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Why I hate America

Posted by mesablue on February 10, 2007

Not me, of course. I love my country.

Not in quite the same way as the “we support our troops while we try to get them killed” crowd.

But, love none the less.

In another example of love and outpouring of good feelings. One of our brothers at Daily Kos offers up this:

Why I hate America

When pressed, I sometimes reply: “I don’t hate America. In fact, think it’s one of the best countries anyone ever stole.”

coolobserver’s diary :: ::
“Why do you hate America?” This is a remarkably easy question to provoke. One might, for instance, expose elements of this nation’s brutal foreign policy. Ask a single probing question about, say, U.S. complicity in the overthrow of governments in Guatemala, Iran, or Chile and thin-skinned patriots (sic) will come out of the woodwork to defend their country’s honor by accusing you of being “anti-American.” Of course, this allegation might lead me to ponder how totalitarian a culture this must be to even entertain such a concept, but I’d rather employ the vaunted Arundhati defense. The incomparable Ms. Roy says: “What does the term ‘anti-American’ mean? Does it mean you are anti-jazz or that you’re opposed to freedom of speech? That you don’t delight in Toni Morrison or John Updike? That you have a quarrel with giant sequoias?” (I’m a tree hugger remember? I don’t argue with sequoias.)

When pressed, I sometimes reply: “I don’t hate America. In fact, think it’s one of the best countries anyone ever stole.” But, after the laughter dies down, I have a confession to make: If by “America” they mean the elected/appointed officials and the corporations that own them, well, I guess I do hate that America-with justification.

Among many reasons, I hate America for the near-extermination and subsequent oppression of its indigenous population. I hate it for its role in the African slave trade and for dropping atomic bombs on civilians. I hate its control of institutions like the United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and World Trade Organization. I hate it for propping up brutal dictators like Suharto, Pinochet, Duvalier, Hussein, Marcos, and the Shah of Iran. I hate America for its unconditional support for Israel. I hate its bogus two-party system, its one-size-fits-all culture, and its income gap. I could go on for pages but I’ll sum up with this: I hate America for being a hypocritical white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.

Lovely. Gorgeous. Can’t say enough.

A member of the non-reality based community decided to examine and reply to our brother in American love:

Let’s look at this screed point by point

1. I hate America for the near-extermination and subsequent oppression of its indigenous population.

Given the fact that most of the extermination happened long before “America” came to be, perhaps you can direct your complaints to Spain and UK. (And maybe France for good measure). Also, if you are intent on blaming the present-day country, perhaps you can extend your feelings to Canada, and other North and South American countries. Just a thought.

2. I hate it for its role in the African slave trade and for dropping atomic bombs on civilians.

Again, perhaps you should address your complaints to the UK. And also to the African countries whose chiefs willingly participated in the slave trade. As for atomic bombs, perhaps you could split the hate and aportion at least a part of it to Japan who refused to surrender and insisted on killing as many soldiers as possible.

3. I hate its control of institutions like the United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and World Trade Organization.

Of course, without US these organizations would not exist at all, but why let that stop you. I wonder how you feel about the fact that US is the major donor to the UN funding anywhere between 20 and 30% of its budget? If itis asked to contribute that much, is it notr reasonable to expect that it will exert influence accordingly?

4. I hate it for propping up brutal dictators like Suharto, Pinochet, Duvalier, Hussein, Marcos, and the Shah of Iran.

I see. So what’s US to do. Propping up dictators – bad. Toppling them – bad. Sanctions – bad. Ignoring them (and the plight of their people) – bad. In your world, how is US to win?

5. I hate America for its unconditional support for Israel.

See above. Support Israel – bad. Support its neighbors – also bad, because they are all brutal dictators.

6. I hate its bogus two-party system, its one-size-fits-all culture, and its income gap.

Start a different party. You hate not the system but the fact that you are simply unable to convince others. Well, sorry, that’s your problem. “One-size-fits-all culture?” Really? have you ever been to say, New York City?

7. I hate America for being a hypocritical white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.

White Supremacist? you gotta be kidding me! In a country where a black man has a real shot of becoming President? What other country has elected a racial minority to an important position, pray tell? As for capitalist, you are of course always welcome to move to say Cuba or Venezuela where everything is much more “equal,” that is if the government favors you. Do that and then give us a report on how you like the “non-capitalist” society.

You can imagine the response to this examination of reality.

I would not go there, just believe me when I say it will sicken you.

This is the foundation of the Pelosi Party.

God save us. For we will not do it ourselves.

Found via Hot Air. Go watch the nice video that they offset this sickness with.

Moosetracked at the Bullwinkle Blog

Update: For an excellent look into the mind of the sicko freak who wrote the Kos post go read The Other McCain’s Why Mickey Z hates America

48 Responses to “Why I hate America”

  1. Why Mickey Z Hates America

    Mickey Z. is Michael Zezima, a lifelong resident of Astoria, Queens, N.Y. … You are a stupid stooge who believes all that Establishment propaganda you learned in school. This is why Zezima hates you and, because you are so average — so damnably typi…

  2. Jonathan said

    Nice post, I don’t understand why so many people “hate” america, yet refuse to leave even though they promise to leave if X happens.
    Oh well. Nice post

  3. Wickedpinto said

    In my 31 years of life so far, the only thing I have done that has given me any purpose is my service to this nation.

