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Posted by Wickedpinto on April 21, 2007

Unk posted a GREAT pic of his little pooch who can probably eat your guts, while you are wielding a sword.

 This ain’t no bitch purse pooch, this is a real pooch.


YourCrazyUncle has a SWEET SWEET SWEET poochie.

Once again, he will eat you in an instant.

Update: Just click the damn link.  I’m on about 50 hours with only maybe 3 hours of sleep, don’t EFF WITH ME!  I’ve only maintained it for this long cuz the WhiteSox have won!

And the WS are still winning, but I totaly obeyed the rules this time, and WordPress Effed me over, so, Go ahead and bitch, and you think I would care?

Well You would be right you MEAN MEAN MEAN BASTARDS!!!! next thing you know you would say that I eat adorable puppies!!!!  cuz you care that little!!

Update: can you baby step me with photo links?  I SWEAR I used the three recommended methods but none of them worked.  BTW isn’t Unks poochie a cuty?  He looks like a boxer, and even though boxers only weigh about 50+ lb’s they are fighters.  I would bet on the boxer, in a Boxer v UC Berkely student ANY DAY, as long as the boxer doesn’t have a first name.


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The “news”

Posted by Wickedpinto on April 21, 2007

A Blue Angels Accident.  I am not sure, but I believe that there is always one Marine in the team, seeing as how the primary intercept aircraft of the MC is the FA-18.  I might be wrong, or I might be exaggerating a memory about a Marine Commander at sometime or another.

Okay, inter-special/service conflicts over with.

Fox is pissing me off.  “this pilot is dead,” says the anchor, and then we get into the “we don’t want to point fingers” argument.

Newsflash to you retarded lawyers and journalism degree idiots.  Precision flying is fundamentaly dangerous, thats just how it is, traveling at 10Xhypersonic speeds on the way to the moon?  fundamentaly dangerous.  Shaving your balls with a cheasegrater, fundamentaly dangerous.

“BEAUFORT, SC (WIS)”  What is WIS?  Anyone in the service familiar with the “WIS” inclusion?  I have NEVER seen that.

I am damn near live blogging this, but I can’t because I will just shred every single reporter on the planet, and we all know thats just repetative.

Small political comment Google credits CNN with the break, ignoring that Fox had live coverage.

So now? should we have jet fighter control?

Really, I avoid actually mentioning these things even in comments cuz I can’t do them justice, and anyone who try’s fails.

In this case? having seen the Fox, the MSNBC (btw on MSNBC I’m watching some feminist docu about a dead woman who was “called a hero, by a lot of people around here, she was my here, and even when it was real dark, REAL dark, and she fought, and she was an inspiration for everyone out there” ) and the CNN News?  CBS has some golf Tourney on, cuz you know, golf is ALL ABOUT THE HERE AND NOW! I withold the hockey broadcast of nbc, except that they are televising the EFFING REDWINGS?!?!?! without a chicago team.

ABC has a thing about cooking.

 Now, is the death of an individual in a highly dangerous profession dying a startling story?  No, however, More people have pitched perfect games than US SERVICEMEMBERS have died during airial demonstrations of precision flying.

Buerhle got a week, I don’t even know this Brilliant Fliers name.

Update: (more than 24 hours later) About EFFING TIME!

Lt. Colonel Kevin Davis. 

Sir?  You were a ninja, I can’t WALK! 12″‘s away from a person without bumping into them, but you did it in a plane, with other planes.

Also, while looking for more, I found this which disgusts me.  Friggen Carrion eating pigs, all media is, and the easily available whores who feed the need to report stupid stories.  Who EFFING CARES about your truck?

Update: Now there is an investigation I blame bush, and global warming.

Update: Dave in Texas does this man much better justice than I did.  I was tied up with railing against the “news” Dave saw the story for what it is, about the one man, and he did the leg work.

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Why do I find this funny?

Posted by Wickedpinto on April 21, 2007

Update: The update following this uses the B word. 

Update: (including it here because) mild language content warning.  F and S, but no nudity.  Whats the point of offering a content warning at the END of a post?  One day I will figure that out, but not really, cuz I don’t care.  This is how I will update my content warnings for stuff I post, you gig?  You know why?  cuz thats just how I ROLL! BITCHES

(it’s about 10 minutes, you don’t have to watch all ten minutes to enjoy it, you can stop after about 90 seconds, but it expands) 

I’m not really sure, it’s really not that well done, the writing is pretty weak, but I’ve seen so many ken burns magic negro docu’s that this was just a natural thing.  It also uses the “letters” method that ken burns loves. 

I can’t say it’s “good.” but I can say it’s good enough, cuz they really do just cut to the chase.

It was uploaded to youtube more than a year ago, but when I first saw it, I just couldn’t help but laugh some of the stuff in this.

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Soccer vs. Rugby

Posted by mesablue on April 21, 2007

Watch it all the way through to get past the cry babies to the real men.

Detroit Rugby Footbal Club

We had the boys from Hamilton, Ontario in today. They won, but the best line of the day– after I hit a guy, he told his buddies, “that guy rocked me, it was awesome”, to which they said “Detroit Rock City!”

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I don’t get it.

Posted by Wickedpinto on April 21, 2007

“Spider-Man: The Broadway Musical” .  Yeah, thats exactly what I thought while reading my Spider-man comics as a kid, and what most other comic book fans were thinking.

“you know whats missing? Why hasn’t Spidey broke out into song yet, and why can’t I pay too much money to watch someone of indescernable sexuality prance around stage in a Spidey costume?”

Who the hell do they think comic fans are?

I Blame Bush, and this crime is unforgiveable.

Update:  I should include that I think I now know where Michael got is Batman costume. 

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So Lame of Me

Posted by Wickedpinto on April 21, 2007

The leaky cauldron is saying that Warner Brother confirmed there is gonna be a new “Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix” trailer to be released on sunday.  Don’t know if it will be put up on the net immediately or what.

Why do I pay attention to this stuff?  I don’t know, it’s like crack, I can’t stop, and I blame Tushar for enabling me.

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20 things. . .

Posted by Wickedpinto on April 21, 2007

You didn’t know about lab accidents

Not very good in general and was published in October, But look at number two, it’s arguable that it should actually be number one.  heh (I know weak.)

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