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How’d you get that stain out?

Posted by mesablue on April 8, 2007

I Barfed on it.


Barf is made by the Paxan Corporation of Iran. If Barfing on your clothes is not enough, they also market Barf shampoo. You can happily spread Barf all over your head.

Found by way of a guy who only has to sit on a beach all day and search for interesting things like this — Bullwinkle.


2 Responses to “How’d you get that stain out?”

  1. Joe said

    That’s great,
    I asked for a band-aid at a drug store in London and they said “Do mean Boy George and the gang”? I should have asked for a plaster.
    I feel sorry for the Brit that asks for a fag in the US, especially if they are in Ferndale.

  2. geoff said

    If you Barf on it, then the terrorists have won.

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