Absolute Moral Authority

Because plain old moral authority just wasn’t good enough — a mesablue production


Posted by mesablue on March 23, 2007

I’m still new to this blogging thing. Three months.

It’s pretty fun, a little time consuming. But, I felt a responsibility to at least throw some of my thoughts out there if I was going to keep commenting and voicing my opinion on other’s blogs.

Welcome to the dark and dirty world of blog admin.

The dashboard can be an addiction at first. Do I get hits? Who’s visiting and why?

Then you see the search results that brought people to your site.

Kinda scary.

Just from the last two days so there is a little overlap:

cat poo coffee pig
moo and oink theme
january 21, 2007 fatal accident detroit
“support our troops”
deep fried beer bacon wrapped cheese dog
deep fried bacon wrapped cheese dog
muslim sources of moral authority
moral authority islam
cost of canned monkey meat
mullah cimoc march 2007 4
“is gone. And as soon” 3
bacon cheese hot dog deep fried 2
viet nam animal rape
abandoned Detroit
bacon cheese deep fried hot dog
Michigan attempted breaking and entering
deep fried hot dog
cat poo
hamster cardboard tube
responses to Mount St Helens
pig fucker love
fried hot dog cheese bacon
moo cow vegetable
i hate you
sentient burger
bart is gay
chicken shoot
batman buttsex
fry my weenie
hobo pizza fuck

Ok,. I’m getting tired of pulling off the number of hits.

moralauthority.wordpress.com 6
terrapass 3
facts about global warming faults? 3
i hate authority 2
eid al walid 2007 2
hate comcast 2
beer funnel ass 1
mullah cimoc march 2007 2
bacon wrapped deep fried cheese dog 2
moral authority 2
beer cheese dog 2
possum in ass 2
fried bacon 2
“The Great Global Warming Scandal” youtu 4
i hate comcast 3
chicken sex boy 2
old shellalagh detroit 3
deep fried bacon 3
detroit “seven mile” lebanese heads 3
moralauthority.wordpress.com 3
deep fried hot dogs bacon cheese 1
cimoc production 1
finger texas dave pool 1
small monkey fun shit 1
co2 lag temperature “global warming 1
bacon wrapped deep fried cheese hot dogs 1
absolute moral mesablue 1
slimy poodle ass 1
stupid people crimes 1
send my shit to Idaho 1
global warming interesting title 1
pepper rabbit fun explode 1
“CO2 concentration” “atmosphere” 2007 1
bacon cheese fried hot dogs 1
small dog sex 1
arabic stores in detroit area 1
edge detroit strip club 1
The pictures that got Miss Nevada dethro 1
super stat futur Beirut Lebanon 1
funny cat pics 1
scary dead animal pics 1
“indoctrinate u” thoughts 1
leonardo dicaprio 1
hotdog, bacon, cheese 1
bacon cheese deep-fried hot dog 1
comcast hate site 1
butts are pretty 1
contribution of volcanoes of CO2 1
irina absolut skinny 1
snausages SOUND BITE 1
authority hate 1
great global warming scandal 1
comcast “cranky” commercial 1
real news, stupid people, stupid stunt 1
picture of restaurant front 1
charlie brown celebrates ramadan 1
Major Religions in lebanon 1
why bush is anty global warming 1
crimes found on facebook 1
my cat hates you 1
global warming contribution of co2 1
Britain’s Channel documentary “The Great 1
crab cake 1
youtube global warming scandal 1
hot dogs higher authority 1
fredericksburg islam halal 1
deep fried bacon wrapped hot dog 1
hot dog wrapped in bacon 1
culture of East Dearborn versus West Dea 1
global seed fault 1
indoctrinate you 1
“lego factory” +texas 1
=where you can be of moral support to yo 1

I put up a bunch of posts that I hope will have enough content that at least a few people will want to visit again.

If you look at the search results, if I want a successful blog, all I have to do is write about deep fried bacon and cheese hot dogs — and animal sex and I’ll get thousands of hits.

I did write about deep fried hot dogs and berserk donkeys and super rabbits.

Just didn’t think it would be judged as my best work by the blog surfers.

I think it’s time to change the name of the blog to — Absolute Deep Fried Moral Cheese Donkeys and Hot Super Rabbit Dogs.

Whadya think?

And, Leonardo DiCaprio?

I know I didn’t write a single thing about that little pussbag.

Though, he didn’t completely suck in Departed — he is just not at all believable as a tough guy. Richard Simmons could kick his ass on a bad hangover day — after sweatin’ with the oldies in a pile of seventy year old baby oiled man flesh.

Great, what kind of hits am I going to get after that sentence?

And, to those of you that actually know me in person — I haven’t completely lost it. The search results are all true, some of the rest is an inside joke.

Spurwing, buddy — need your help here.

9 Responses to “Blogorific”

  1. S. Weasel said

    Trust me on this: “boobies” and “panty pulling.” They were responsible for most of the Google traffic on my old WordPress site.

    Well, that and weasels. But why would you want to talk about weasels?

  2. damewigginsoflee said

    Too funny, I was just considering a post similar to this. You read my mind! (sorry if it was kinda messy in there — i need to do laundry)

    Checking out keyword searches is the high point of my day. Just yesterday, I found a couple of interest: ‘butterbutts’ and ‘trap the vagina’. How fun is that?!

  3. damewigginsoflee said

    I just had to revisit to inform you that the term ‘pig fucker love’ is seriously impairing my train of thought today.

  4. mesablue said

    ‘Possum in ass’ and ‘slimy poodle ass’ are just plain scaring me.

    I posted a happy pig picture above to cleanse the mind a little.

  5. Max Power said

    You should stick with “super-rabbits”.

  6. damewigginsoflee said

    I’m not far from southern illinois — ‘possum in ass’ really isn’t as rare as you might imagine.

  7. I’ve noticed a post on UFO’s drives traffic too. There’s some UFO nut(s) out there auto-searching and linking blogs that have a UFO post.

    “UFO’s implicated in Michael Jackson plastic surgery tragedy” would really draw’em in.

  8. Ummm…my poodle’s ass is slimey. I think its the Crisco rubdowns that weird kid next door is giving him.

  9. Lamp Store said

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    […] I stumbled over this site and it was just what I was looking for […]

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