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Rush hour really sucked this morning…

Posted by mesablue on April 9, 2007

Who am I kidding, I work from home.

I did get caught in a large police action when I tried to go to the health club this morning. Police locked down the area for over an hour.

Troy Police: Triple shooting ‘a very deliberate act’

TROY — Police this afternoon arrested a suspect in a triple shooting at an accounting firm where he had been fired on Friday.

Police located the suspect — Anthony LaCalamita, 38, of Troy — following a high-speed chase that began on Interstate 75 north of where the shootings took place.

“It looks like we have found the vehicle and the suspect,” said Troy Police Lt. Gerry Scherlinck.

A woman was shot dead and two men were wounded this morning at the offices of Gordon Advisors, P.C., an accounting firm in the building at 1301 W. Long Lake Road near Crooks.

That’s within a block of the Lifetime Fitness that I go to. Not an area where you’d usually expect a shooting.

Considering that they were dealing with a triple shooting and a killer on the loose, the police did a great job of dealing with the situation. They just asked us to stay put while they searched the area.

It was eerily reminiscent of another incident I got caught up in nearly twenty years ago — the first school shooting rampage.

I was driving to visit a friend in Winnetka when I was suddenly surrounded by police cars. Lori Dann had just shot several children in a school just a block away. She then attacked nearby home owners and barricaded herself inside their house. The neighborhood was locked down until they found her, dead by her own weapon. We weren’t able to get out of the neighborhood for a few hours and the scene at the school when parents rushed to see if their children were harmed is something that I will never forget.

It was chilling.

So, today my first thoughts were to wonder if there was a school nearby. Not to belittle a situation where three are shot and one person is killed — I was a little relieved to hear, on the radio while we sat there, that it was a workplace shooting.


5 Responses to “Rush hour really sucked this morning…”

  1. S. Weasel said

    Lori Dann! There’s a name I haven’t heard in ages. I read a book about that case once. She was obviously as schizophrenic as the day is long. She used to do stuff like hiding gobbets of raw meat in the couch cushions of the dorm she lived in and putting poisoned juice pouches in local mailboxes. She gave off years worth of warning signs that any number of people should’ve reacted to.

  2. michael said

    Interstate 75 north
    Long Lake Road near Crooks

    I used to drive that freeway every day, and I used to live off of Crooks…
    So why aren’t I glad to see the ol’ hometown in the news?

  3. mesablue said

    Just heard the news that there was a shooting at Nine Mile and Hilton. Less than a mile from where I live. Lovely.

  4. michael said

    About 10 years ago, I went to a New Year’s Eve party at a friend’s place in Hamtramck. I’ll never forget the automatic weapons firing at midnight…

    The irony, of course, is that my mother-in-law was pissed at me for moving to such a dangerous place as Israel.

  5. kevlarchick said

    Gotta love the perps name: LaCalamita. Calamity, indeed.

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