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Detroit: the worst place on earth

Posted by mesablue on March 22, 2007

So says Ace:

Detroit: the worst place on earth

I’m sorry, but this is just depressing. There’s no nice way to put it. Detroit is bad and getting worse and it’s hard to argue otherwise when homes are now selling for less than the average car.

With. No. Takers.

From the article he links:

With bidding stalled on some of the least desirable residences in Detroit’s collapsing housing market, even the fast-talking auctioneer was feeling the stress.
“Folks, the ground underneath the house goes with it. You do know that, right?” he offered.

After selling house after house in the Motor City for less than the $29,000 it costs to buy the average new car, the auctioneer tried a new line: “The lumber in the house is worth more than that!”

As Detroit reels from job losses in the U.S. auto industry, the depressed city has emerged as a boomtown in one area: foreclosed property.

The city, which has lost more than half its population in the past 30 years and struggled with rising crime, failing schools and other social problems, largely missed out on the housing boom that swept much of the country in recent years.

Prices have gained less than 2 percent per year in the five years since 2001, when the auto industry entered a renewed slump.

Steve Izairi, 32, who re-financed his own house in suburban Dearborn and sold his restaurant to begin buying rental properties in Detroit two years, was concerned that houses he thought were bargains at $70,000 two years ago were now selling for just $35,000.

At least 16 Detroit houses up for sale on Sunday sold for $30,000 or less.

A boarded-up bungalow on the city’s west side brought $1,300. A four-bedroom house near the original Motown recording studio sold for $7,000.

“You can’t buy a used car for that,” said Izairi. “It’s a gamble, and you have to wonder how low it’s going to get.”

Detroit, where unemployment runs near 14 percent and a third of the population lives in poverty, leads the nation in new foreclosure filings, according to tracking service RealtyTrac.

With large swaths of the city now abandoned, banks are reclaiming and reselling Detroit homes from buyers who can no longer afford payments at seven times the national rate.

Can’t say that I disagree with Ace.

As soon as child number two makes it to college — three years — I’m out of here. Either back to Chicago or to someplace warm. Someplace that has an economy that isn’t as dismally depressing as it is here in Detroit. Basically, anywhere but here.

Check out this interesting site: The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit

187 Responses to “Detroit: the worst place on earth”

  1. 12th Street Amish said

    As i said in Aces comments last night when i linked this story – Detroit is the absolute worst city i have ever been to in this country.

    Its even worse than New Orleans and that city smells like the crotch of a homeless wino who’s been on a 10 year Thunderbird bender.

    • hollywatts said

      detriot been holding on for many of years dont come back to my city you disrespectful person everywhere if an awful naborhood but detriot is the only one to b called out……just dont come back detriot is better without u

      • hollywatts said

        detroit been holding on for many of years dont come back to my city you disrespectful person everywhere if an awful naborhood but detroit is the only one to b called out……just dont come back detriot is better without u

      • Mr Sharp said

        There is Homeless people everywhere and maybe they chose to come here because they know that Detroit tries there best to help out everybody. That was a bad thing to say about a place you only visited maybe you need to stay and understand how life work. We just dont have money, we aint got it all but we are trying our best. And yes Detroit seems to be a little bit better without you

      • Brianna said

        Wow, I can tell you’re Detroit natives just from your grammar. I take it you are both authentic products of the best Detroit schools?

      • BoB said

        Briannas yous said that right! Wut kind ov peeps is this to be gettin on here dissin the citayyyyy. This is some bullshit. Deez schoolz need to learn them peeps a lot gooder den dis!

      • Wes said

        I see you are a product of the Detroit public schools. Little fact, Detroits high school graduation rate is 25%. A Detroit high schooler is statistically more likely to go to prison than they are to graduate high school. And this is while spending $11000 per child annually as opposed to the national average of $9000. Democrats, and unions have bled that city dry. So sad. This could very easily end up happening all across America. Be informed voters. That’s not going to happen.

  2. jayne said

    I,too, am moving. The last straw for me was when DeVos lost. I no longer have any hope for Michigan.

    • Mr Sharp said

      Its people like you that makes things bad because you stop having faith. If you olost hope then maybe you lost hope for yourself, but some people still have it.

      • Reality Check said

        Faith doesn’t keep the family fed and safe! Blindly placing faith in your state doesn’t make it stronger. Michigan isn’t the Easter bunny or Santa Clause. I just doesn’t work like that.

  3. mesablue said

    Jayne, the rest of the state seems to do just fine — even under the burden of Detroit. I LOVE the west side of Michigan and up north.

    So, where do you want to go?

  4. carinrose said

    Well, since my entire family lives in Michigan, moving is pretty much off the table.

    And, honestly I don’t think all is lost for Detroit. It might be impossible, but if the right minds (read non-affirmative action hires, and Republican) were in control, things would improve. I think the mayor actually (finally) said some correct things last week.

    Detroit bashing is so easy, but I honestly don’t care what those whose entire experience of the city was their stop at a gas station – and that’s it- have to say. I stopped in a gas station in Chicago, and it was pretty frightening, so I guess I can say that city sucks too?

  5. Lisa said

    I love Belle Isle and Roma Cafe.
    (Just pointing out a few positive features in Detroit.)

  6. damewigginsoflee said

    Come back to Chicago!

  7. mesablue said

    Carin, there is a HUGE difference between Detroit and just about every major city. There are some bad neighborhoods in Chicago, but there are also a lot of wonderful neighborhoods. The general attitude and happiness of the people who live there is at a completely different level — it’s instantly noticeable every time I go back. Detroit gets bashed because it deserves it.

    I give people like you who are going to stick it out a lot of credit — but, given a choice, I’m making the easy decision and moving somewhere where my quality of life will increase instantly just by being there.

    • One of the many said

      In the 30 plus years tha I have worked in Detroit! I have only seen it get worse. Drive into the city via Fort street! Michigan Avenue, Grand River, Woodward, or Gratiot. All you will see is abandoned and burned out buildings. Midtown and downtown is all that is left of Detroit.

      The scrappers rape what is left of these once magnificent buildings, and punks with spray paint deface marble and masonry that skilled craftsman took months to create.

      You cannot go into a coffee shop, restaurant, or gas station without immediately being coerced for money. An attempt at creatin a china town failed. Belle Isle is a run down shambles.

      Little pockets such as cork town may exist, but the pervasive sense of despair, decay, and trepidation when walking its streets will not be easily alleviated.

  8. Phill said

    Detroit and Chicago are real similar cause of how close they are. Detroits bad as a whole. But Studies have shown, that their worst neighborhoods,do not compare to Chicago’s Public housing neighborhoods. Out of The Top Ten Worst neighborhoods, for violence, and poverty Chicago has nine of the ten, with the last going to Los Angeles’ Watts neighborhood. The Reason Why Detroit is looked at as so much worst, is because the city is smaller, so they don’t have a balance. Detroit has about 800,000 people. Chicago has about 3.5 million. There is more poor in Chicago, yet they have a balance too, so its hard to become the murder capital, when the city is so huge. But Overall Detroit is just crappy, you can go miles without seeing anyone living in the neighborhoods, there just abandoned, as opposed to Chicago neighborhoods, that are that bad, and still house people.

  9. mesablue said

    Phill, I’m from Chicago and lived in the city most of my adult life. I’m been in just about every neighborhood and can say with qualification that Detroit is one hundred times worse.

  10. Chicago is a better place, why dont the authorities invest some money and clean it up?

  11. OhNoMotown said

    I have been to Detroit a lot in the past couple of years and each time I go it seems worse. I was in the service for a few years and have been in cities all over the world, including Iraq. Detroit is in the worse condition of any place I have ever been. Detroit looks like a war zone. It’s like a bomb went off and nobody cares. I don’t know if I would say it’s the most dangerous city though. There is a huge imbalance there that throws things out of whack. I can understand why some of the people there feel abondoned, it’s because they have been. But at the same time, you have to do for yourself too. It’s a sad place to go.

  12. Phill said

    Yeh well i do understand that Detroit is a very terrible city don’t get me wrong on that, but Chicago’s englewood neighborhood is much worse than any Detroit neighborhood I’ve been to. Englewood is only home to about 40,000 people yet over 700 murders have occured there in the past eight years. Hello that is alarming, show me a Detroit neighborhood where that is equivlant. Honestly to it doesn’t get much worse than Cabrini Green, The Robert Taylor Homes, and all the other housing projects that call Chicago home. Detroit is an old run down city. The most alarming thing i found out, is that not one high-rise beside two Casinos have been built in Detroit since the 1960’s. Chicago also has the second biggest police force in the country some 13,000 sworn in officers, and if they still have these problems with this many officers patroling neighborhoods, that is a terrible area. In closing Detroit is very bad, quiet obvious to them being in the most dangerous cities every year, but its proven data, that of Chicago’s ever so declining rough neighborhoods, they are worse than Detroits.

    • ryan kopenski said

      all this whose city is the worst b.s..im from grand rapids mi, nice city overall but you dont go to certain areas for certain reasons, I am curious, what urban neighborhoods do you know that are nice? id say the only i know is portland oregon, but ya still dont go where you dont belong..i cannot think of a black neighborhood or even a black country that is doing well econoically. that either says alot about international racism or black people as a community, im not makeing the decision to wich but the point is it doesnt matter whose the worst the point is how the hell do we fix this problem, It seems white people run the ecocnomy and black community wont get in line, if your employer wants you to wear a belt and pull your pants up then wear a belt and pull your pants up, it seems to me that a majority of the black community hold there image in the direct opposite of white people, if white people where tight jeans, black where loose, if white people like guitar black like drum,i know this sounds racist but its not,but for these communities to get better you must stop drug dealing gang banging and killing each other, or start killing white kids and then you may get those neighor hoods cleaned up!!