    I was born with a brother 6 years older than I. He wasn’t a ninja, but he looked out for me as best he could, he taught me as best he could (all of the intellect others might recognize in me is due to the fact that my brother made sure, MADE FUCKING SURE! that I could be as good as I could be, since my brother wasn’t “strong” he chose smart for me. I think I’m bright, and I think my brother did a good job, my mother said for a long time “you were born 6 years too old.” anyways) and I did the best I could since.

    I lost my brother when I was 12, not his life, he still lived, he just wasn’t at home and for the first time I had to understand how to be one person alone, rather than one part of two people.

    After my brother left, he infantilized me, he spoiled me, I appreciated his efforts, but it was clear that he didn’t understand who I was. I loved my family, I love my mother, my father and especially I loved my brother, but as soon as I was out of his reach he no longer understood me, so I reached out to the only thing that matched it.


    That is not a demonstration of a dysfunctional family, actually, it is an expression of a PERFECTLY functional family. Everyone at some time must stand alone, and at the time that I was alone, I saw quite clearly like constantine in the rising son, I saw that I was meant to serve. I needed a child or son or ward just as my parents had, cuz I loved them, and I needed a little brother or sister just as my brother had. I chose the service.

    I Imbibed general history, and military history in the same way I guzzle cheap beer now. When the time came, I joined, not because I wanted to be tough or smart. I could have been “tough” if I stuck with wrestling (I was pretty fucking good) If I wanted to be “smart” I could have finished university (I had pretty good grades in a split engineering major) and finaly I dropped out of all of those things that could have been easy and I went into something that I was not really fit for at the time.

    I became a Marine, not cuz I could have extravegant ammenities, or because I needed to be tough, or because I needed to be smart.

    I HAD to join the Marines, so that I could stand in the stead of others, so that parents need not worry about their children serving and so that those parents could love their children as my parents loved me. Also, I needed to be the big brother for the child who had no brother, often enough that little brother had children and even grandchildren, as I stood in their defense.

    The Honor of serving in the military? It isn’t the uniform, though thats pretty fucking nice on those rare occassions, the honor of service is that you get to be a Big Brother to an entire nation.

    I was younger than 3/4ths of the nation if not more when I joined, but I knew from before I actually enlisted, but on that day I raised my hand at meps, I was just like MY brother. I stood to help and defend someone else. When I raised my hand I wasn’t just a “big brother” to one person. even though I was younger than most, I was a Big Brother to an entire nation.

    It wasn’t my JOB! to be the protector of 280 million people, after enlisting, it was my desire and willingness to be a protector of 280 million people that made me enlist.


    those who do and have served do ARE your servants, but why can’t you understand WHY we serve?

    Ever individual who has been honored with the gift of uniform didn’t join for the uniform, we joined for you.

    We LOVE YOU America, thats why we serve, is it wrong to hope that you might feel the same?

  4. mallenv said

    Please keep going and answer why we supported
    “Suharto, Pinochet, Duvalier, Hussein, Marcos, and the Shah of Iran”. I keep seeing how we supported all the nasty regimes and am sure there was more to it.

  5. Wickedpinto said


    You chase perfection all the way into your little corner.

    It takes real men, and real people, and real thinkers to accept that the good enough will keep those of you who are perfect in every way safe in your ivory towers, rather than in your painted corners.

  6. mesablue said


    You give him too much credit.

    I give you more. Any day.

  7. Eduardo Matute said

    I guess I could bother being intellectual and properly giving a rebuttal of your little article here, but even the slightest bit of thought would confirm your status as a human being you piece of American shit.

    Fuck you.

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  16. mesablue said

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  18. I can disagree with the representatives, or the government of America, but I passed my civic’s and US History class, and I was a Marine, it is BEYOND me to hate America.

    And unless you are a retard? You can’t read anything I say, and think that I’m a goosestepper.

    OOOH! call me one, PLEASE!!! I can reference posts from THIS VERY BLOG where I can prove you to be a fucking idiotic, self rightous and hater of America kind of retard.


    “I’m so smart” you think, “I’M SO BRAVE” you think, but as soon as you are challenged, in fact reduced to nothing, if you take the challenge, you will cowere like a little girl.

    You aren’t brave, you aren’t smart, you don’t think, you don’t care, you just want to be relevant in an world that is completely IRRELEVANT!

    A drop out knows it you retard, pay more for your schooling so you can be more retarded.

  19. wveluq said

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  20. budgetkuts said

    Wicked I think the point that these people are trying to make is that some of our more outright unamerican leaders would have you led to your death to “clean up” thier messes over seas. Almost every war in American history has been for profit. Yet it is really not all of thier fault. They have played into the hands of international banking cartels who love when wars break out so they can do all they can to sustain the conflict and milk the cash cow….

    You say you are strong in military history? Did you know that during vietnam the rules of engagement included things such as we were not to attack surface to air and other emplacements unless they were know to be fully operational and that…..well most ppl know we werent supposed to follow them into Laus or Cambodia but that they were made aware of these facts and used it largely to thier strategic advantage.

    Wicked you can’t possibly be happy about our boys going to iraq and being killed by people who hate the occupation even more because of bush’s private mercenaries war crimes that they are above any prosecution for. Not to mention Blackwater’s guys are getting paid 4 times as much as the actual military AND ARE EX-Military and the American people are footing the bill for the same training twice.


  21. not you said

    Why I hate America?

    #1 RACISM
    #2 The blaming of everything on Black males
    #3 America’s obsession with black males
    #4 Institutional RACISM
    #5 Lack of art in society and anything that is not connected with $$$
    #6 RACISM and the justification of it

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