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Mmmmm, bacon!

Posted by mesablue on March 23, 2007

This kid likes his pork chops REALLY rare.

Or — Mmmmm, pig snot!

Found at Cute Overload via that Weasel guy.

Fridays are now officially “Lick a Pig Day”. Send in your pics.


5 Responses to “Mmmmm, bacon!”

  1. Joe said

    Another thing I will never know the taste of.

  2. mesablue said

    Polacks can’t eat pork? Since when?

  3. Joe said

    How is licking a pigs snout eating pork?
    I will ignore the Polish slur…only once.

  4. Max Power said

    Man, we ARE infidels!

  5. damewigginsoflee said

    This kinda reminds me of a couple i saw at a bar last night.


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