  13. mesablue said

    Phill, southwest Detroit is a pretty bad place. You can drive through Englewood at night and survive — I’ve done it. I wouldn’t try that in several neighborhoods in Detroit.

    Also, the fact that so many people have left Detroit has opened up vast urban wastelands that give a false sense of security. Detroit crime numbers per captita blow Chicago’s away.

    I’ve also walked through Cabrini at night as it’s close to areas I used to frequent without a problem. I would never do that here.

    Both cities have bad areas, Detroit seems to have cornered the market on vicious random and repeated violence.

  14. Phill said

    southwest detroit isn’t that bad at all, that’ is home to mexicantown which isn’t bad at all, yes Detroit does have bad neighborhoods, but honestly from being in Detroit, i’m way more scared in Chicago’s bad neighborhoods at night than Detroit, Detroits crime is spread throughout the city. Chicago’s is concentrated in terrible neighborhoods, that i wouldn’t drive through at all, first isn’t Chicago has gained national attention several times for The Robert Taylor Homes. Those are terrible, and even residences of Detroit can’t deny how scary it is driving by there even during the day. For Cabrini yes its gotten better, but it is still a bad neighborhood, The housing project has the words ” White Boy Killa” spray painted across the project. Watch this documentary http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3955195088834967031
    as you can see its very bad. No doubt Detroit is poor, and bad, but Detroit doesn’t have one single neighborhood in the Top Ten Poorest neighborhoods in the united States, in fact Los Angeles only has one. The Other Nine are Chicago’s. Also for the five roughest neighborhoods Chicago has two of the five. The Top two are Lawndale, and Englewood. The Rest are New Orleans lower ninth ward, West Compton, and last of the top five is Detroits Jeffries Homes which didn’t even qualify as a neighborhood but a project.

  15. I can’t comment really, I used to drive through and party in most of the area’s of chicago as well as gary, and never felt fear, didn’t spend much time in detroit, though I did not that there are area’s in detroit that look even more pathetic than gary at it’s worst. The only place that I would say I was scared was on kokusai street in naha oki after 2 am.

    Guys in nice suits ready to kill you with a ninja kick, eyeballing you like you are an invading rapist.

  16. Joe said

    I loved Good Times, I wouldn’t be scared at all, I am sure it is DYNOMITE!

    That gas station between Gary Indiana and the skyway off I-94 at night is pretty creepy, Slow Walkers everywhere. The bathrooms were locked up because of gang activity so I just pissed in the lighted parking lot. The democrats didn’t come near me after that.

  17. Go up avenue 15 in gary from hammond to porter county, (actually into porter county) You see a lot of wierd shit along the way, same thing with broadway. Extremes in either form.

    There is a 24 hour auto sales shop on broadway, just 2 blocks short of IUNW at the overpass of 80/94 where the managers are all packing, but you cross over the pass, and everything is lit up and pleasent.

    Gentrified area’s are always bizzarre, but they aren’t always scary.

    I’m familiar with the ameriform of gentrification, and know where and when to stop, and transit doesn’t frighten me, though I must admit that when I picked up a buddy at grant and “20”/Michigan avenue so he could get to work on time, that was odd, no street signs, Open markets and licquor stores with no lighted signs or parking lots.

    Gary is discomfitting, but not frightening, you just have to know how to turn down the various drug dealers without looking like an informant.

  18. Phill said

    Yeh gary indiana is where all of Chicago’s public housing residents are moving since they’re being kicked out of chicago.

  19. yeahp phil, that is a disgrace!!!

    Not gary, but the exclusion of impoverished (not all or really all that many) individuals out of chicago, and forcing those not on it, into a welfare society.

    Of course gary is a disgrace, institutionalize corruption that can only be compared to New Orleans, and then the hoosier tax that is the “skyway toll” Why is the indiana side 50C but the chicago side is 2.50?

    Not to mention the tax, I forget it’s popular name, where company’s pay 1 dollar per hour per person who is earning an income in the city proper, not to mention the “floor tax” which I don’t know if it’s still in effect, where you pay 1 dollar for every square foot of property per hour of commercial use, you use within the city to produce income.

    NOT TO MENTION THE COMPLETELY RETARDED! COMPLETELY RETARDED! tax exemptions and advance rebates offered to boeing for moving to chicago, and the STATE! sucked up too much of it, and ALREADY! boeing is talking about moving operations to gary rather than to ohare or midway.

    whoever whas behind the boeing negotiations must have had a severe mental disabillity.

  20. Phill said

    I’m not sure maybe its just me, but Chicao (although a lot nicer) seems to me a lot more fake nowadays with all the projects being smashed down, the poor leaving Chicago, and these new million dollar condos taking over neighborhoods, as well as big box stores taking over independent stores. I mean i’m glad to see the boom in high-rises, but i’m sick of everything else. There is a thing called rehabilitation and they never thought of that before they smashed down the projects.

  21. madmouser said

    Never been to the places you have cited and do not want to visit them anytime in my life. Why this country allows this is beyond me. We are so worried about the problems overseas and we have places like you described is a little hypocritical.

    Could we not just bulldoze these places and deport the people? We really don’t need them or want them. They are a cancer in our society.

  22. Rem said

    I will have to agree with the majority, Detroit is the worst ghetto I’ve seen. I’ve visited for around a week once a year for the last seven years. They have a lot of great places and areas seemed to improve, and I would go back, but I agree its pretty bad. I recently moved to St. Louis, and I hear East St. Louis is just as bad. I haven’t ventured over yet, and don’t know if I want to. I hear much more negative comments about East St. Louis than I did about Detroit, maybe because a lot of the area was unavoidable in Detroit. Passing through on the interstate is my only contact, but I don’t think it can top Detroit, partly because of the vast expanse of ghetto in Detroit.

  23. Detroit is gentrification on a large scale, they are following Gary’s example.

    Gary is a travesty, if you drive through gary, just like most of detroit, you will see condemned houses, bracketing BEAUTIFUL pieces of architecture that are fighting to hold on.

  24. Joe said

    WP, you do not know what gentrification means and I am not going to tell you. But I would piss you out if you were on fire.

  25. jesus christ, I even looked it up first to make sure I had the right word. How retarded am I?

  26. I’m not kidding joe, I did look it up before I used that word.

    I kept thinking “geriatric, geri, something like that what is it!!” then “gentrification” hit my bean.

    It sounded right, cuz of the casino rebuild and all that stuff that was promised, but I wasn’t sure, so I looked it up.

    I just scanned the summary and saw stuff like “older” and “condemned,” and I thought to myself, THATS THE ONE!

    So I used it.

    before I actually typed “gentrification,” I was gonna go into one of my stream of conc questions, one of the words was “gentrification,” but I intended a question mark, and then I was gonna make “geriatric” jokes, but this isn’t the hostages, so my quick fire retarded ass did a pretty good job.

    Also, It took me a small period of time to realize where you were coming from joe, at first I thought “Did I piss joe off? He’s usually a good guy!” I thought you were talking crap about what depressed neighborhoods are like, and I would never understand, but then I realized, NO WAY! anyone can say that Gary IN isn’t a depressed neighborhood, so I looked up “gentrification” again, and I realized that I really have to slow down my clickination.

  27. Basicaly,

    I don’t know how rare it is, but in my experience it is.

    Finding an excuse to laugh at myself is hilarious. Like I said “how retarded am I?”

    Especially when I went out of my way to embarass myself.

  28. Joe said

    Don’t be too hard on yourself, ignorance is not stupidity.
    ….Look it up if you have to.

  29. I know that joe, thats why I’m willing to admit my idiocy.

  30. Thanks for the support, can I hug your girlfriend?

  31. Joe said

    I don’t care, but only she can answer that.

  32. Cathy said


    I don’t know Joe’s girlfriend, but I’ll hug ya.

  33. cool.

  34. Lisa said

    I guess my Hugs are now available.

  35. Sweat!

  36. Lisa said

    WP…Not too much “Sweat” when we’all give you hugs.

