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Testing, testing….

Posted by mesablue on April 10, 2007

Pixy Misa is offering free sites at the new mee.nu blogging system for those who participate in the beta test.

After the beta, we’ll get to keep the sites forever.

Pixy created the mu.nu system that Ace and many other bloggers now use.

For the short term, I’ll use the beta site at moralauthority.mee.nu as a mirror for this site. It’s already pretty robust, but I’ll have to crank up my CSS and Java Script skills before I make a jump.

Go take a look at mee.nu and ask Pixy for a beta key if you’d like to participate.

8 Responses to “Testing, testing….”

  1. carinrose said

    I just got my blogger site working again. No playing for me.

    I am jealous, though, of the cool wordpress preview thingie. It’s fun.

  2. Max Power said

    Banned in Red China? I just noticed that, new?

  3. S. Weasel said

    I was so tempted. I would have jumped at a *.nu account before I managed to set up sweasel.com.

  4. mesablue said

    Max,yup but so is all of WordPress. So, not really a big deal. I just like it.

    Weasel, I’d go to mu.nu in a second. Mee.nu is going to take some thought.

  5. Tushar D said

    I had noticed the “Banned in Red China” banner either. Congrats on becoming the bane of communism.

  6. mesablue said

    Yeah Tushar, I’m working on getting a ‘banned in India’ banner as well. But, I guess I haven’t pissed off enough Indians yet.

    Put in a good word for me.

  7. Joe said

    Finish up blowing each other and post something I will find interesting.


  8. mesablue said

    Joe, no matter how much you beg, I’m not going to post anything about hamsters, pickup trucks or midget porn.

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