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Jack Bauer vs. Meatwad

Posted by mesablue on February 9, 2007

The fine folks in Boston should have called Jack last week when the Mooninites attacked.

24: Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Thanks to Ace



One Response to “Jack Bauer vs. Meatwad”

  1. mullah cimoc said

    Mullah Cimoc say all waziristan so like brittney spear for dancing girl. All children especially love her too much.

    But now divorce and in public with not the panties. Is this the devil to show for the children such thing? For this should be ashame all of amerika. also the tattoo.

    This poor child girl also astronaut girl go crazy this all prove much better in Waziristan and NWFP where girl stay pure and so happy and never take the LBT (low back tattoo).

    You know in waziristan what happen one man put tattoo on daughter of taliban man? Bang bang. This wicked man them kill so quick make true justice. And ameriki man suffer for lesbian divorce court judge kick man from home, live in car, not see children go jail. even for all money in amerika this not worth it. better live happy pure in waziristan fight for family and children.

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