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Gonna Test this.

Posted by Wickedpinto on April 19, 2007

I think I will be live blogging the White Sox Game.

Updates to follow, expect a lot of withheld curses.

First thing Robbie, can’t like that Scotty is hurt.

Also erstad has been doing well.

7:31 :  don’t worry Boys and Girls, the game ain’t over.  Home Runs Happen.

7:36,  Jermaine Dye, I like, he’s not my favorite, I’m a Crede guy (totaly un-appreciated) but whenever JD steps to the plate?  The guy is a FRIGGEN GIANT, doesn’t matter, weak ass infield out.

7:38, Sorry, I also like AJ, but that third pitch was a strike.  It does look like the Sox have a favorable ump.

7:41 still kinda slow, really just pitchers pitching, and hitters not hitting.

7:57, 4th inning, and I’m getting bored, so far very slow, why couldn’t I have done this last night?

8:05 we got the ninja base runners of JD and Pauly on base, lets hope they can steal bases without throwing their backs out.

Correction:  THOME and Paully, criminy, whats up with me.  Oh, thats right, the booze.

8:08 Thome made it to third on a tag without going into arrest.

8:10 AJ gets a 3 off, SWEET! I like AJ the hatred of him is completely unfounded, he’s just a heads up player, but screw that!!! he got a 3 run homer to take the lead.  He isn’t just a “heads up” player, but also a rather talented one.

8:25  Back to boring, but good baseball.  Don’t have much to say, Even for me.

8:26 Sorry I know it’s a recuring joke with me (those who have read my baseball comments) but I SO want thome to steal second.

8:55 I am NOT a fan of Thornton.  Lets hope he can actually set up a save.  Truth be told I think Jenks has been seen enough that he isn’t reliable either.  Why the HELL is he playing with a sinker, or is it a curve? whatever jenk’s new pitch is.  COME ON! RUN SUPPORT!

8:58 had to open my mouth.  TIED at 3-3.  Against EFFING TEXAS!!!  I wanna cry.

9:04 CSN just said that buerhle’s no hitter was “history making.”   Well, as a baseball fan who has a habbit of reading some actual history let me say this… NO it’s not.  History is Normandy, History is Iwo-Jima, History is the burning of the capitol during the war of 1812.  throwing a ball a bunch of times isn’t exactly “history making.”

 9:19 exciting paully at 1-2. with bases loaded

same time, and he wiffed.

9:29 JD got a good hit and AJ couldn’t drive him in.

9:39  CURSE YOU DIGESTIVE REQUIREMENT,  I totaly missed the RBI by Crede.


9:41  Okay, absent a horrendous failure, we will win.

Live blog over.

 I should have done this with American Idol, it doesn’t last nearly as long, and you don’t get nearly as hungry.

Sorry for the volume people.

In closing. . . .



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That was fast

Posted by mesablue on April 19, 2007

TN moves to allow guns in public buildings

NASHVILLE — In a surprise move, a House panel voted today to repeal a state law that forbids the carrying of handguns on property and buildings owned by state, county and city governments — including parks and playgrounds.

“I think the recent Virginia disaster — or catastrophe or nightmare or whatever you want to call it — has woken up a lot of people to the need for having guns available to law-abiding citizens,” said Rep. Frank Niceley, R-Strawberry Plains. “I hope that is what this vote reflects.”

Via Hot Air

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Clean up on aisle six!

Posted by mesablue on April 19, 2007

Two Chicago classics.

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It took too long but…

Posted by Wickedpinto on April 19, 2007

See I actually watched the game, (on television) in fact, I don’t miss White Sox games at all unless my schedule is completely wrong, and I meant to post about buerhle’s (whatever the spelling is, there are way too many letters for that name) no hitter last night, before I knew it was a no hitter, cuz Jermaine Dye’s grand slam was AWESOME!

