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Do you has a flavor?

Posted by mesablue on March 19, 2007

I have a couple of cats. There. I admitted it.

Actually, I have one cat. Chuck. He’s a pretty cool, laid back cat. I got him a cat so he wouldn’t be lonely when I’m not home. His cat is a total spaz. So much so, that his name had to be changed. He used to be called Moose (long story), now it’s just Spaz.

I like dogs, too. I’m just not around enough to take care of one.

Anyway, I thought these pics were funny.

They come from I Can Has Cheezburger? Lot’s of funny cat pics.

This next one resembles Spaz at four in the morning — every damn day.


11 Responses to “Do you has a flavor?”

  1. damewigginsoflee said

    Friggen’ cats!! Love the name Spaz though — one of my favorite words. I once planned to open a coffee shop and call it Spaz.

    Cute post. (friggen’ cats!)

  2. jayne said

    I really thought that I was the only person who ever changed my pets names. Those are really cute pictures.

  3. S. Weasel said

    Did I get gummed up in the spam filter, or did I forget to hit SUBMIT on that last one? Meh.

  4. mesablue said

    Nothing in the filter. But, Akismet seems to have a life of it’s own…

  5. S. Weasel said

    I guess senile dementia is the answer, then. I was going to warn you off catblogging, if you ever wanted to see 30K.

    And point you to this post. The Angry Aussie did a video pasting together other peoples funny cat pictures. It’s pretty good.

    The link. That’s why I thought I ended up in the spam filter. Links will do that lately.

  6. 5Cats said

    Cats are wonderful!@
    The trick is to give them lots of nicknames. My Sylvester was also known as: Moo (he was big like a Jersey cow) Mooser, moodles and Big Boy. Moo was practically his second name though, he answered to it!

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  10. Like your site. Can’t believe out of all the great posts I could comment on I chose this one!

    I’ve thought of getting my cat her own cat, too. Glad to see I’m not the only nutbar out there!

  11. Nora said

    This website is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny! Seriously! Its AWESOME TO THE MAX!

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