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This guy is my hero

Posted by mesablue on January 24, 2007

If I was ever going to do the video dating thing, I’d want to be just like this guy.

I know.

Click the linky.

I know.

Nabbed from Innocent Bystanders

I know.

3 Responses to “This guy is my hero”

  1. Wickedpinto said

    I can’t remember where I saw that first, but it’s FUCKING HILLARIOUS!!!

    the “I knoououwoow” answer, is right there with “they got shot in the face” thing my brother and I have going. Or with the “why didn’t you ask your wife?” “cuz she would scissor kick me in the back of the head” kind of silly “in” response.

    I’m SO incorporating “I knoououwoow” into my common conversation.

  2. Wickedpinto said

    “knock knock trick or treat (insert nounified word)”

    LOVE THAT!!!

  3. Wickedpinto said

    No longer available.

    I guess too many links from conservative blogs is offensive material.

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