  37. Dub Dizzle said

    Is yall niggas serious, Detroit is a whole nother world.I live on the East Side off East Warren and Alter Road, if you seen Zebrahead back in the day they were in that area at Skateland. My Block has 3 houses on it 9 abandoned and the rest is open fields where homes used to be. The whole city is like this east or west side. You can travel 40 blocks and not see a street with half the houses still standing. There is a weed or dope spot at least every 2 to 3 blocks. Crackheads run wild staying in the vacants. Just in my hood since last summer, in my 10 to 15 block radius there has been 17 murders 5 of them were some of my closest niggas, R.I.P Tyrie, Wayne gone get it nigga I promise. There is no city on this Earth that goes through the shit Detroit does. The Riot started it and The Chambers Brothers turned the East Side to the infamus area that it is. The majority of the abandoned houses in my area were houses that The Chambers Used for trafficing. With all the negatives though I still love my city, it helps a nigga develop a certain toughness that can be used in other forms of life. Soft niggas dont make it here Detroit niggas can survive anywhere, guranteed. Living here for so long has made me comfortable with how the city is and I think a lot of people feel like that and that is the reason that nothing is being done. We still got shit standing that was burned up during the riot in 67, that shit is crazy. No jobs makes everyone hustle in some form weed, dope, guns, cd’s, its rediculous. I been to Englewood in Chicago and that aint got shit on 6 Mile, The North End, Southwest, Van Dyke, Dexter, Britemoor, or especially the Bruister Projects, read bout these areas and get back at me we got it bad, real bad, but Im here and aint goin nowhere I love da hood and maybe one day I might have a real job, I might not need to ride with a pistol, I might have a nice house but all of that shit will happen in the D baby. HOLLA BACK

    • Terrance Wright said

      1st of stop using the N word, nothing is positive about that word at all.
      2nd, if living a negative way of life produces income, then you are doomed from the get go. If selling drugs are so lucrative, why dont they go out to the surburbs and that? oh you cant do that out there huh? Why is it that almost every black neighborhood that you go to, they all look like the picture that you paint for Detroit? You cant tell me that the system is set up against us to live that particular way. It is a mentality thing. You will not find this in more affluent areas of anywhere because they wont allow that. Case and point wearing $1500 eye glasses when you havent gotten yourself together, having children without considering if or how you will support them, $5000 rims on a $2000 car, sagging pants around your butt…while wearing a BELT, killing or stealing from each other, Relying on the LORD like the lord is really concerned that stupid people choose to do stupid things to themselves and others. I believe LOVE is in question. Detroit will probably be better off going back to pre industrial area when they sold services for goods. Some one made a comment about the big 3 had a system set up to where if had a pulse, that you could get a job. Well that has all dried up, and none of that is ever coming back, because of greed. You have corporations making more money by outsourcing jobs rather than investing in the people that purchase their product. Detroit need to research non industry type cities and try to duplicate what they are doing in order to get a turn around. Other than that, bring the death penalty to michigan, impose a gun ban, and educate people on the errors of stupid things. You cant make money when you have more money going out of your pocket. Supposedly blacks spend more than a trillion dollars on frivolous things per year but yet have no control or ownership of the items that they are purchasing. Imagine if we used that money internally and made some good happen with it?

  38. Dub Dizzle said

    Look, go on youtube and type in A Tour Of Detroit’s Ghettos and you will get a perfect example of what Im talkin bout, that is all East Side.

  39. carin said

    Damn, that Dub Diizzle guy lives only a few miles from me.

    There is a ton of open land … I think we should return it to farming. If you think I’m joking – I’m not.

  40. Dicktroit said

    Yeah, Detroit is a shithole, but these underacheiving blue collar losers saying they’ll leave when kid #15 gets out of college, pffft, fuck off out of town. You never should have had kids to begin with and maybe you would escaped that hellhole by now.

  41. Actual Detroiter said

    This is a very interesting conversation! I am a Detroiter and have been for the last 12 years. Interestingly I came from the Bay Area California. I have to say Detroit is NOT a shit hole and it is definitely not as bad as everyone says. I think the people who are so down on Detroit are people who have not thoroughly explored everything there is to see and do! Detroit is in a renaissance! We have so many new things downtown besides the casinos. We have Campus Marshus with a Ice Rink, Borders, Hard Rock Cafe (I know that is not so special, but its a start). Many new businesses are sprouting up and things are really turning around. Progress is slow, but that is because everyone just wants to abandon the problem, instead of trying to fix it. That being said Detroit could use a lot more unique shops, more used book stores, Record shops, etc there is a sad lack of these which is something you find an abundance of in Chicago, San Fran, hell even Cleveland! Our Mayor sucks plain and simple! Unfortunately he abuses his privilege and does weird and eccentric things like a fast food tax (yes he instituted a tax on fast food). He closed somethings which made Detroit a little more lovable and livable like The Aquarium which while extremely small was so unique in that it was the second oldest aquarium in America and combined with the Conservatory next door was a pleasant outing. Also it was incredibly affordable to do this. Belle Isle itself is rich with nature, amazing statues, Views of Detroit and Canada! I think too many people said puck it and left without putting up much of a fight for their city. The economy is crappy but the countries economy is crap! Interestingly I could never find a job back in the bay area which is supposed to be way better a place to be in my career and yet I have always found work here, even if it is not always consistent enough! It’s easy to find fault! I wish all of these naysayers would stop bashing Detroit and come and help revitalize it, instead of abandoning it!

  42. mesablue said

    A D, I’d love to agree with you, but there are more of the positive things you are talking about in every neighborhood of the Bay Area than the entirety of Detroit.

    The economy in the rest of the country does not suck. That is a myth perpetuated by people that stay in Detroit. The rest of the country is enjoying the best economy in forty years — truly. I visit a lot of cities and the opportunities are amazing — as is the difference in the happiness of the people that live there.

    Detroit does have some positives and I spend more time in the city than anyone I know who grew up here. It’s still a long way off.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  43. and stop by again.

    The majority of “news” is Chi, or michigan related.

    (don’t chase our 1/8 of our readers off with such a terse statement Mesa! Criminy! This is a business *someone whispers* “what it’s not? Oh, okay, fuck detroit!”)

    I’m screwing around btw.

  44. Actual Detroiter said


    I have to say that there are huge negatives to living in the bay area. I have lived there almost all my life and can no longer afford to! Things are hugely imbalanced in the bay area. It has become unbearably expensive to live just about anywhere there. I’m sorry I would rather not have to work two jobs and work almost 75% of my time just to afford a home that is 2 hours from everything that is fun and cool in san fran. I love the fact that I do not have to work nearly as hard here in Detroit and can enjoy my life rather then working it away just afford a GD Bungalow in a Stockton! The traffic is 10x worse then Detroit! So many have to live 2+ hours from their jobs just to enjoy the things that make the bay area nice. This means many spend 4 hours in traffic. I dunno ultimately Detroit just works for me, my life style. Unfortunately my chosen career path (Graphic Design) does not pay as well as other jobs, but that is a whole other discussion. So I have to live where it is affordable.

  45. Actual Detroiter said

    I think Detroit just needs some good help! I mean look at what happened to Cleveland. Cleveland was considered a dump, shVt hole, etc for so many years and look at it now! It is a charming little city jammed with things to do! We just need more positive people who want change to move here. People who are willing to get their hands dirty.

  46. AD,

    I’m not a detroiter, but I get a lot of detroit news here.

    Michigan in general is horribly corrupt, and detroit in particular has had nothing but a batch of corrupt mayors.

    Detroit is screwed until they have suffered enough to realize that they don’t want to suffer anymore.

  47. I hate detroit I use to live in it until my dad became an owner of a place because we were poor we could barely get food but my dad startes to work and that when we got richer and richer no my dad is so close to begin a millionare i hate detroit becuz me mom got raped my grandma was almost shot to death in detroit and my dad was attacked we got robbed and my cuz almost died of rape

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  50. Red Wings All The Way said

    Who the fuck said Dtroit is going through a renaissance needs to open their eyes. I live in Toledo and my mom works in Southfield and everyday she drives past 5 Mile to 10 Mile and it’s badddd. Now maybe the sports stadium district is improved and I’ll agree with you there but come on. Outside of that Dtroit is awful. We’ve gotten lost before up there and let me tell you it’s bad. People were just walkin around the streets and I thought we would get jacked for sure. We were just outside Mexicantown. Detroit is nice around the stadiums but is awful outside of that. And the economy in here sucks. Jobs are just few and far between and it’s just gettin worse. Move to Toledo and you wont hav to worry about gettin raped or shanked or any of that other shit.

  51. Northeastern'r said

    I’ve been across the country, and to former communist countries. Detroit takes the cake for the worst place on Earth for me.
    The locals however have done an okay job blocking Detroit off by interstates as the suburbs are quite nice. At this point I think Detroit should be demolished with a wrecking ball and turned into ‘Detroit Memorial Forest Reserve’. The only good thing that can come from the city is the increase in tree growth from all of the new open spaces.

  52. Jamal said

    Fuck Detroit. Kwame Kilpatrick is a piece of shit!

  53. Elliott Bettman said

    But ask yourself why is it that in New York Harlem the South Bronx and even Bed Stuy have undergone a renaissance? Mostly b/c they are more diversified and since the good parts of Manhattan are too expensive, people rehabbed the rest of the city. It’s not just gentrification either…they gut renovated the Bronx and put working class people back in there. In fact, the only areas that are NOT good are Brownsville and parts of the Bronx where they built the housing projects. Food for thought.

  54. kc said

    i am fron detroit born and raised. most of y’all havent even been to detroit so y’all dont know whats it is like y’all just hear it from the media. im am from the west side lindwood and fullerton yes my neighborhood is kinda of rough but we have lots of nice places too. look at downtown we have the riverfront look at belle isle. we also build a new subdivision off the lodge freeway by the projects and there is another nice subdivison on 12th street. i am proud to be from detroit and i am reppin it to the fullest.

  55. A2 said

    I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and lived there until I was 27; I went to college and moved back to Chicago four years ago. I spent a ton of time in the city growing up and have some great memories; in fact, my Mom worked at one of downtown’s big cultural institutions for many years, so I was downtwon all the time.

