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Evil bastard

Posted by mesablue on April 20, 2007

The first winner of the ‘Alec Baldwin Horrible Father Award’ is this guy:

Man got daughter pregnant, told her to throw babies down air shaft

Getting his teenage daughter pregnant wasn’t enough for Jose Ventura, a 46-year-old from New Jersey. He also ordered the girl to kill the resulting babies.

How did the police find out? After one of the babies was found crying at the bottom of an air shaft in Ventura’s building. That’s where they also found the mummified body of a second infant.

Ventura will be sentenced later this week. He could get 35 years. The daughter has pleaded to guilty to reckless manslaughter and aggravated assault. She’s been helping prosecutors put together the case against Dad.

No words.


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Hot dog?

Posted by mesablue on April 20, 2007

Or puppy sandwich?

Wickedpinto sends in a picture of what he had for lunch today….

Don’t ruin that with ketchup.

Also posted at WP’s other blog.


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Here comes teh crazy

Posted by mesablue on April 20, 2007

There is a gunman loose at NASA in Houston:

Gunman Prompts Space Center Evacuation

But, this one really gets me:

School Says Mom ‘Fired’ Toy Gun In Class

CHURCH HILL, Tenn., Apr. 19, 2007

(AP) The mother of a kindergartner was charged with assault Thursday and banned from school after officials said she walked into the child’s classroom, pointed a toy cap gun at students and pulled the trigger several times.

It happened Tuesday, a day after the deadly shootings at Virginia Tech, and scared teachers and students, the school principal said.

Church Hill police and Hawkins County school officials met with Heather Nicole Berg, 26, before charging her with misdemeanor assault, police said. She had already been banned from Church Hill Elementary School for a year.

Police declined to say why Berg had the cap gun with her but called her actions “a monumental lapse in judgment.”

“A staff member and several children initially thought the gun was real and were fearful,” police chief Mark Johnson said in a press release.

School officials said the woman was in the classroom to pay for an upcoming field trip. While the teacher’s back was turned, “The mom walked in toward the middle of the classroom, and the teacher heard this click, click, click, click _ like four to six times,” Principal Jean Heise said.

“A teacher’s assistant witnessed her take a gun and point it directly toward four to five kids. With everything that’s happened the last couple of days, she (the assistant) was just in shock,” the principal said.

Has anyone kept tabs on Deb Frisch lately?

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I’m gonna get medieval on your ass

Posted by mesablue on April 20, 2007

No really.

From Wickedpinto land:

Girl Attacks Teacher With Medieval Weapon

Post-Tribune) GARY, Ind. The freshman girl told police she was “tired of getting picked on,” so she took a mace to school.

Not Mace, the pepper spray.

Mace, as in a medieval weapon.

A long wooden stick attached to a metal chain with a spiked ball on the end.

The 15-year-old swung it at a teacher Thursday morning but struck a fellow student who intervened, Gary police said. The victim, a 19-year-old Lew Wallace High School senior, suffered cuts on her hand and thumb protecting the teacher. School security detained the freshman and confiscated the weapon.

“It’s heavy, and it’s metal, and it’s sharp,” Detective Sgt. Darlene Breitenstein said after delivering the girl to the Lake County (Ind.) Juvenile Justice Center, where she is being held on battery charges.

Ouch. +11 Mace of smashlyness can really hurt.

Ugh, Lauraw found this before I did. Just when I thought I’d found the perfect AoS front page linkwhore post……

Heh, haven’t seen this one anywhere:

Police subdue naked woman wielding sword

A naked woman wielding a 3-foot-long sword was taken to a hospital Wednesday after an encounter with police at her home.

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Alec Baldwin is a scumbag

Posted by mesablue on April 20, 2007

When fat boy is not on the radio or television making a complete ass of himself proving how little he knows about politics — he leaves horrible voice mail messages for his daughter.

She’s eleven years old.

This worthless piece of crap should never be allowed another visitation without supervision.

Our buddy Slublog — mix-master extraordinaire — comes through with a musical tribute. A must listen.

Thanks once again to Ace and Hot Air.

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Prolly won’t post until friday night.

Posted by Wickedpinto on April 20, 2007

But I came across something that I think is funny, so I will practice the whole embed thing so that I can share it with ch’all.  It’s old, but I don’t think it’s common, and I still find it funny anyways.

Rest well everyone, and remember.   Don’t fart on your pillow before you go to sleep.

Update/Inclusion:  The Admin/Mesa the Meany says I should site and linke the fart pillow comment, if I’m gonna mention it.  I think it has more value as an “IN” joke but he’s right, I should have linked it, and while I’m self absorbed, I’m not narcicistic or however you spell it.  So, This is the specific comment about the fart pillow.

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