael Totten just returned from Lebanon and has coverage.

Hezbollah Riots in Lebanon (Continuously Updated)

While I was in Lebanon gathering the material I’ve been publishing, Hezbollah kept threatening to strangle the country by seizing major roads, including the one that leads to the airport. I was worried I might get stuck there, but I didn’t. Today, though, they finally make good on their threat. Palestinian guerillas are reportedly helping.

Future TV and LBC say there are clashes between rioters and commuters. Cars, as well as tires, are burning.

Violence is spreading. Three people have been shot. Sunni and Shia Muslims fought each other with sticks, rocks, and automatic weapons in Southern Beirut. Violent clashes, often involving gunfire, are erupting elsewhere in the country as well.

Notice, also, that the violent clashes in the streets are mostly between Sunnis and Shia, not between Christians and Shia. This is, and was, entirely predictable. Those who think Hezbollah is a popular movement with the support of Lebanon’s Muslims as a whole should think again.

Take a close look at the methods of extremist Islam.

Will the world finally stand up and condemn Hezbollah as the terrorist organization that it is? I doubt it.

These are the same animals that blew up the US Marine barracks. Yet today, the MSM and lefties continously sugarcoat and spin the stories coming out of Lebanon. Reuters was caught sending photoshopped and staged pictures out to the major news outlets of the world.

Enough already.

One Response to “Beirut is burning….again”

  1. Excellent post!

    Anything that redirects the America last crowd is a good thing.

    Thanks for your work here.

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