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Peace loving progressive = violent moonbat

Posted by mesablue on February 21, 2007


Gotta love those “peace lovers” in the reality based community. Once again an upset little leftie resorts to violence.

Virginia Man Faces Charges for Assaulting Republicans

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — A Fredericksburg man is facing several assault charges after police say he hunted down a group of Republicans and confronted them in their home over their beliefs.

Police said Andrew Stone, 23, recently went to a home in Fredericksburg at around 5:30 p.m. after he saw a name and nearby address on a Republican Web site.

Stone confronted three residents about their political viewpoints, police said. When he found out the residents supported the Republican-led war effort in Iraq, police say Stone became enraged.

Stone then hit the homeowner and his roommates several times as they tried to force him out of the door, police said.

Stone faces three counts of assault and battery.

Funny how often the peaceniks resort to violence or breaking and burning things when they don’t get their way. There are too many incidents lately to even bother linking, I’ve posted several.

I live in a little moonbat enclave and I’ve had a few ‘peaceful’ types try to confront me physically because I won’t bow down to their weird conspiracy theories and BDS.

They know to leave me alone now.

From Ace

Update: Michelle Malkin has a lot more.

U-n-h-i-n-g-e-d. And this is the tip of the iceberg.

Pannell recounted this weekend’s ordeal for me:

“I was taking a shower a little after 5pm while two of my housemates were cooking dinner. A man (Stone) came to the door asking for Reed Pannell. He was very polite and had some military literature with him so the housemates assumed he was either a recruiter or a friend of mine from class. As they were waiting for me to get out of the shower, Stone came inside, sat down in our living room, and quietly read the paper while he waited. I rushed out of the shower, came down with just a pair of jeans on and shaving cream still on my face.

At this point, Stone politely stood up, shook my hand, and told me that he had found my address on facebook. He asked if I was a College Republican as it said on my account, I told him yes. He then asked me “Oh, so that means you support the war, right?” and I responded with a yes. He then said that since I was for the war, if I was interested in signing up for the army. At this point I was sure he was a recruiter, and I told him that I’d definitely look into it as soon as I graduate (I’m a junior political science/econ major right now at UMW). This is where something changed in his eyes and he started getting aggressive. He took a step towards me and said that I support the war, yet don’t want to fight in it.

At this point my roommate, Matt, stepped into the room and told him he was being disrespectful, and that it was time to leave. I told Matt that I could handle the guy (I’ve gotten into debates like this before). Stone responded to Matt by saying that “I’m not done talking to your roommate, he’s a pussy and can’t back up anything he believes in”. At this point I, not politely, told him to leave our house. He refused, saying he was not done talking with us. He threw the military literature he had at me, which turned out to be United States Air Force literature. He said that I would never make it in the army and that was why he brought over USAF literature (implying he came over in a sinister manner–not only have I never seen/spoken to him before, but what if I had said that I had wanted to join up, right then and there? Oops, take this Air Force literature…).

My roommate Matt pushed Stone’s shoulder towards the door at this point, and the second that happened Stone swung and struck Matt in the side of the head. Both exchanged several punches to the face/body and then I jumped in, throwing them both onto our couch. My other roommate called the police while both Matt and I tried to restrain him on the couch, but he kept hitting us. Both of us were yelling at him to leave, but he kept screaming that he wanted to fight us one on one like men, that we’re “pussies” for not being in Iraq, and that we’re hypocrites. He going crazy. Both of us struck him several times while he was on the couch. We finally dragged him off of the couch and forcibly pushed him out of the door. He then forced his way back into the house, where he struck Matt several more times. We both pushed him outside and went outside with him, where he would not leave our porch, and he continued to strike us both. Matt ended up pushing him over the railing, but fell along with him face first, with Stone holding onto my right arm as he did so.

The police on the phone with my other roommate told us to get inside, and so we did, and locked the door. As we entered my house, we yelled at Stone that the police were coming, and that if he was in the right, he should tell them. Personally, I’m surprised that he stayed–any logical person would flee after assaulting two people at once, unprovoked (the third roommate was not assaulted). The police showed up (4 cruisers) 30 seconds later, and Stone continued to be incredibly disorderly. They got his story, then ours, talked with eachother for 30 seconds and then arrested Stone. They asked if we wished to press charges, we said that we did. He is now out on bail, but he is charged with assault and battery, trespassing, and we have a restraining order against him.

We then hopped on facebook to see this guy’s profile–he is NUTS.

…Later that day we found a list of names on the front porch, complete with addresses, boys and girls, all members of the college Republicans. I was 9th on the list. I contacted a few of the people on the list and only one had received a visit from this guy, and they hadn’t even answered the door because they knew of his affiliation and what he was coming to say. For lack of better words, we were pretty unsuspecting. His arraignment is on March 1st, and our school newspaper is doing a large investigation of his ties to other organizations on campus, etc. For now, we’re all pretty scared about what this guy’ll do now that he’s back on the streets.

Here’s a picture of the nutjob:

Can’t wait to see which moonbat comes running to his defense first.


5 Responses to “Peace loving progressive = violent moonbat”

  1. They’ve gone from pie throwing to this..how sad.

    -J. Kaiser

  2. Joe said

    Moonbat central, that is for sure. I live in the same city and I can count the Republicans (or anyone with a minute conservative viewpoint)on three fingers. I don’t think they mess with me because they (I could mention names) know I have guns and kill cute little animals for food and sport. Also I am not nearly as friendly as Scott.

  3. mesablue said


    That and they know that your girlfriend will shoot them down if they mess with you.

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