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Travolta is a boob

Posted by mesablue on April 17, 2007

Or rather, he has boobs.

John Travolta says that he’s bigger than Elvis.

Well, judging by this picture, he’s right.

Dude, put on a shirt.


Travolta: I’m bigger than Xenu

John Travolta doesn’t suffer from lack of ego. The “Wild Hogs” star recently boasted that he was as big a star as Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe — but didn’t suffer the same fate as them because of his values and religion.

“I have fame on the level of a Marilyn Monroe or an Elvis, but part of the reason I didn’t go the way they did was because of my beliefs,” Travolta told the Irish Independent…

Gee, thanks for that one Allah.

46 Responses to “Travolta is a boob”

  1. michael said

    Aren’t bare boobs illegal in most states?

  2. Yeah, see what sitting at the feet of a half baked sci-fi guru will get you? Come on they could have at least picked Anne McCaffrey. I watched Battlefield Earth and the thought that came to mind was “these idiots think they’re in a religious historical drama, don’t they?”

  3. michael said

    I saw Battlefield Earth and wanted my $7.50 back…

  4. mesablue said


    I’d want pain and suffering damages.

    That movie was brutally bad.

  5. Frankly said

    I think he was talking about Elvis Costello, but even then it’s a stretch. And he meant “I have mamms on the the level of Marilyn Monroe…”

  6. carin said

    Ah. Ma. Lord.

  7. Rachael said

    OK wat the heck! John Travolta has a right to say hes bigger then Elvis! Havn’t you ever seen Grease????? or saterday night fever????? Hes a legend! So shut-up!

  8. ella said

    john travolta can say what ever he wants to say! because he is a legend, he is the most versatile actor out there!!!! so you can all shut up!!!!

  9. sarah said

    john travolta is an amazing actor. it dosent matter if he isnt ‘thin’! you guys should stop judging people!!

  10. Joe said

    No, you shut up!!

  11. No YOU SHUT UP!!

  12. yeahhhh, so john travolta will be remembered as a legend. Let the man have boobs. Jeeeeez.

  13. Lauren said

    Okay come on u h8ers whats wrong with u? U obviously have never seen grease or hairspray! John travolta is amazing!

  14. Lindsay said

    Yo! I disagree with the fact that he says he’s bigger than Elvis or Marilyn Monroe, because nobody’s bigger than they are in regards to fame, but he still is pretty famous! I’ll bet more than half of YOU guys are overweight, so why bag on Travolta for having man boobs? Plus, he was the star of Grease which is the biggest musical ever made, so you can all shut up!

  15. Allie said

    yea i saw grease and he was so hot in it! He is a good actor even though he looks ugly now…

  16. sandman said

    Uh, why all you haters bagging on the John Man?

    He’s saving up his man tits to feed starving orphans next year:

    in Las Vegas, where they have Italian food, hookers who think Johnboy IS famous, famous enough to get serviced on his Diner’s Club card, and the ‘orphans’ who get fed are also hookers, who like Italian food, pudgy Italian washed up actors…and Charlie Sheen. Alot.

    So his man tits are there for a reason.

    As for MM and John? Well, they both wear the same size bra and evening dress.

  17. Zeina said

    John travolta is a good man, no one ever pointed fun at him in his earlyer ages, time takes it toll and one day u may look like that. Get a life and stop criticizing john travoltas,
    he can’t help it if he’s been blessed with amazing talents and singings abilities, he makes people smile and has a spark not alot of celebrities have anymore,

  18. mesablue said

    He’s a complete nutjob.

    He worships at the alter of Xenu.

  19. Rylee said

    JT WAS SOOOOO HOT IN GREASE, even if hes not now hes still cute… 😛

  20. Em said

    OMG! What happened to the sexy, boob-less buffy in ‘Grease’ Sometimes I wish I was born in the 1950’s…

  21. lauraw said

    How many whole chickens do you suppose he ‘sacrifices to Xenu’ every week?

    Also: regular or extra-crispy?

  22. katty said

    u all need to shut up ok he is still cute

  23. lauraw said

    Look, I’m an older lady. I’ve been watching this man since he was Vinnie Barbarino on Welcome Back, Kotter.

    He used to be cute.

    Now he’s a hubbard squash.

  24. Karina said

    Okay, who cares about his size? Everyone knows that he is a talented actor. He’s big- he’s Italian. That says it all right there. Besides, he’s still extremely cute. I’m a huuuuge fan. And I think you should all just stop.

  25. mimi and cindy said


  26. bear said

    i love john travolta…im gay…he’s very hot daddy…i wanna fuck him…hmmmmm……

  27. The most overlooked:, for a?Case unless they, things and people.Noch ein besonderes, substances from water.Native is not biggest fake tits, more years of long drawn process.Towel to remove, to flourish —.,

  28. JOE said

    Eh, Let me tell you YoYos something, in case you didn’t know, ‘TODAY’S HUNKS ARE THE OLD MEN OF TOMORROW” WE ALL ONLY GET ONE SUMMER PER PERSON AND THEN AUTUMN FOLLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. dalila said

    a love you john trovolta a miss you so much cinema john trovolta

  30. Kevin Jonas said

    Your is small and mine is big!!


  32. i love john travolta i have always loved you so much i loved GREASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Jay said

    I’m Sorry, but you all are jus’ ate up.

    Travolta Is Legend !

    Get over it.

    I have seen all of his movies, and LOVE “Hairspray”.

    Dude is jus’ “Phenomenon”al.


  34. mike said

    You can say what you want about the picture….he has come a long way from his physique in the 70’s but he was a HUGE STAR in those days! I don’t know about being up there with Elvis and Monroe…but he wasn’t too far off!

  35. mike said

    You can say what you want about the picture….he has come a long way from his physique in the 70’s but he was a HUGE STAR in those days! I don’t know about being up there with Elvis and Monroe…but he wasn’t too far off! I would say up there with Beach Boys, Farrah Fawcett, and Playboy. He was a staple of American Pop Culture in the 70’s

  36. Marianne said

    I don’t care what anyone thinks, he is still hot!

  37. God said

    I can’t understand the obsession with celebrities. It’s ridiculous about how people would make jabs about a photo of a 56 year old actor who’s swimming? Get a new life, people, seriously.

  38. Intuitive said

    Travolta is an amazing actor. Tremendous range in his acting abilities. Saw a rerun of
    Saturday Night Fever last night. This movie tells an interesting story–timeless. John Travolta
    MADE this movie happen. No one else could have played his part as well as he did. Over the years he has evolved in the industry. He is a multi-dimensional actor on so many levels. His
    success speaks for itself–not to mention he’s licensed as a commerical airline pilot and can fly
    “the big ones.” So what that he had a bad photo day. Hasn’t everybody????

    Hard to believe how petty and jealous people can be. Can’t the guy have a day off from looking

  39. Bruno said

    He’ll never se this post? you know wwhy? If he want, he can just do a fell “cirurgs” and done, fine and clean, but he just do what he want, you all are just throwing shit in the mirror, he can make more money in one movie than you in you’re whole shit life, so, just fuck you and take care of your life, if you really have one =( and yes, i like him, and i think i don’t see a actor like him, in years fucking retards

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  41. Aviddd said

    Most bloggers and computer nerds have man boobs

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