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Shark wrasslin

Posted by mesablue on February 16, 2007

First a story about a drunk catching a 4 foot shark with his bare hands gets posted at Ace of Spades:

Valu-Rite Vodka: It’s not just for inducing a hobo-murdering fugue anymore.


Aussie Diver Attacks 6-Meter White Shark In Mexican Tuna Farm Mexico

Dean “Deano” Stefanek spent 30 minutes battling an enraged 6m great white shark – and lived.

The South Australian tuna diver has told how he volunteered to jump into a tuna pen to try to kill the injured shark. “Somebody had to do it, no one else was too keen, so I went in,” Stefanek, 38, said.

The struggle took place recently at a tuna farm off the coast of Mexico and the tale of the Aussie who “wrestled” the fearsome fish has spread.

“Someone had to go in,” Stefanek said. “I was the most experienced diver there and no one else was too keen, so I went inside the net. The shark saw me and went berserk. I tried to kill it quickly and fired at its head, which only stunned it.
I fired eight more times and it kept coming back and thrashing. I think it was then that I started to get a bit scared. Another diver could see I was in trouble and came inside the net – we figured we were not going to kill it and I thought we’ll have to drag it out.”

”The great pity was it had to be killed – particularly as it was wounded. I know they (great whites) are becoming extinct. But there is only one of me and it could have made me extinct very quickly.”

Leave it to an Aussie, the guy has stones and a sense of humor. I need to live in Australia for a couple of years at some point in my life.

This reminds me of a joke I like to tell when I go diving.

When I’m putting on my gear, even on an easy recreational dive (especially if there are lots of newbies), I finish by strapping a really large dive knife to my leg. The noobs eyes get really big and they ask me why I need such a big knife. “Shark repellant”, I answer. And of course they ask, “what do you mean, shark repellant?” As their eyes get a little bigger. “Well”, I say, “If I see a shark, I can pull out my knife and stab my dive buddy and then swim away really fast.”

“Shark repellant.”

Yes, it’s an old joke. But, I never get stuck with a noob dive buddy who runs out of air in ten minutes or needs to be rescued from a turtle or some such stupid thing.

They were crazy enough to have an open link fest at Hot Air. So, of course I sent this their way.


One Response to “Shark wrasslin”

  1. James said

    this is not about having balls. it’s about caring to live or not.
    and even if it may have had to be killed, the man’s justification is bullcrap. there is about 7 billion of him, he is not going to be extinct by sharks any time soon.
    so if you have to kill a member of an endangered species, do so but don’t try to embellish it.
    but you, mr. absolute moral authority carry a badge of a fascist site propagating idiocies about religions it does not seem to understand, and a badge stating your absolute support for a nation that is in violation with human rights every day that we breathe.

    so i don’t think i will be getting to you anyway.
    cheers, james

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