    I have a lot of friends who talk about missing Detroit, or are scared they would miss it if they left…

    I personally, do not miss it. If you like big city life, in the traditional sense, there simply is no comparison. I mean, it is not even close. Sure, Chicago has some rough neighborhooods, but let’s not mince words, it is essentially divided into two different cities, the South Loop up through Evanston and then everything south of the Loop to Gary. 99 percent of the people who move here and weren’t raised on the south side are never going to go to the south side; there is no reason to go there. (Again, when you are talking about traditional city things like restaurants, nightlife, shopping, etc.) So the fact that the south side is a mess doesn’t really have much bearing (rightly or wrongly) on quality of life from the south loop up through Evanston and many of the west side neighborhoods.

    Detroit is a different story; there really is no “nice area.” I mean, there are some great things about Detroit, but life is short and you have to ask yourself if you want to stick around waiting for the city to get better or if you want to go to a place that is already much more interesting and with a much higher quality of life than Detroit could ever be or have.

    I mean when a restaurant opens in Detroit everyone knows about it…a dozen restaurants a week open here in Chicago and it is impossible to keep up. I remember in the early 2000s one year, 9 restaurants opened in downtown Detroit, and everyone was, rightly, excited about it. But that is utterly impossible to imagine in Chicago.

    Chicago is like living in a fairytale compared to living in Detroit, in my opinion. (The burbs anywhere are the burbs; I’m talking about the city.)

    I wish Detroit the best, and will always consider myself a Detroiter, and love the city, but let’s be honest, the automotive industry is not coming back, at least not like it was, and the city’s problems are in many ways worse than ever. When I left in 2004 the infrastructure was literally crumbling. I remember dropping something off at a Detroit high school and the high school looked exactly like it had in the 50s! (No new schools; no money for repairs, etc.)

    Bless Detroit and I wish her the best but her challenges are many, and the city hasn’t done what it should to save itself. The first thing any thinking person knows they need to do is STOP THE CRIME. People, especially people with money, ARE NOT GOING TO LIVE IN NEIGHBORHOODS WHERE THEY FEEL UNSAFE. DITTO FOR BUSINESSES. Until Detroit can shed its reputation as crime-ridden, there’ s no point in talking about anything else. Good luck Detroit.

  56. jscott said

    I currently live in Detroit, and lived in Chicago a couple years back. There’s a world of difference, but I find myself only feeling unsafe occasionally in Detroit purely due to its reputation, not because of anything I’ve actually experienced. I keep waiting for it to show its teeth.

    My time here has shown me that as long as you’re more or less minding your own business, people will either ignore you or strike up a friendly conversation with you so long as you’re willing to reciprocate. I’ve gathered that Detroiters are very proud of their city, and many of them are victims of the deteriorated backdrop they walk upon; which gives onlookers the impression that since Joe Detroit is navigating an ash heap of a neighborhood, Joe Detroit must in some way have been a catalyst in the neighborhood’s subpar condition.

    Chicago and Detroit’s reputations are so vastly incompatible, it almost boils down entirely to the residents of the cities. When people visit Chicago, the residents are of no concern, they’re not viewed as a potential obstacle in the way of enjoyment. When people visit Detroit, the only thing that seems to be on the visitors’ mind are the residents and whether or not a confrontation will ensue. The tension raises the “on guard” to a level that can usurp the otherwise enjoyable experience.

    Detroit is a city loaded with problems, whereas Chicago is a city with as little problems a major American city could ask for in this day and age. But the key to Detroit’s problems lie in its reputation; both the true and the false.

  57. Wickedpinto said

    No place is as bad as people want you to believe it to be. soutshide ain’t so bad, it ain’t GOOD, but it ain’t bad. Gary, Ain’t so bad, it AINT GOOD, but it ain’t bad.

    Had a buddy, who used to make pretty good cash, even compared to union members, by delivering papers to the bad parts of gary, because the truth is, even the bad area’s aren’t that bad.

    BAD, but not THAT bad, and definately not good.

    Only in America can we think that relatively rare crime rates (and they are relatively rare) do we think that A crime rate that is LITTLE less rare, is akin to ethnic cleansing.

    Even Detroit isn’t that fucking bad. Hell, that pussy Mesa lives there.

    (don’t hit me mesa, thats painful.)

  58. A2 said

    Oh geeze, the “relativisits.” “It’s not so bad.” MR. COOL. The fact is: It’s not so bad until SOMETHING HAPPENS. My grandpa literally had to beat people off from breaking into his house over and over on the west side of Detroit. I had another friend who’s mom was shot dead there, in her own house, for no reason; and another friend who’s house was broken into and her father had to shoot the perpetrator in the head.

  59. G UK said

    It is very easy to slag off detroit. I spent a few days there last january. I walked across the middle of the CBD at dawn and out through the burnt out centre to the hiedelberg project which was quite interesting. It was the real part of Detroit, with buildings crumbling away to nothing. It was not the Suburban Detroit which is where most people live I understand. It was quite intimidating and really deserted but had bags of character.
    I think Detroit is just a focused point of the ills that plague a lot of the US – IT is a city based on a single industry with no diversification – when that collapsed there was nothing for people to do. It happens a lot with post industrial cities all over the world. What didn’t help was the fact that the city died when everybody fled for the suburbs. A Car Centric culture of commuting kills cities stone dead. And of cause all the white collar workers who could find employment in other industries could afford to flee the city, did, where as the blue collar workers couldn’t afford to leave everything they had before and their communities couldn’t – it lead to a very disaffected population.
    There are so many wonderful buildings in Detroit but policy is to pull down these monuments to dreams and to replace them with bland buildings that alienate even more. This i think was not helped by a corrupt local government. Some could intiatives and expenditure are needed for this city abandoned by the rest of the US.

  60. haas said

    you people make me sick , those who think they know all about detroit. The people who have either just visited the airport or been thru on a road trip. Detroit is a lot better than anyone realizes. What does detroit have that other cities dont have wrong with it? Gangs? Crime? Economy? Leadership? Mortgage crisis? ….chicago has it, atlanta, new york, dallas, la, phoenix, philly…..all of these cities are on par to detroit. Detroit has a vibrant cultural center with black museums, arab museums, Institute of arts, symphony orchestra, world-renowned universities……its disgusting to hear people who dont know what they are talking about act like experts….you guys should work for msnbc. Detroit has problems yes, but give it 15-20 years and itll be the place to live. Im proud to have gone to school there and plenty of sporting and music events there.

  61. Retards!?

    post unedited comments.

  62. mesablue said

    Haas, you moron.

    Read the post. I live there.

  63. rocky2sick said

    i don’t to much about detroit i have family there i here is not a good place to live but chicago ain’t no walk in the park either it’s been 27 kids killed in chicago public schools this year and the project high rises was horrific and chicago is one of the gang capitals in the country people get killed for which direction there hat is facing and it was worse in the 90s and they also have bullet proof cameras in the gang infested neighborhoods flooded with horrible living conditions just like detroit abandoned houses i know chicago has pretty areas and its’s a big city but really bad here as well in certain the level of crime a=is unspeakable withgangs like the gangster disciples the vicelords latin counts latin kings 4 corner hustlers black p stones it ain’t no joke if you live these bad areas people got to remember chicago has a lot of gentrification going on so its not as bad as it used to be it a lot similar to detroit and tere tearing down all the projects and those ghetto people are leaving the city watch gangland on youtube to see how bad the city was in the 90s chicago had over 923 murders but it has died down a lot but has over 125 street gangs in the city in certain areas its similar to l.a. but without the bloods and crips.

  64. 1280 said

    In stead of complaning about Detroit or comparing it to other cities(like ther God above all) why don’t you take your que from the bible and Chirst him self and rtemember, God (the real God, not the anillist) has the ability to take what seems to be nothing and tearn it into something. God took the city of Nezerith (the birth place of Chirst) And made it into the palistine capital. He took a band of mitfits and tund them into Christ decitfuls. This was his plan.
    And yes, things did get worse before they got better. That’s normal,its bound to happen. But, instead of complaning, Chirst listend to his father (the creator) and did something about it.
    Wich brings me to my point. Things dont chang unless you do something about it. Unless you go to college and study politics, bussness and education and comeback and use it to help others, or you decide to head anorganization to get kids off the street or to volenteer to clean up the trash inthe comunity, don’t talk.

    Thank you.

  65. Detroit Resident said

    I grew up in a small, safe town on the west side of the Michigan for 18 years. After high school I attended University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for four years. Both places are safe, vibrant cities with plenty of affluent residents and great businesses.

    After graduating college (when I was 22), I landed my first job in Detroit where I now live and work as a young professional.

    The way I see Detroit is this: On the whole, Detroit is a poor, grimy, run-down city. HOWEVER, there are pockets, some large some small, of great things. Examples of pockets of great things are: most of downtown area, random great restaurants/bar scattered about, amazing residential neighborhoods (Indian Village), great sports teams, etc… If you are knowledgeable about these pockets of great things, you can have a great Detroit experience by jumping from pocket to pocket.

    This may be a minority view, as I am a young, white male, with less than two years of residency under my belt, but through conversations with Detroit residents and non-residents alike, I have found people agree with this observation.

    If you are looking for a walkable, vibrant, central city that can be enjoyed with a wife and kids on any day of the night: you not going to find it. There is no main drag that is lined with restaurants and shopping. You have to know where/what the city’s gems are.

  66. Keith said

    Detroit is a horible place to live. I grew up on Longacre near southfield and school craft. I live in California now and thank God everyday that I was able to move away. I left the city a long long time ago and haven’t looked back since. It was after highschool, 1993.

