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I’m _______!

Posted by mesablue on April 13, 2007

I keel you!

Time for the first edition of the Absolute Moral Authority Name That Superhero Contest!

This is the one and only Michael from Innocent Bystanders, the blog where there is no blogging — just commenting. Oops, I gave away his secret indentity. Oh well, I’m sure it won’t take the police too long to figure out who he is if they catch him running around town in that outfit trying to ‘rescue’ people.

Michael fancies himself a spindly legged Batman, but since that name is already taken I thought it would be nice if the legion* who visit Absolute Moral Authority could help him choose an identity.

So, help a super fella out and come up with a super duper moniker for our musically inclined hero.

The winner will receive a $4.98 gift certificate to Maid-Rite whenever I get around to it.

Bonus question — who shall be his Robin? And, will it hurt?

*legion = 4 1/2 gomers

Image courtesy of Geoff at Uncommon Misconceptions.

Update: Ok, lot’s of you are checking out this post but are not entering a comment. If you don’t play — you can’t win. If your reason for not commenting is fear of reprisal from Michael (he’s really mean, I know), make up a name and put your real moniker (that’s your nick, WickedPinto) in the email address box. I’ll figure it out from there.


36 Responses to “I’m _______!”

  1. Dave in Texas said

    I’m Schmuckman!

  2. Tim said

    Flute Boy and Knobbin!

  3. Wickedpinto said

    A sad sad sad man.

  4. geoff said

    I am ReedSucker!!

  5. Testy said

    Hooty Man!

  6. Nice Deb said

    2 Clarinets on the Head Man!

  7. I’m the WoodWindnaut, BITCH

  8. Pupster said

    How about “Die Fledermaus“?

  9. Looks like a cross between The Tick and Benny Goodman…

    I vote for Benny Goodtick.

    “I suck your blood and give you Lyme Disease but I’m actually good.”

  10. Michael said

    he’s really mean, I know

    Huh. I did not think it was possible for me to hate somebody more than I hate Geoff.

  11. Wickedpinto said

    Well You are a member of a religion that is called “lutherin” I mean really how seriously do you want to be taken when you are assuming the name of a person who has only been dead for 40 odd years?

    *mother whispers into ear* OH! THAT Martin Luther. . . .

    hrmm. . .


  12. Watcher said

    Die Mörderlaus

  13. LisaAnnO said

    I welcome our new “Oboe-Lord”

  14. LisaAnnO said

    Oboe-wan-kenobo, our only hope.

  15. Max Power said

    I vote for “Time is Numbered Man”

  16. Max Power said

    I meant “Days Are Numbered Man”

  17. Max Power said


    “I Really Really Want to Punch This guy in the Face”-Man

  18. mesablue said

    “Time is Numbered Man” is funny because it makes no sense.

  19. S. Weasel said

    Please don’t tell me where his spit-valve is.

  20. PattyAnn said

    The Fingerer

  21. JayC said

    The Oboe Avenger!

  22. JayC said

    Rudy Giuliani – trying to make you forget he once wore a dress.

  23. Elzbth said

    Section 8 Man

  24. Frankly said


  25. Hey I just noticed that Michael has an electrical outlet conveniently attached to his right knee. I’m guessing it’s for power tools.

  26. knee = thigh

  27. HIs name shall be “El Kabong”.

    and his sidekick will be Baba Looey

  28. Amish Pie said

    The Most Popular Man in Band Camp.

  29. I ain’t in the production party yet.

    This flogging point and click shit pisses me off.

    100% true. helped build a mud, a bad mud, with a lot of problems, but the basics were well established by myself and a friend of mine with occassional assistance from another.

    Thats a complex system. A blog is not, basicly access to simple commands like html, but for some reason, WP’s BS is more complicated or rather just as complicated, when my boss found out I had “emulator”/”overlay”/ C++ familiarity even though I was a shitty coder.

    That boss told me to rewrite portions of our logistical database (not really, he actually wrote it himself, but he was stimulating me into a form of self education, now THAT is a great leader) removing all of the lazy point and click crap that comes with excessive empty spaces, and refining it into closed formats.

    I hated point and click before that boss did that to me, but by the time I was done, I realized it was a WASTE of effort. (in programing or rather in object orientated programming that is) I NEVER made more buttons or refferences than there were fingers, I never layered buttons or folders or hierarchy greater than a human has fingers.

    OOOOOH! I’m so pissed, partly cuz I so old and out of practice that I can’t point and click shit, also, I’m pissed cuz WordPress (not WP, I’M WP!!! GODDAMNIT!!!) loves the point and click concept.


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