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We are weird

Posted by mesablue on February 23, 2007

At least according to Mary Katharine Ham.

MKH went to the mall to ask innocent and unsuspecting civilians whether or not they know of many of the pundits that we in the political blogosphere follow on a daily basis. With predictable results.

Do Pundits Matter?

Matarvile? Heh.

I’m not suprised by any of it, most people in a mall couldn’t tell you who Dick Cheney is, even after the hunting incident. The problem, though, is that the perpetually uninformed seem to vote for people like Bill Clinton or *gack* Barack Obama.

I’ll take weird over clueless any day.


5 Responses to “We are weird”

  1. When did townhall.com get such attractive commentators? Back when I visited it seemed like it was just a bunch on grizzly old conservatives.

    -J. Kaiser

  2. Sorry for the OT, but where did you get the Victory Caucus image? I’ve been scouring the Victory Caucus site and haven’t found anything I could download.

    And MKH does make politics easier to observe. I’m glad she’s on our side.

  3. mesablue said


    I stole it. I just copied it and then uploaded it to Flickr.

    Take mine, I’m sure they won’t mind.

  4. Thanx.

    I tried to steal one from VC, but couldn’t manage it. I’ll make it a link to the site to try to forestall lawsuits. 😉

  5. Wickedpinto said

    matarville cracked me up, I think I commented it without link before you posted.


    totaly midwest.

    My brother and I have a habbit of controling situations, he says it’s cuz of “midwest attitude” which is true, but he also misses out on the fact the we were both also deployed military.

    If everyone around us is gonna get uppity? we don’t care, we been they haven’t, and we are midwest, so suck it.

    I don’t know, the basic attitude is complex. You obvious have been exposed to it if not a practitioner of it.

    Shit on everything, but be nice about it.

    Frightens, intimidates, intimates, and familiarizes everyone, as long as people take the time to understand.

    Horrendously cruel, kindness.

    I call it leadership 🙂

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