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How was your nap, mom?

Posted by mesablue on April 5, 2007

I love the look on this kids face.

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Absolute Moral Authority

Posted by mesablue on April 5, 2007

Heh, I’ve been waiting a while to do that.

Allah used Absolute Moral Authority as a tagline for a story about Cindy Sheehan’s Gold Star Families for Peace and their current non-status as a 501c3 tax exempt charity — because they “forgot” to file the paperwork.

The same thing happened with Cindy’s other ‘charity’, The Crawford Peace House.

According to members, donations to the organization came pouring in at that time.

“There were buckets of money that came in. There were thousands and tens of thousands that came in. In cash and in checks.

[Reporter] You saw this? I was there. I’ve been there. I watched them collect it,” former member Sara Oliver said.

Oliver said she and other members were told by directors roughly $700,000 in all was donated.

Turns out that they collected over $700,000.00 while claiming 501c3 status, with only $11,000.00 still left. Ouchie.

Someone’s gonna get a big bill from the IRS and St. Cindy’s name is on the charter.

Did St. Cindy’s peace group commit fraud to attract donations?

Do their actions rise to the level of fraud, though? To prove criminal fraud you typically have to show intent to deceive or at least some knowledge on the part of the defendant that his/her actions were deceptive. Seeing as how she’s still studiously agnostic about what went down on 9/11, Mother Sheehan doesn’t strike me as the type who’d have any sense of what “501(c)(3)” might mean beyond the fact that it’s associated somehow with charities. She’s not trying to deceive, in other words; she’s just stupid. Nor would this be the first time she and her inner circle of merry pranksters haven’t been able to pull it together, man, to file paperwork necessary for their activities:

A nationally known anti-war group in Mclennan County has lost its corporate status with the state, and a former member is calling for an investigation.

Officials in the Texas State Comptroller’s office said the Crawford Peace House hasn’t handed in required paperwork in nearly a year…

Its corporate charter is now revoked.

“Why? Because we’re just not responsible about doing it, I guess. I can’t answer that. I would like for someone to come and volunteer for us to do that work for us,” Peace House Board Member Kay Lucas said…

When asked about specific numbers and receipts, Lucas said she didn’t have any available.
She also said the delinquent status for filing was in part due to paperwork being sent back.

“The IRS was asking us all these questions that I just did not know how to answer,” Lucas said.

This, shortly after Sheehan gave a speech urging people to stop paying taxes to fund this bullshit war.

How does that much stupid go unpunished by Darwin’s Law?

Allah’s source material is from Sweetness & Light.

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