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McSquishy going native?

Posted by mesablue on March 20, 2007

Looks like it.

From Hot Air — Study: McCain’s voting record growing ever more liberal

The year-to-year scores can reveal consistency or change. McCain, for example, grew increasingly less conservative in recent years. He started with annual conservative scores consistently in the 80s when he first went to the Senate in 1987, dipped to the 70s during the mid-1990s, into the 60s in the late 1990s and into the 50s starting in 2004.

He’s currently slightly left of center on social issues.

No big suprise to those of us who have followed McCain for a while. I used to really like the guy. I even bought into that Straight Talk crap a few years ago. Back when he was still a Republican.

I don’t know what you could call McCain right now. He’s more liberal than half the Democrats.

How does someone wander that far off the reservation in just a few years?

Desperation. It does horrible things to a politician. The man wants to be president and nothing he’s done in the past has worked. Why not play the populist card — hard? Well, because populists suck. Clinton was as close as we’ve been. Populists make horrible leaders. We elect leaders to, wait for it, lead. Not to ask us how we feel forty nine times a year and then change their mind accordingly. It doesn’t work. Never has, never will.

Give it up, McSquishy. Your time has passed. Do us a favor and retire as the classy statesman that you should and could be.


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