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It’s official — we (really) suck

Posted by mesablue on February 19, 2007

Fox News decides that we need a half hour comedy show pandering to the most base levels of those who hate us the most?

Chillingly horrid.

Kill the beast — now!

If you want to save your soul, Ace has offered up some of his best to remind us of what is truly good in the world.

Unsquare Dance was equally un-impressed — Can’t Sleep…Clowns’ll Eat Me…

Update: the show has now officially aired.

I’ve got nothing. Which is more than that show had.



6 Responses to “It’s official — we (really) suck”

  1. damewigginsoflee said

    Thanks for once again exposing me to something that makes my day just a tad dimmer. You’re the best!

  2. Nice Deb said

    Oh come on! It’s not that bad!

  3. Scott said

    Oh, yes it is.

    It’s way too corny and cheesy. I couldn’t take it.

  4. Scott said


    Finally, someone who appreciates my true skill.

  5. Nice Deb said

    “It’s way too corny and cheesy.”

    Nah. You want corny and cheesy? Go watch the Disney or
    Family channels for awhile. Then come back and tell me this show is in the same league.

    Give the show some time. Often first seasons are a little shaky. Remember Conan O’Brian’s first season?

    All I’m saying is give it more of a chance.

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