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Yeah, they support our troops — not!

Posted by mesablue on March 20, 2007

I get really tired of hearing lefties say that they support our troops but don’t support their mission. Ask any soldier, Marine, sailor or airman how they feel about that. It also emboldens the enemy — something that leftards can’t seem to wrap their mind about.

Reasonable dissent is one thing, continous bleating and blame throwing end up crossing many lines. Leftie war protestors always make a point of saying that they are patriotic — it drives them nuts if you question their patriotism.

So, when did patriotism translate into such hatred for America?

At LGFLeftists supporting the troops.

Here we have lefties supporting our troops in Portland just the other day — by burning them in effigy along with the American flag.

Just in case that doesn’t get the point across and you need a little clarification as to their true feelings.

Fuck the troops?

Fuck them.

Those little weasels wouldn’t have to guts to stand up for their own freedom in a real world situation. They can only express themselves so disgustingly because of the heroic actions of those they disdain.

Can we question their patriotism now?

Hell yes. These people don’t care about anything but their own selfish concerns. I’m ashamed to share the same country with them. Try that crap anywhere else in the world and the very least of their worries would be dodging water cannons and tear gas. Here, they can just go on their merry way.

Only, because of the efforts and sacrifice of millions before them who put the needs of their families, neighbors, towns, cities and country ahead of their own can scum like this exist unaccosted in our society.



8 Responses to “Yeah, they support our troops — not!”

  1. damewigginsoflee said

    Wow. That imagery made my heart sink a little.

    I wanna go home, Toto.

  2. Mullah Cimoc said

    Mullah Cimoc say this proving ameriki man so smart.

  3. ed said

    Showing the most radical of leftists is like saying that morons like George Bush and Delay represent the majority of conservatives. We on the left are as ebarrassed by those jokers as you are by Bush.

  4. mesablue said


    I hope you are correct. It’s just that this is what is thrown in my face day after day. I live in an area where as a Republican (not a social con, very much a national con) I am very much in the minority. Every day I talk to people that are as or more extreme than what is shown here. There is no middle ground. I try to have conversations and I get beat over the head with how stupid and brainwashed I must be to not accept the extreme left view in all things.

    I’m not embarrassed by Bush. I know what I’m getting with him. He doesn’t change from day to day depending on which way the wind blows. I’m not completely proud, either. But, I am a realist. He is our president. I’ll support him until the next election.

    Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment as much as you want in the future. I’m not looking to have an echo chamber here. It’s just my little place in the blogoshpere and all are welcome.

  5. Bob_Avakians_Ninja_Protector said

    Does your dick get chafed when you fuck a fatigue everynight wishing you were in Iraq (but constantly mistaking Iraq for that other one with an N at the end.)?

    Ive never seen such blatant Soldier-humping faggotry in my life. Just go watch “Ilsa – She Wolf of the SS”, crack one off and go about your day since the boner you seem to get from fascist military states obviously consumes every waking thought.

    Fuck the troops.

  6. marissa said

    are you retarded? they’re not “leftists” they’re ANARCHISTS. retard.

  7. marissa said

    stupid shit. anarchists are a tiny percent of “left wing” people. not all “leftists” say fuck the troops and what not. go jerk off to your mccain shrine now

  8. Any idea who took that picture above? The “Fuck the troops” pic? It is making the rounds of the right-wing blogs and extreme conservative people as a recent sign from Occupy Wall Street.

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