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Clean up on aisle six!

Posted by mesablue on April 19, 2007

Two Chicago classics.


One Response to “Clean up on aisle six!”

  1. Old Style is SHYTE!

    One time I stopped off at a licquor store to buy some booze for myself and my neighbors (we were doing one of those summer sit outside the apartment drinking and talking shit things) One of my neighbors wanted Old Style, (for everyday drinking I PREFER ML, but I buy whats cheapest depending on my income, so I don’t have that priveledge most of the time.)

    I was driving and I went into the store, and grabbed the booze, he was at the register already, and the clerk said “good choice!” smiling, cuz it was the year of the bartman, and everyone was rooting for the cubs, and Old Style almost always has a cubs logo on the cans during baseball season.

    Since I was the one who set the beer on the counter, the clerk looked at me when he said that, and I responded “I wouldn’t piss in that can, let alone drink from it.”

    (thats how good natured co-equal sports ribbing works)

    I know, a long way for a small joke. but well, read my name.

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