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Just do it

Posted by mesablue on April 17, 2007


Do me a big favor and vote for me as the Most Obnoxious Blogger in the Bloggers Choice Awards.

At this point, it will only take about 40 votes to get on the front page.

There is a short registration, but it will let you vote for other blogs like S. Weasel. He’s nominated for Best Blog Design.

And, Innocent Bystanders for Best Gossip Blog.

C’mon you know I deserve it.

Who’s more obnoxious than me?

Update: Obviously everyone is more obnoxious than me. I’ve got four stinkin’ votes and I know where three of them came from. Oh, and the other one was me.

Really nice to know who your friends aren’t.

Whatever, I just thought it would be cool to show up on the main page with that whore, Perez Hilton for one day.

Guess I’ll go find a new dream now. Bastards.

15 Responses to “Just do it”

  1. Elzbth said

    I had to register to vote for you. Oh, the things I do for you!

  2. What else will you do? elzbth?

    I think we can embed the best of it.

  3. mesablue said


    Be nice, we don’t want to scare off our only reader.

  4. mesablue said

    And hey Elzbth,

    Unless you changed your name to Patty Ann or Kahn Jr, I got no stinkin vote from you.


  5. S. Weasel said

    It’s that stupid registration process. Pain in the tail.

    Still, the best part about contests like this is paddling around looking at the other blogs. There are some good ones I’d never heard of floating up the listings. (Well, duh. There are, like, seventy million blogs going at the moment. Bound to be hundreds of thousands I’d really like that I’l never hear of).

    Okay, dang. Now I’m feeling small and insignificant. Quick, somebody hold me.

  6. carin said

    Cannot register … why do they do that? Cripes, I can vote in a general election giving less info.

  7. mesablue said

    Just make stuff up.

  8. Elzbth said

    I tried to register twice, but they won’t let me. Sorry, kiddo.

  9. Elzbth said

    Whine, whine, whine. Stop it now! I finally was able to register, and voted for you.

  10. mesablue said

    Thank you.

  11. prophet said

    I don’t usually post but I voted for ya. Got keep it real for anybody suffering in Detroit like me. Need a dream to survive this depressing city. 🙂

  12. mesablue said

    Thanks, that’s what is keeping me alive.

  13. prophet said

    I just got one of Pixy’s free blogs… hopefully will get it up and running soon. Haven’t messed w/ coding since college. I’m an Admin for a Real Estate Co in Royal Oak. Can I tell ya how much time I’m gonna have to spend working on my blog?

  14. mesablue said

    Cool, send me a link when you get it up and I add you to the blogroll.

  15. prophet said

    Thanks. 🙂

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