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Please, please, pretty please!

Posted by mesablue on March 16, 2007

Will someone please buy me one of these for my birthday?

Found at Waking the Giant

12 Responses to “Please, please, pretty please!”

  1. pajama momma said

    Huh, it says batteries not included. bummer

  2. mesablue said


    I need batteries?

    No wonder the damn thing doesn’t work.

  3. pajama momma said

    I think the “stop nagging” button was disabled at the factory. Something about a recall.

  4. damewigginsoflee said

    I am SO offended!

    Well i NEVAH!

  5. Lisa said

    I think JVD “found” one of those about a yr. ago.
    I’ve heard, the “OFF” button doesn’t work….but I think he disabled it.

  6. jayne said

    I question the inclusion of the “Stop nagging” and the “no PMS” buttons. Do they imply that there are times when they would be activated?

  7. mesablue said

    The stop nagging button would probably need replacement from overuse in just a few months. They should have put four of them on the remote.

    Do I sound a little jaded?

  8. jayne said

    Jaded or bitter! Have a great St. Patricks Day. One thing that is good about the Detroit area is that St. Patricks Day is always fun.

  9. pajama momma said

    I noticed there was a boobs + and a boobs – button……..come one now, when is that boobs – button EVER going to get used?

  10. mesablue said

    After the babies,Pj Momma. There are times that we can only take so much.

    It is rare.

    But, thanks for asking.

  11. mesablue said

    Btw Lisa, I am not going to say a word.

  12. Lisa said


    We missed not seeing you on Saturday. JVD switched the “Bring Beer” button for “Bring Popcorn”.

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