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Posted by Wickedpinto on April 21, 2007

Unk posted a GREAT pic of his little pooch who can probably eat your guts, while you are wielding a sword.

 This ain’t no bitch purse pooch, this is a real pooch.


YourCrazyUncle has a SWEET SWEET SWEET poochie.

Once again, he will eat you in an instant.

Update: Just click the damn link.  I’m on about 50 hours with only maybe 3 hours of sleep, don’t EFF WITH ME!  I’ve only maintained it for this long cuz the WhiteSox have won!

And the WS are still winning, but I totaly obeyed the rules this time, and WordPress Effed me over, so, Go ahead and bitch, and you think I would care?

Well You would be right you MEAN MEAN MEAN BASTARDS!!!! next thing you know you would say that I eat adorable puppies!!!!  cuz you care that little!!

Update: can you baby step me with photo links?  I SWEAR I used the three recommended methods but none of them worked.  BTW isn’t Unks poochie a cuty?  He looks like a boxer, and even though boxers only weigh about 50+ lb’s they are fighters.  I would bet on the boxer, in a Boxer v UC Berkely student ANY DAY, as long as the boxer doesn’t have a first name.


11 Responses to “Poochie!!!!!”

  1. You know this image thing sucks!!!!

  2. TattooedIntellectual said

    Boxers are dumb. What you really need is an English Mastiff!

    BTW, given that you’re new to the whole blog thing, we can probably ignore the “mistakes” for the first month or so. After that I’ll have to come out of lurk mode more often.

  3. TattooedIntellectual said

    Rereading that I realized one could reach the erroneous conclusion that WP is new to the concept of a blog. That would be an incorrect conclusion drawn from imprecise wording. I should have said since WP is new to the concept of “running”, at least in part, a blog. Sorry for any confusion 🙂

  4. Jennifer said

    Wicked confuses me.

    What the hell was that.

  5. cranky said

    Wicked, like I wrote at Crazy Uncle, get yourself a dog. Mine keep me sane because otherwise I would be …, well, nevermind.

  6. mesablue said

    Sweet poochie?

  7. Yes Sweet poochie.

    that poochie CAN eat cranky, but that poochie hasn’t. That takes discipline, I bet cranky tastes like bacon. or rather zombie bacon, but thats beside the point. Oh and fermaldhyihide (whatever the spelling is)

  8. Also, I’m thinking now. . . . you think a sunday morning cartoon thing would be a neat feature, huh boss?

    Like every sunday I dig up one of my retarded, cartoon memories and embedd it?

    Only real draw back, is I think I would run out of cartoons.

  9. cranky said

    Zombie bacon? Is that a Jamacian jerk recipe? I ain’t Jamacia either mon.

    Grandparent’s boxer, Chatty, picked me up from the middle of the street I had wandered into when I was about 4 and carried me back to the house.

    I have always loved dogs.

  10. forged rite said

    Boxers are great dogs, but, like most pure breds, they have genetic problems because of corrupt breeders who just want product to sell and inbreed a lot. In boxers, the problem will usually be cancer, so you might want to keep an eye out for any weird lumps.

  11. Joe said

    Face it, your dog stinks!

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