    Look lets keep it real, Detroit is a fucked up place to live. Get murdered in Detroit and your homicide will go unsolved forever. Walter Long who was killed back in 2000 was a good friend of mine. The police still haven’t captured his murderer despite the fact his father was a Detroit police officer.

    In L.A. we don’t have the type of crime Detroit does and theirs more than 3 million people in Los Angeles alone. I don’t even admit being from Detroit when I meet people. I tell em I was born in Chicago.

    • Brian said

      What’s up Keith. Walter was one of my best friends growing up in the Philippines and after high school here in Hawaii. I never knew the didn’t catch the murderers. He was shot right? Outside a 7-11? I googled his name and this website came up. I was trying to get information about what happened from some old classmates that were asking, and I lost contact with his mom. She was a teacher and might still be teaching here in Hawaii.

      I’m glad I live in Hawaii, because the crime isn’t nothing compared to what it is in other states. The worst we have is probably a crystal meth epidemic, prostitution in Waikiki and car theft and shoplifting. Rarely have murders, but they do happen on occasion. Doesn’t clutter the news like California.

  67. LA Breeze said


    Stop lying to folks about LA, I live here. LA is a third world city separated by two classes of people,the rich and the poor. A city filled with illegal aliens murdering innocent citizens, especially Black men and women, gangs, robbing, raping and terrorizing downtown is nothing compared to Detroit. Not to mention an ex-gang member mayor! LA county is the highest taxed city in the US how does 9.75% sales tax sound folks, this summer? Traffic clogged freeways all day and night there is no such thing as rush hour, it’s all day in any direction. Detroit is experiencing a comeback, why don’t you participate instead of whining?

    Sorry to hear about your friend… RIP

  68. mesablue said

    Detroit is experiencing a comeback

    I’ve been hearing that for twenty years.

    It just keeps getting worse and worse.

    Can’t wait until I can get out of here. 18 months and counting.

  69. mesablue said

    Read this and try to imagine Detroit in a comeback — http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20090301/OPINION03/903010308

  70. bluebay said

    LA Breeze, L.A. sucks I agree, only the coastal towns are nice, yes there are many hispanics, and hispanics are not black. The illegals killing innocent citizens in L.A. , especially black men and women…sorry to disappoint you but black men and women are citizens, they are not illegals (unless you are talking about Africans, but read the statistics murders in L.A> are committed by black Americans not by Africans.)

  71. TalviMyrsky said

    Hell, I don’t know, I went up off of Joy Road the other day myself, and I know that’s the worst city out of any of these others I’ve seen. Nearly everyone had a gun, tons of buildings and houses that were probably once upon a time extremely beautiful laying corrupt with boarded out windows. My brother and myself were being followed, and we saw a dude on his motorcycle flying down the highway with a rifle on his back and a pistol at his side. Nothing decent about that part of Detroit.

  72. NOhoner integrity said

    Thanks to clinton bush obamanation let Toyota etc flood this country and liberal hate american car because no green crap like lier gore say..
    their tax property is joke living in shiit hole still pay 4 k

  73. NOhoner integrity said

    soon a later shitt hole al over the country because liberal brain dead just spending and taxes just ready for 100 M illegal and all city will be like shit hole

  74. Ed said

    Don’t listen to that asshole named “LA Breeze”.

    Unlike him, I do live in LA. Just reading the stupidity coming from LA Breeze you know that he’s one of those Orange County racist bastards that listens to “KFI” radio all day and reads “LA Weekly”. I mean, that moron repeated word for word all the stuff those freakin xenophobes complain about (illegals, blacks, having an hispanic Mayor, getting butt raped by a latino/black or taxes, etc.).

    First of all poor people aren’t made up of illegals/blacks like that a-hole said. Thanks to 8 years under Bush, the whole country now has a bunch of poor people of all races. Drive to Santa Monica and the streets are filled by poor white folk that are homeless. It’s pretty sad. One of them got killed recently and the killer was found pretty fast.

    In terms of crime, LA has one of the lowest crime rates since 19-dickery-61. And all that thanks to Chief William Bratton and yes, thanks to that Hispanic Mayor some racist idiots fear so much for being a “gang-member”. Shit, I really don’t get why some people are just afraid of Hispanics. Maybe watching too much Lou Dobbs on CNN has something to do with that. That guy apparently was raped by Ricardo Montalban and since then has embarked on a crusade to send all latinos to Mexico. Good luck with that Lou.

    Anywhoo, Detroid just need new leadership. What it does not need are assholes that talk crap about the city or just have nothing constructive to say.

  75. Mark said

    Detroit sucks. I spent most my life there. I mean, it blows. People who are proud of Detroit are like parents saying they are proud of their “D” student. COULD it get better? Yes. Are there positive things about it? Absolutely. But comparing it to nearly any other major American city, it is a shitty place to live. Period.

  76. Nick M said

    First off let me say LA is far worse than Chicago or Detroit. It has miles and miles and miles of Ghetto and there is a shockingly stark difference between the haves and the have-nots. Chi and Det. are dumps too, but that dude who lives in LA needs to open his eyes! You can find statistics that make all three of these cities look horrible, but Detroit, at least has a good excuse(the decline of the American auto. industry). One other point I would like to make is that I know about four or five people who grew up in Detroit, and they all miss it very much, and say they would live there, if they could find a job.

  77. DETRASH said


    • Leontine said


  78. MOOZ said

    As a detroiter, living off Michigan Ave on the Southwest side, I know that it’s easy for others to say Detroit is the worst city in America. However, what you dont understand is that people are still living in these neighborhoods. Detroiters have not given up and no matter how bad it will continue to get, we are going to remain. Nobody is going to forget about us anytime soon.

  79. Larry Dallas said

    You cannot compare Detroit and LA. That is just ridiculous. And you certainly cannot compare Detroit and Chicago. Chicago is a vibrant, beautiful, gorgeous, safe city, at least the majority of downtown and the north side, with decent pockets on the west and south. Detroit–I grew up there–is 95 percent wasteland that is only going to get worse with no tax base.

    I wish Detroit all the best but it is just getting worse. I think everyone there should move.

    • Leontine said


  80. Jon said

    I have to agree. While I think there are some neighborhoods in LA that could give Detroit a run for its money, I have never seen a city as rundown and neglected as Detroit. At least in the LA ghettos, there are people who LIVE there. In Detroit, a typical street can have 50% occupancy.

    It’s so bad in Detroit that I think otherwise good people are turned bad. They have no hope, so they figure some way to hustle to maybe get out.

    But, is it the “worst in the world”? No, not even close. Outside Mexico city, for example, there is a ten mile stretch of cinder block shantis. 7 million people live in those hell holes with no plumbing and improvised electricity. It is truly a sight to be behold. They’re equivalent to the ghettos in Rio (watch City of God to see what those are like).

    I ran into a guy from Flint who worked at the Grand Canyon. They recruited him, he saw his chance to get out of Flint and he took it. Says his life has been a thousand percent better ever since.

  81. http://www.dcoh.com / http://www.boggscenter.org – Check out whats really going on in Detroit before you talk bullshit. Republicans deregulated the country into bankrupsy war greed. Da
    Detroit is tired of the state free loading,need to tell rest of State to screw off and become an independant state.

  82. Walter said

    Detroit is, as Charles Barkley would say… Turrrible.

  83. trent said

    There is NO reason to live in Detroit. I am from the city and I used to think it was cool to represent D-town. I moved out about 15 years ago and I’ve never looked back. It is a horrible place. I have been all around the world now, seen the worst ghettoes in the worst 3rd world countries an I have not seen anything as depressing and hopeless as Detroit. At least in Thai slums or Indian slums people are poor but they still don’t kill each other over drugs and money. If you live in Detroit–stop talking about it. There is nothing to talk about, just leave. Leave Detroit–like over a million people have–and never look back. You will be so happy you did.

    • Leontine said


  84. Danny Smith said

    Hey, I’ve got a new reality game for all you left-wing liberals out there.We’ll drop you down in the middle of Detroit,late at night,and the bet on how long you live.

  85. Another Detroiter said

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Your post from Sept 25th 2007 gave me a great laugh, thanks! This country is experiencing the best economy in 40 years? I bet you feel pretty fucking stupid now, huh?

    Yes, Detroit has problems. We get it. What we don’t need are more people bitching about how shitty it is. If you think Detroit is so horrible then get out already. We don’t need people’s constant negativity we need people who will actually do something. Ex- my mom got sick of problems in our neighborhood and so she restarted our neighborhood organization and got grants for projects to revitalize the area.

    There’s a fantastic article that talks about Detroit’s situation better than I ever could.


    Oh hey Danny Smith! I’ll play that game! I’ve been playing it for the last 22 years and I’ve done pretty well so far.

