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Thank you — for my first milestone

Posted by mesablue on February 15, 2007

10,000 — much sooner than I would have thought.


It’s almost official. I’m at 9,887 unique hits for my little, almost two month old blog. WordPress says about 15,000 hits, but I’m going to go with sitemeter for number 10,000. They don’t count pageviews as unique visits.

Ace helped a lot and the traffic from Hot Air comment thread links and trackbacks has not hurt.

To date, 25 other blogs have chosen to link here 75 times. Wow.

I had only some idea of where I was going when I first started this. But, it is a lot of fun and it’s more interesting than just commenting on other blogs.

It’s also hard to believe that I wrote 135 posts since mid December, even if a lot of them were links to and/or summaries. This can be time/life consuming. I have a new found respect for those who do this at the highest level — Ace, Allah, Michelle Malkin, Charles Johnson, Wizbang and so on. Not thinking for one second that I can compare myself to them — I just understand and appreciate the effort that it must take for them to keep posting so much quality work day after day.

I can’t wait for the election cycle to kick back in because that’s where my true interests lie. I made a living running campaigns as a hired gun for more than a few years and had to give it up when life and children made more sense. No regrets. Just miss it a little.

So, thanks to any and everyone who has stopped by. I do appreciate it.

I hope that I can deliver a little more content as I determine the direction I want to take. There will definitely be posts about Michigan and Illinois politics. I’ve known all the players for too long and they are doing some interesting and not always good things. I do have to be careful, though, I work in a sensitive field and I was very well known when I did work in politics so I won’t be able to share a lot about myself.

I was probably the only person to be called “sick in the head” by a sitting Senator way up in Northern Michigan on their only television station about twenty years ago when as a college student I took a term off to run a campaign for a friend. That’s the only hint you will get, but it created a big fuss at the time. We lost, but he was later indicted for corruption that we helped uncover.


Thank you.

Please visit often.

I promise to deliver better and more comprehensive content. Mixed in with my goofy sense of humor, of course.


2 Responses to “Thank you — for my first milestone”

  1. Maggie said

    10,000. 15,000. What difference does it really make!

    You’ve hit a milestone so CONGRATS.

  2. Scott said

    Thanks Maggie,

    Either way, I’m happy.

    I never thought anyone would find this blog.

    Must be all my friends in low places.

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