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Kitty torture

Posted by mesablue on January 28, 2007

Heh, looking for something special to do for your furry friend?

Take them to the Pet Spa for the day.

Kitty washing machine

Looks like that kitty loved it!

Moosetracked at the Bullwinkle Blog

Update: Youtube now shows this message if you try to access the video — This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by The Walt Disney Company. WTF?

5 Responses to “Kitty torture”

  1. Tushar D said

    You managed it the first time. Now try to get that kitty in for a second round, and see if you can get the door closed with the kitty still inside.

  2. Is there anyone who has a directory of these machines, where I can find one?

  3. Wickedpinto said

    Disgusting, you can do that with a sponge coomb without making your cat an enemy.

  4. Wickedpinto said

    Unless it’s geezers cat you are talking about.


    geezers cat? FEAR MY WRATH!

  5. mullah cimoc said

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