  86. SUwoop im freash out Detroit from E7mile and mound an ima eastside bounty hunter blood an HELL YEAH dis da hood chicago weak as hell u caint compare dat shit 2 da D wtf yall must bee blowed im from da mile and it look like the goverment NUKEED!!!!! this muthafucka we got guns da lew enforcement caint get nigkgks

  87. Maarten said

    Well I was in the united states last year. I travelled the whole year and saw many cities. Detroit is absolutely the worst city i’ve seen in my life. I know it is common to exagerrate everything in the states but since im Dutch it doesnt count for me. Furthermore i was surprised by all the bad neighbourhoods i find across the country. In holland we are not formiliar with such poverties. Now i can understand why you elected Obama. I hope he will help those poor people who dont even have an insurance!! Im happy not to live in Detroit but i do pity their citizins. A good luck mates,

  88. Michigan!!!!!! said

    I pray for detroit!!!! Fuck chicago LA and every other city we tha best regaurdless….Detroit was once one of best citys in our nation, 4th largest population. I love it for what it was what it is and what it will be (hopefully). There is so much beauty and history to the city, so many beautiful big buildins just sitting there. It is very depressing to drive around tha hood lemme tell ya…but for it too change most of these people have too stop being proud of how hood it is…its like they like it like that….take away the murdurers rapists and shit like that and just focus on money and ideas and i think it would come together and start bringin people back…Everyone needs too want it though. Detroit thrives off of liquer stores, bars, clubs, and strip clubs…theres like a hole in the wall strip club and liq store on like every corner in detroit bars everywhere….i mean you gotta look for a grocery store but a strip club is always right there come on now!!!! Downtown is fun and hype on the weekends belle isle is hype sometimes!!!! but i would once in my lifetime like to see a harmonious boomin detroit like it used to be!!! and if everyone in the city helped and had faith in god i think it would be possible 2 bring this city back from tha dead ya dig….AMEN lol o yea reppin Tha d to tha fullest 7mile betta mile

  89. Michigan!!!!!! said

    I also like to add that detroiters have an original fearless type of mind frame….like nothing is impossible I mean if you ever met a real detroiter you notice it!!! Nothing phases us were just too fucking cool…. SO for all the people that stay here and believe in this city and are trying to make a difference this ones for you!!!! and quit comparin us too chicago or la or whatever city u was thinkin cus we aint like them Thier like US!!! no disrespect.

    • Leontine said


    • NwsJnky said

      “Detroiters have an orignal fearless type of mind frame – like nothing is impossible” That is how I grew up in Detroit – nothing is impossible. Detroit maybe on the bottom now, but there is only one way to go and that is UP! Go Detroit!

  90. Leontine said


    • Mr Sharp said

      thank you, because Detroit has been a main point for Michigan and even though we are goping through a lot we are still going to stand together as a city.

  91. Leontine said



  92. gay telese said

    I live in Detroit and have lived here all my 40 years. I have only been robbed twice, shot at once and carjacked once. This is in 40 years! I don’t do no drugs but drink sometimes. It seems that the crackheats are the ones who tend to die off young. The big d ain’t all bad.

  93. Mr Sharp said

    I strongly do not believe that a lot of people understand how Detroit is. People (some of you all) do not live in Detroit and only hear what other people say. Everybody knows that in every city there is a bad area, and that is so wrong for people to judge Detroit in so many ways. People in Detroit have many problem dont get me wrong but as each day go past people seem to get better. It gets harder and harder for people to live here and all around the world due to many money problems that we the people are facing but unlike others it has hit us the worst in some ways. If you think about it Detroit is becoming this way due to people getting money and leaving. When people leave thats has money just makes everything bad. I am only 19 and understand so much things about Detroit because I use to live there. The only reason I moved is because I went away for college. Some of you all have no clue how strong Detroit is to still be standing strong after everything we have been through. For example with the mayor. It is not Deroit fault that the mayor did wrong. Some people swear up and down they understand ceratin things but half of you all have not even seen Detroit head on. We are a strong city and I do have faith that we will bounce back up to the top and when we do that shows how much faith you all have in Detroit. Detroit has a lot of histroy but because some of you all do not read about it then you fail to understand the history od Detroit. I just wish people would stop trying to put Detroit dwon and try to help. Dont get me wrong Detroit (and other places) have bad people but at the same time they have no help. People like you all make them not believe and just do wrongs things. maybe it is time for you all to grow up and start helping people out -Detroit-

  94. MCB said

    Detroit is truly a gem…talk all you like about the declining home values and crime – it is still one of the most amazing places to find creative positive people. If you can look past the obvious and provide some positive thoughts for the continued rebirth you will find that it is fairly easy to stumble upon many forward looking projects with the wind behind their backs.

    You should look beyond your scope to hopefully come up with some less negative observations.
    My guess is that you havent been to town much or that you are so keen on bashing detroit that it wouldnt matter anyway. Just a guess from a random site landing. no response best to you!

  95. Detroit SUCKS said

    Give it a rest losers. You’re too stupid to understand that there’s something wrong when you can only say a few positive things about a city.

    You live with your uneducated heads shoved so far in the sand it defies logic. YOUR reality is living in squalor. That’s why you don’t have a problem with it.

    Detroit will die and take you worthless idiots with it.

    Good riddance!

  96. Pim Delfgou said

    I been through Detroit a number of times and seen that city become a ghost town. Perhaps Detroit City Council should consider a Retirement Living program since there is so much cheap housing available. I live in Elliot Lake, Canada, a small city in Ontario that had to readjust its local economy when the uranium mines closed in the 1990’s. Elliot Lake’s City Council invited retired people to move in and buy or rent homes cheap. These folks renovated and upgraded homes, people started new local businesses, and in recent years, new industries including nickel and base metal mining and soon, believe it or not, a new uranium mine has E.L.’s local economy flourishing. Detroit should look at Elliot Lake as an example in how to revitalize the motor city and get its economy motoring again.

  97. ne-ne said

    I live on the eastside near hayes and I love my city i’ve been here all of my 32 yrs. It hurts to see such bashing of the D,don’t hate help. Stop kicking us down and help build us up. I’m not going anyplace.

  98. lorreta said


  99. Jonathan said

    I visited Detroit for the first time on the last two weeks of October 2009 (I ran in the Detroit Marathon, unfortunately, for reasons still unexplained, three people died while running it). Anyway ( I’m from Duluth, Minnesota; the Duluth, MN/Superior, WI area has about 200,000 people situated on the westernmost shores of Lake Superior. To a lesser extent, we have our ‘mass exodus to Minneapolis’ because while this is a pretty city, it’s very poor with about four mid-level employers. If you lose your job here, and it’s a good one, you’re done. The nearest city with a comparable job market is Minneapolis, and 160 miles is a long ways away.

    Detroit was, to me (and don’t take this the wrong way) a fascinating, beautiful city with no makeup – with all it’s faults, with all the criticism, I wanted to stay an extra week after the marathon. I was never once treated badly. To compare (for those who have been to Minneapolis/St. Paul, which by now is probably similar in size to Detroit, everything in Minneapolis is brand new, sterile, super clean (and about $1000 a month for a studio apartment). I liked Detroit because it wasn’t hiding behind walls of glass, Terra cotta, million dollar condos , etc. What you see is what you get. Now, Im not blind. I’m fully aware of the job crisis, and to an extent I understand Detroit’s dilemma – it’s just too far from another major city that could potentially jump start it. It does beg the question: WINDSOR. With another city right over the bridge, and all this talk about immigration, something needs to be done in order to help both communities flourish by allowing people to live on one side/work on the other without so much red tape (these are skilled people who would be an asset to either city. The thing about Detroit/Windsor is, you’ve got the infrastructure in place – merely separated by a bridge. Why not, for example, team up the Universities so that Nursing students can eventually be licensed to work in the US/ Canada (same with law schools, physiotherapists, social workers, etc). If there are enough skilled professionals that are cross-trained to be licensed to work in Michigan and Ontario, that would, if nothing else, build a REAL bridge that could be the start of something so unique that no other metro area has…the Detroit Winssor crossing is among the busiest in North America. In order for that area to flourish, use your unique geography of training professionals to work in both US/Canada workforces. It would be the only program of its kind in North America. We all know that Detroit will not suddenly pull itself out of it’s abyss on it’s own. Windsor isn’t far behind either. Standing alone, these cities look pretty sad. But TOGETHER, they could be pioneers in a new, more sensible US to Canada pathway to citizenship or vice versa.

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  101. white idiot said

    I was beaten up by black guys in Chicago, and I was beaten up by black guys in Detroit. The beating I got in Detroit was much worse, so I say that Detroit is the scummier city. Don’t go to either city unless you can out fight ten black guys.

  102. ColdHardTruth said

    Detroit, and much of Southeast Michigan, is a shithole for one reason: over the past 40 years, they have continuously avoided facing the reality of the market. Two main groups: unionized whites, who somehow started to believe it is their right as human beings to make $50/hr with benefits, total job security, vacation time, raises that increase with inflation, etc. when the same job can be done in China for pennies. (If you are pro-union and you think I’m out of line here, try Googling “UAW jobs bank.”) And blacks, who still for some reason believe that they can do anything they want and still have the government take care of them because they are so oppressed. The bottom line is that these people live like they are OWED a living. YOU CANNOT HELP THEM. The only solution is to cut them off entirely from state and federal funding. You don’t realize it, but if you pay taxes in this country, some of it is going to Southease Michigan, which is continuously being bailed out, which perpetuates the cycle of indolence and sloth. Let them clean the streets, collect the garbage, run their schools, light their streets with money from their own non-existent tax base. Let them starve to death, let them die of exotic diseases in the streets, let them become beggars and thieves. Maybe then they will learn to take what the market gives them.

