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A Sunday Night in Baghdad.

Posted by mesablue on February 14, 2007

Omar from Iraq the Model reports that the recent troop surge seems to be having the desired effect.

A Sunday Night in Baghdad.

Baghdad is still enjoying some days of relative calm interrupted only with minor sporadic incidents. In general there’s a feeling that these days are better than almost any other time in months. This is more evident in the eastern side of Baghdad than the western part, because the former part has received more US and Iraqi military reinforcements than the latter.

Checkpoints in Baghdad are becoming more abundant, with more attention paid to the exits and entrances of the city. I’m also hearing that those checkpoints have been reinforced with more soldiers and equipment.

Moktada Al Sadr has fled the country to Iran:

WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 — The powerful Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr has left Iraq and has been living in Iran for the past several weeks, senior Bush administration officials said Tuesday.

With fresh American forces arriving in Baghdad as part of the White House plan to stabilize the capital, officials in Washington suggested that Mr. Sadr might have fled Iraq to avoid being captured or killed during the crackdown.

Leave it to the New York Times to spin that into a negative.

If Mr. Sadr had indeed fled, his absence would create a vacuum that could allow even more radical elements of the Shiite group to take power.

The surge seems to be going so well that even the Masters of Doom in the democratic leadership are toning down their rhetoric. At least for a couple of days. Then it’s back to supoorting our troops while they plan for their defeat again.

Update: Geez. Leave it to Jack (unidicted co-conspirator) Murtha to prove me wrong. He couldn’t even wait one day to get back to the crazy. Video.


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