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Do they really think we are that stoopid?

Posted by mesablue on March 20, 2007

Charles Krauthammer, genius that he is, always has the most down to earth take on issues of the day.

Carbon credits have been in the news a lot lately, mostly because of Manbearpig and his amazing monster energy gobbling mansions and hollywood’s embracing of the concept for the Academy Awards.

Of course, it’s all a joke. A sick joke. On us.

Limousine Liberal Hypocrisy

Goldman Sachs has been one of the most aggressive firms on Wall Street about taking action on climate change; the company sends its bankers home at night in hybrid limousines.

–The New York Times, Feb. 25

Written without a hint of irony–if only your neighborhood dry cleaner sent his employees home by hybrid limousine–this front-page dispatch captured perfectly the eco-pretensions of the rich and the stupefying gullibility with which they are received.

Remember the Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore global-warming pitch at the Academy Awards? Before they spoke, the screen at the back of the stage flashed not-so-subliminal messages about how to save the planet. My personal favorite was “Ride mass transit.” This to a conclave of Hollywood plutocrats who have not seen the inside of a subway since the moon landing and for whom mass transit means a stretch limo seating no fewer than 10.

Leo and Al then portentously announced that for the first time ever, the Academy Awards ceremony had gone green. What did that mean? Solar panels in the designer gowns? It turns out that the Academy neutralized the evening’s “carbon footprint” by buying carbon credits. That means it sent money to a “carbon broker,” who promised, after taking his cut, to reduce carbon emissions somewhere on the planet equivalent to what the stars spewed into the atmosphere while flying in on their private planes.

In other words, the rich reduce their carbon output by not one ounce. But drawing on the hundreds of millions of net worth in the Kodak Theatre, they pull out lunch money to buy ecological indulgences. The last time the selling of pardons was prevalent–in a predecessor religion to environmentalism called Christianity–Martin Luther lost his temper and launched the Reformation.

Where do carbon credits even come from?

What is wrong with this scam? First, purchasing carbon credits is an incentive to burn even more fossil fuels, since now it is done under the illusion that it’s really cost-free to the atmosphere.

Second, it is a way for the rich to export the real costs and sacrifices of pollution control to the poorer segments of humanity in the Third World. (Apparently, Hollywood’s plan is to make up for that by adopting every last one of their children.) For example, GreenSeat, a Dutch carbon-trading outfit, buys offsets from a foundation that plants trees in Uganda’s Mount Elgon National Park to soak up the carbon emissions of its rich Western patrons. Small problem: expanding the park encroaches on land traditionally used by local farmers. As a result, reports the New York Times, “villagers living along the boundary of the park have been beaten and shot at, and their livestock has been confiscated by armed park rangers.” All this so that swimming pools can be heated and Maseratis driven with a clear conscience in the fattest parts of the world.

The other form of carbon trading is to get Third World companies to cut their emissions to offset Western pollution. The reason this doesn’t work–and why the carbon racket is a farce–is that you need a cap for cap-and-trade to work. Sulfur dioxide emissions in the U.S. were capped, and the trading system succeeded in reducing acid rain by half. But even the Kyoto treaty doesn’t put any cap on greenhouse gases in China and India, where billions of these carbon credits are traded. Sure, you can pretend you’re offsetting Western greenhouse pollution by supposedly cleaning up a dirty coal plant in China. But China is adding a new coal plant every week. You could build a particularly dirty “uncapped” power plant, then sell hundreds of millions in carbon credits to reduce it to a normal rate of pollution. The result? The polluter gets very rich. The planet continues to cook. And the Gores of the world can feel virtuous as they burn up the local power grid.

Ace takes it one step further —Shock: “Carbon Offsets” A Shabby Fraud

From where is this carbon being offset?

Well, for a real offset, you’d have to pay someone to do something he otherwise would not do (such as fill a lot of his land with trees he otherwise would not have planted), or pay someone not to do something they otherwise would have done (such as not fly on chartered private jets).

But it seems these supposed “offsets” are coming from people doing things they were already doing — for example, TerraPass is selling “reduced methane” emissions in its garbage dumps, despite the fact they were already reducing methane before the sale of “carbon offsets.”

Thus, you’re not paying somoeone to generate less “greenhouse gases.” You’re paying someone to continue generating the same levels of greenhouse gases they were before you paid them.

Carbon offsets are not carbon offsets at all. They’re hypocrisy offsets at best.

So, there it is kiddos. There are no such things as carbon offsets. The joke is on you. Especially if you are a greenie who bought into all of this crap. The concept itself makes no sense. You can’t take credit for not causing damage somewhere you have no connection to while you wreak havoc everywhere you step foot.

The offset programs are just a way to let the rich assuage their very large guilt resevoirs. It also doesn’t suck for the companies that found out that a bunch of morons would send them money to do asbolutely nothing more than they were already.

Scam. A scam perpetrated on us by all parties. Those that buy them. Those that sell them. And, most importantly, a scam sold to the true believers by the high priest of global warming.

The thing is — Algore knows that this is all BS. He wants in the White House badly enough to create a worldwide fiasco. He can let us all in on the joke later — when he comes up with some miracle to stop global warming that he can take credit for.

Sorry. Not playing.

Hope you don’t either.


3 Responses to “Do they really think we are that stoopid?”

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  2. mesablue said

    Heh, I get a kick out of some of the bots that throw links around. The link above is for a pro-carbon credit site. It’s keeps linking my posts that slam carbon credit. Not that anyone reads those things, it’s just funny.

  3. You hit the nail on the head there. Next thing we know, Gore is going to be selling beach front property in his home state of TN!

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