    • BoB said

      Man, shut the f*ck up! It wasnt just white union workers, it was all union workers, black, white, hispanic. And who the f*ck died and left you the expert of black people of Detroit? Black people that work also pay taxes you idiot. White people are so hypocritical when it comes to equal rights. You demand that black people get out out and “earn” something for themselves but yet at the same time, you still descriminate and show predjudice against them. Then white people have laws that benefit THEM. example the difference between possesing crack vs cocaine.Or Wall Street financial disaster vs the common black criminal. The laws/ rules are unequal and unjust. Until blacks are clearly given EQUAL options and opportunities without the judgement,STFU!

      • ColdHardTruth said

        I’m glad you agree that unions are a significant part of the ingenious social experiment known as the City of Detroit. All I was saying is the white union workers set the tone for everyone else.

        As far as hypocrisy goes? You must not have thought that part through since you are basically proving my point. Discrimination and racism is a part of life. Everybody faces it: blacks, latinos, indians, arabs, chinese, etc. — I would even say whites do in some contexts. But why are blacks the only ones who use it as an excuse to rape, murder, and steal?
        The mexicans don’t have equal opportunity, but they actually find ways to be productive and make a living for themselves. Same for every other group. Except blacks. (OK, I’ll be fair, certain segments of the black population.) You want equal laws and equal opportunity? Who said you deserve equality? According to who? Which brings me to my point: the problem with Detroit is the mentality that you are OWED a living.

        Oh, and yes, black people that work do pay taxes. LOL:

        Detroit’s Unemployment Rate Is Nearly 50%, According to the Detroit News
        First Posted: 12-16-09 02:13 PM | Updated: 03-18-10 05:12 AM

        Officially, Detroit’s unemployment rate is just under 30 percent. But the city’s mayor and local leaders are suggesting a far more disturbing figure — the actual jobless rate, they say, is closer to 50 percent.

        As many have noted, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which culls federal unemployment data, does not account for all of the jobless in its widely-quoted national unemployment figures. Among those omitted: part-time workers who are looking for full-time jobs and frustrated job seekers who abandon their job search altogether.

        (For some context, the official national unemployment rate is 10 percent, but the “underemployment rate” is 17.2 percent.)

        Detroit city officials argue that, when workers who are underemployed are added to the calculation, the number of city residents who are out of work is close to one in every two.

        The Detroit News reports:

        “The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that for the year that ended in September, Michigan’s official unemployment rate was 12.6 percent. Using the broadest definition of unemployment, the state unemployment rate was 20.9 percent, or 66 percent higher than the official rate. Since Detroit’s official rate for October was 27 percent, that broader rate pushes the city’s rate to as high as 44.8 percent.”
        The alarming numbers coming from Detroit officials are supported by another set of recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which stand in harsh contrast to the more positive national employment picture. The jobless rate in the Detroit MSA (metropolitan statistical area) increased 7.3 percentage points in just one year, the highest increase for any metro area in the nation.

        Statewide, Michigan still leads the nation in official unemployment, with a rate of 15.1 percent. Homelessness, especially among those becoming homeless for the first time, is expected to jump at least 10 percent this year.

  103. It’s interesting that this post still gets comments three and a half years after I posted it — but yeah, I agree with just about everything you just said.

    Also, I managed to escape Detroit, finally.

    Never going back.

  104. dee said

    The problem is the people of Detroit keep electing the same type of government — they want change but don’t do anything about it. As for the rest of the United States take a look at Michigan because if other states do any kind of manufacturing this is what your state will eventually become. I don’t understand why our country is giving all our manufacturing to other countries. It’s just like taking food away from your own. It makes no sense to me.

    • ColdHardTruth said

      “The problem is the people of Detroit keep electing the same type of government — they want change but don’t do anything about it.” They don’t want change. Look at Dave Bing. He’s one of their own, and he knows what the problem is. Yet even he is being cock-blocked by the unions. Detroit doesn’t want change, they want someone to figure out a way for them to CONTINUE TO MAKE MORE MONEY THAN THEY ARE WORTH FOREVER.

      “I don’t understand why our country is giving all our manufacturing to other countries. It’s just like taking food away from your own. It makes no sense to me.” Companies move overseas because if they don’t, someone else will. Companies actually have to compete in the global market. Nobody guarantees GM or Ford a certain share of the market or profits that rise with inflation, etc etc. The market is the only truth there is in this world. If you ignore it, whether from the right or from the left, you end up like Detroit. There is no worse fate.

  105. I.M. Pistoff said

    I spent 30+ years in Michigan, most of that in Detroit, before escaping to southern Kalifornia in 1986. Since then, i’ve heard immeasurable noise purporting to explain what happened to Detroit and why; none of it daring to utter what everybody from there knows to be the simple truth but won’t say because they don’t have the balls to spit out the gag of political correctness. Why? Look at Africa, look at Haiti, look anywhere else black; there’s your answer. The neighborhood in which i grew up was white european, a nice place with good people who took care of it. Within only a few years after i moved out in 1979, the 9th precinct had the second highest crime rate in the city, including an elderly couple murdered two blocks from the police station. In 1967-68, the natives got restless and the city burned. In 1992, i watched the same thing happen here in Los Angeles. Now, another bunch of primitives have cheapened everything here, supplanting our culture with their own. Press ‘1’ for english, soon to be press ‘2’ for english. Wake up, people.

    • I.M. Pistoff said

      …and, the real estate fallout is hardly a recent development, beginning as soon as the blacks moved into a given area and destroyed it. My father paid $11000 for our house on Minden in 1959; when he sold it around 1980, it went for $6000. Other friends on Gunston, who actually had a nicer place, got $4000 when they finally bailed out in the early ’90s.

  106. downwithdtown said

    FUCK DETROIT! thats where my familys from, me too i guess, but im better off telling everyone im from ypsi or ann arbor. detroit had its good times, but now its dead… someone needs to bring back devils night in that city and do it in for good! between detroit, jackson, flint, and lansing, michigan has got to be the worst state to live in. just a handful of dump-cities like taylor(and its taylor trash residents)

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  108. cameron said

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  109. charlie thomas said

    do you think the liberal policies of the left over the years have crippled the black race.the Sense of entitlement has left every major city in shambles. when will this cycle of violence and decay end. Pour more money into numerous programs and the problems just get worse.maybe the liberals want this to fulfill a purpose.

  110. Downtown said

    Long thread. Gary Indiana and Englewood (might as well be Indiana). Who the fuck comes to Chicago to be an hour away from the city? No one’s fucking hanging out in Englewood. Have any of you actually been to Chicago?

    Oh and Cabrini Green was destroyed. Its now condo’s and an expanded downtown. There are some row houses which remain. I could send a naked blonde woman to walk through Cabrini at night and she would not notice a damn thing.

    Living in the past, while the present speaks volumes on Detroit. Chicago’s population continues to rise, people don’t run away from here (unless they live in, Englewood).

    Ive lived in Chicago my entire life and never been to Englewood, its in the middle of nowhere as far as I’m concerned. I live downtown. I have no reason to visit any of the South side of Chicago. Its a bunch of homes, there is no business there.

    Im also mixed, black and white so it’s not a racial thing. Simply put, Chicago consists of downtown and the North side, take it from me. The Sox won the World series and were still treated like second class next to the Cubs. People from Chicago don’t recognize places like Englewod or Garry, Indiana as the city and any dumb idiot that comes to Chicago to hang out on the South side should have just stayed in Detroit.

    • plasterdat said

      Really? Chicago’s population is rising? I suggest you check your facts buddy, Chicago has been on a steady decline for several years, and with the rampant corruption of Illinois and Chicago politics, it’s not going to get better anytime soon. Over here in Detroit, the violence and poverty is rampant because of the auto industry. In Chicago, it’s because your knuckleheaded politicians can’t get their act together, and that’s why the people are suffering, and many are leaving to outlying areas. It’s no wonder that Chicago has 3 neighborhoods in the top 25 worst neighborhoods in the USA, while NYK, which is nearly 3 times bigger, has no neighborhoods on that list.

      Also, if you look at Chicago’s police to population ratio, it’s right up there with LA as one of the worst, nearly 300 people for every 1 policeman. That is ridiculous. And from what I’ve heard, the police are making a concentrated effort to stop gangs from overflowing into the northside of Chicago, while the south is still neglected.

  111. Scott said

    Detroit is a fester sh*thold. Anyone who lives there who says different is part of the problem, not the solution.

    Detroit’s repugnance is partly the result of the auto industry. For decades people who were damn near retarded were able to make a very good living, and were able to support a thriving local economy. Now we see what happens when the teat that was the Big Three withers away and dies. Those whose prosperity depended upon this teat are withering and dying as well, but they will be damned if the don’t kick, scream, and blame those damn ‘socialists’ for their own self-imposed demise.

  112. Scott said

    The most Racist and Ignorant place on earth; That’s Pure Michigan!

  113. Terrance Wright said

    Either what they show on the news is news worthy or this stuff really happens, why is it like a free for all with all of the gun play in Detroit? I’m listening to wchb AM 1200 radio and they are taling about the latest police report ( usually an incident(s) happen every day/night). Black on black crime at it’s best. Guys standing on their front porches getting shot, people at bus stops, old people getting beat up. No motive or anything, according to the report. Just random things happening. PLEASE bring in the death penalty, stop letting 4,5 time felons back on the street, especially if the have a propencity to go back and violate whatever probation that they were on. I say shoot them dead after the second violation, they were never meant or never will be a productive member of society.