  I think there were 11 pitches, started as a 3-0 count, then he took, then he nearly fouled out, then foul out of play, out of play out of play out of play out of play, and then THWACK!  YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOOOOOOOOAAAAAAARD!!!!! YES!!!!

but the game kept going, and no hits and no hits and no hits, and finaly a no hitter.

Anyways, I MEANT to do that, but I didn’t so a Washingtonian who isn’t a Sox fan, who doesn’t even like the AL gets first credit for posting about a very fun game that was played in the Chicago area last night.

So, heres to you JackM.

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Joe’s new dog

Posted by mesablue on April 19, 2007


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Posted by mesablue on April 19, 2007

From Ace

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Posted by Wickedpinto on April 19, 2007

A lefty tells the truth. 

Cuz you know why the VT massacre happened?  It’s the Constitution.

If it’s impractical to kick out 20-30 million (I’m not much a one for research) illegal aliens, thats right, I called them illegal aliens, sue me, I gots nothing, exactly how reasonable is it to seize 200 plus million weapons from people who purchased them legaly?

Sometimes?  I’m disgusted, other times I disgustingly drunk.

Update:  The first update I made in my last post should actually be in this post.  Once again, I’m retarded.  Sorry.

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Yeahp, That Sounds About Right.

Posted by Wickedpinto on April 19, 2007

Next week I will start my job teaching a Sobriety class.

I mean Effing REALLY!

Update:  I forgot to say that I found that thanks to Insty.  Insty don’t get an acknowledgement in the other post cuz I totaly read PM first, what you think about that, highly successful law professor with a hot wife, sweet kid and godlike blogmeter. . . . You know originaly that taunt sounded like an actual taunt.

Update:  the previous update, was in the wrong post, this one was thanks to hot-air, not insty.

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Lock up your daughters

Posted by mesablue on April 19, 2007

As you can see from the post below, there is a new contributor to Absolute Moral Authority.

To many in the blogosphere he needs no introduction, but for the rest of you — prepare yourselves.

Wickedpinto is known for his ability to expound vociferously on many subjects. His late night, stream of consiousness comments at Ace of Spades HQ have entertained, charmed and even horrifed us over the years.

I have no doubt that he will add an interesting viewpoint and unique insight into whatever he decides to post.

Please join me in welcoming THE Wickedpinto.

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You know I beat Insty by about 3 hours, just ask Ace, but he probably deleted it.

Posted by Wickedpinto on April 19, 2007

I’m a dork, often drunk, sometimes crazy, but always a geek.

Maintaining this quadrofectionaryialism (I know that isn’t a word) is sometimes hard for me, and by sometimes, I mean often.

Anyways, I remember reading about the first reports of “land warrior” and they were EXACTLY IDENTICAL, and I have been out for almost ten years.  The Marines only liked the digital sight but everything else sucked.

But Popular Mechanics actually asks the servicemembers, rather than the generals who are looking for “real world” jobs once they “retire” (btw, generals aren’t actually allowed to ‘retire’ In the classical sense of it, did you know that?) or for cabinet members looking for board posisitions.

See?  Anything that weighs a lot? is a detriment, not a help, in that link?  My favorite quote?

 “…’It’s just a bunch of stuff we don’t use, taking the place of useful stuff like guns,’ says Sgt. James Young,”

“stuff” like guns?  You know what the military does?  In general?

They shoot guns, WHY IN THE HELL DO THEY NEED A 9 lb blackberry on their back.

Read the whole thing.  Let me add this, Why in the hell would soldiers/Marines in the field wear headphones?  See, most of the directional understanding is based on HEARING!

Even someone with smaller ears than mine (I have big fat huge ears) knows that sometimes there is a benefit to not being deaf, just like someone with good eyesight hates being blind.

Once again “It’s just a bunch of stuff we don’t use, taking the place of useful stuff like guns,” 

And to quote an old joke, about engineers.  

“If it ain’t broke, add more options.”

Update:  Did I leave out the link to Popular Mechanics?  I’m so retarded.

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