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Yeahp, That Sounds About Right.

Posted by Wickedpinto on April 19, 2007

Next week I will start my job teaching a Sobriety class.

I mean Effing REALLY!

Update:  I forgot to say that I found that thanks to Insty.  Insty don’t get an acknowledgement in the other post cuz I totaly read PM first, what you think about that, highly successful law professor with a hot wife, sweet kid and godlike blogmeter. . . . You know originaly that taunt sounded like an actual taunt.

Update:  the previous update, was in the wrong post, this one was thanks to hot-air, not insty.


2 Responses to “Yeahp, That Sounds About Right.”

  1. […] Yeahp, That Sounds About Right. « Absolute Moral Authority […]

  2. HAHA!!!

    I got a fucking Whatchamackalit trackback in less than 24 hours!!!!!!!

    I ROCK!!!

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