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Must see TV

Posted by mesablue on February 18, 2007

Brit Hume says what we all have been thinking on FoxNews Sunday.

Video: Hume smacks down Murtha; doesn’t know “what the heck is going on in the world”

HUME: That sound bite from John Murtha suggests that it’s time a few things be said about him. Even the “Washington Post” noted he didn’t seem particularly well informed about what’s going on over there, to say the least. Look, this man has tremendous cachet among House Democrats, but he is not — this guy is long past the day when he had anything but the foggiest awareness of what the heck is going on in the world.

And that sound bite is naivete at large, and the man is an absolute fountain of such talk, and the fact that he has ascended to the position he has in the eyes of the Democrats in the House and perhaps Democrats around the country tells you a lot about how much they know or care about what’s really going on over there.

Beautiful and long overdue.

I can’t figure out why so many are afraid to call Murtha on his insane, rambling rants. He continues to get worse as he gets more attention.

Go watch the video at HotAir.

2 Responses to “Must see TV”

  1. mullah cimoc said

    Ameriki need google: mighty wurlitzer +cia +snausages

    this him teach media free is usa. this amerika of mr. thomas jefferson .

    the fox news espeically good for design for only most smart 20% of amerika people. this kind of admission of giddiness. admit stupidest of aemrikans when admit eat hot dog with ketchup.

    this william kristol. I am him. why rupert murdoch pay and pay for my magazine never make noodles, never come close for make spring roll.

    this admission weekly standard magazine is super goodly but for be part of mighty ducks keep ameriki people in mighty wings.

    and this juan williams. him sexy liberal? is this trick or this pretty man make the maragritas?

  2. Hypocrisy: Hume vs. Olbermann

    Fox’s Brit Hume was accused of “smearing” John Murtha in his commentary on Sunday morning.

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