  114. NwsJnky said

    Mow the place down and plant corn. Make some money OR you can come to Arizona and live with the mess we have here – drive by shootings, illegal aliens, corrupt politicians, sports fiascos. Oh, I guess that sounds life Detroit.

  115. Brandon said

    Detroit is the best city on earth the only reason why u guys fear it is because u guy are use to a quiet rich suberbs

    • BoB said

      No, really, I think that EVERYONE wants a life similar to a “quiet” surburb. Trust if the crime rate, education, and life in general was just as bad as Detroit’s or or any place else, they would move from the surburbs. The news don’t help blacks either as they show day after day car jackings, shootings, robberies, rapes, etc. in Detroit. If you are not from Detroit, you would honestly believe that you would get killed just driving through Detroit, if you listen to the news. It is no one else fault for the black eye that detroit has but the people that commit the crime

  116. The elephant in the room said

    Detroit itself is just a place on a map. The reasons why it is an undesirable place to visit or to live are related to population demographics.

    Blacks comprise the majority of Detroit’s population and as a group their net contribution to economic prosperity is negative. This has nothing to do with racism — IT IS A FACT!

    This is mostly due to their lack of education, and high rates of unemployment and incarceration. Their need for taxpayer funded support to supplement their income, housing, schooling, healthcare, and diet (EBT Cards), are also contributing factors. Basically, on the whole, they don’t earn their keep.

    When blacks are a minority group in a wider community these burdens can be met by others, but when they become the population majority in an area it creates an unsustainable economic imbalance which leads to the deterioration of society. Civil works are abandoned, schools and hospitals are neglected and funding for community projects is withdrawn. This is simply because there are too many people expecting to live off welfare and not enough people paying taxes and creating wealth by investing in community businesses.

    This is not just a Detroit problem. It exists elsewhere. If you disagree then read the 100+ comments above and you’ll clearly see that every community that is in the race for the ‘Biggest Shithole On Earth’ prize has the same common denominator.

  117. coldhardtruth said

    I’m glad you agree that unions are a significant part of the ingenious social experiment known as the City of Detroit. All I was saying is the white union workers set the tone for everyone else.

    As far as hypocrisy goes? You must not have thought that part through since you are basically proving my point. Discrimination and racism is a part of life. Everybody faces it: blacks, latinos, indians, arabs, chinese, etc. — I would even say whites do in some contexts. But why are blacks the only ones who use it as an excuse to rape, murder, and steal?
    The mexicans don’t have equal opportunity, but they actually find ways to be productive and make a living for themselves. Same for every other group. Except blacks. (OK, I’ll be fair, certain segments of the black population.) You want equal laws and equal opportunity? Who said you deserve equality? According to who? Which brings me to my point: the problem with Detroit is the mentality that you are OWED a living.

    Oh, and yes, black people that work do pay taxes. LOL:

    Detroit’s Unemployment Rate Is Nearly 50%, According to the Detroit News
    First Posted: 12-16-09 02:13 PM | Updated: 03-18-10 05:12 AM

    Officially, Detroit’s unemployment rate is just under 30 percent. But the city’s mayor and local leaders are suggesting a far more disturbing figure — the actual jobless rate, they say, is closer to 50 percent.

    As many have noted, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which culls federal unemployment data, does not account for all of the jobless in its widely-quoted national unemployment figures. Among those omitted: part-time workers who are looking for full-time jobs and frustrated job seekers who abandon their job search altogether.

    (For some context, the official national unemployment rate is 10 percent, but the “underemployment rate” is 17.2 percent.)

    Detroit city officials argue that, when workers who are underemployed are added to the calculation, the number of city residents who are out of work is close to one in every two.

    The Detroit News reports:

    “The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that for the year that ended in September, Michigan’s official unemployment rate was 12.6 percent. Using the broadest definition of unemployment, the state unemployment rate was 20.9 percent, or 66 percent higher than the official rate. Since Detroit’s official rate for October was 27 percent, that broader rate pushes the city’s rate to as high as 44.8 percent.”
    The alarming numbers coming from Detroit officials are supported by another set of recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which stand in harsh contrast to the more positive national employment picture. The jobless rate in the Detroit MSA (metropolitan statistical area) increased 7.3 percentage points in just one year, the highest increase for any metro area in the nation.

    Statewide, Michigan still leads the nation in official unemployment, with a rate of 15.1 percent. Homelessness, especially among those becoming homeless for the first time, is expected to jump at least 10 percent this year.

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  119. mesablue said

    Wow, I put up this post FOUR years ago and it still gets comments — a good thing.

    I did leave Detroit almost two years ago. I live in Texas now, and have not looked back. What a world of difference. Great people, great attitudes, great life, everything that I did not like about Detroit was left behind.

    A completely different mindset.

    Never again.

  120. Uncle Ben said

    Detroit is a nigger infested shit hole.

    Criminal niggers that ruined a city that is now just a slice of the third world right in america’s back yard.

    Before long the niggers will be fighting with spears and shields and living in mud huts downtown…

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  122. DeVaughn said

    Before you completely discount Detroit, maybe you should take a trip downtown and check out who is buying home in Detroit. Like e very major city Detroit is on an up swing. Consider the wayne state area where rents still exceed 750 for a studio. Yes times are hard but when foreign investors are buying homes 20 at a time one must consider why. I live here and yea I will be moving to a warmer climate soon but I will retain ALL the properties I have here, knowing that in 10 years when the mayor is of another race and Penske and illitch get their way Detroit will once again shine like it did in yesteryear.

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  127. Joe jo said

    Struggled growing up in Detroit for 30 years watching it decay.Why would anyone want to live there anymore.Never had any money but scrounged enough to move. The jobs and oppurtunites here are awesome for someone with little skills but am busting butt to make my life better

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  129. cj said

    OH MY DAYS…..

    How can you say Detroit is the worst place in the world?

    It’s bad but nowhere near the worse FFS.

    I could name many places i.e. Rio, Bogota, Caracas, all of somalia, congo, Liberia many more brazilian/columbian cities etc…….. hundreds of cities worse than Detroit in this world.

    You’re forgetting there are places where there are civil wars still going in, starving people etc…

    South Africa too, Johannesburg and Cape Town shyt on Detroit. The worst neighbourhoods in detroit are like middle class to real 3rd world countries.

    I am not American so I can see outside of the box.

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  136. Ex Detroiter said

    Detroit was a nicer place to live when it was inhabited by a predominately White population. The Blacker it got, the bigger the shithole it became.

  137. Robin said

    This year I had 4 choices for school, Detroit was one, atlanta was another. Hell no to those options, I chose Chicago for and got into school there, and then I wasn’t sure after some shootings. So I went to Seattle. If you want a great awesome city go the Seattle, if you want a larger great awesome city go to Chicago. There is more crime in Chicago and I felt much safer in Seattle as a young woman living alone and taking the subway everywhere, but of chicago is much larger. Bottom line is, avoid Detroit, Grand Rapids sucks if you aren’t a white christian and settle for chicago or Seattle…. anywhere in seattle or certain neighborhoods in chicago

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  139. Kopenski is starting to figure things out…there is nothing wrong with Detroit,it is the people in it.

  140. I agree with you. This post is truly inspiring. I like your post and everything you share with us is current and very informative, I want to bookmark the page so I can return here from you that you have done a fantastic job

  141. robert osborn said

    I was born in Detroit. I lived in Detroit for 46 years I seen the city at its best, but now Detroit is a shit hole full of crack heads and fucking drug dealers. the people are so scared they will look the other way if a crime happens.so yes Detroit is fucked up. put the love back in the city get the bullshit out

  142. Be A Better You!!! said

    It is so sad how 99% of people on here are HATING on DETROIT! Either you don’t live in Detroit and are running off of something you heard or you have lived there and chose not to do any good in the city. Instead you opt out of being educated. Yes you make people of Detroit look bad when you come on here and make ignorant comments about how Detroit caused you not to be educated or have a job or that you have suffered some traumatic experience or tragedy because of Detroit. None of that is true! You are actually not facing yourself. You are the reason you have not succeeded. You only find trouble when you go looking for trouble. Detroit is worth investing in. If there are people out there willing to invest in Detroit and help improve the city they won’t be disappointed. All of you who want to leave should leave! It doesn’t make sense to stay somewhere you hate being. For the people who say they hate Detroit because they grew up poor in Detroit, you need to give credit to your parents for the reason you are still living. Now that you are old enough to fend for yourself you need to apply yourself. You can’t go trough life blaming everyone and everything but you. Detroit has been taken advantage of and is now in debt and struggling. That is sad and true! We need a positive change for a brighter future not more negativity!

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  146. keke said

    detroit bout dat shyt

  147. ME said

    I live very very close to the city of Detroit. I grew up there. I loved it as a kid. The neighborhood was fun and we had wonderful wonderful family, neighbors and friends. Our home was small, but it felt like a castle as we all worked hard to keep it looking great!! What Detroit is lacking is a base of hard working, tax paying citizens who care. It’s a ghost, a faded memory. If it weren’t for the auto industry, I don’t think I would still be here. And let me add one more thing, it’s not easy living here. The best thing we have are the sports teams.

  148. Mr. TRUTH said

    Detroit….another victim of sheboons and useless buck niggers. No different than any other heavily niggered area. No spook ever won a Nobel for science or math…..EVER!
    Got it nigs?

  149. Wes said

    I wonder if Detroit being 81% black has anything to do with the place being a huge run down ghetto. Duh!!!

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