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Future tek

Posted by mesablue on April 23, 2007

This is a little scary.

SunSat Satellite Solutions has come up with a way to combine GSM and GPS technologies to pinpoint the location of a cell phone to within 10 meters.

Click on the image to go to their site.

Great big thanks to WuzzaDem

6 Responses to “Future tek”

  1. What I think was funny?

    the number I punched in, just out of curiousity, cuz I knew she was out of my area, I punched in my mothers number.

    Imagine the “OMFG! EWWWW!” factor of that joke.

  2. mesablue said



  3. really, I think it’s the only cell number I have memorized, other than my own, and I knew that I was in my assigned prefix area, figured I would test it with ma’s who was out of state.

  4. Joe said

    Unfortunatly I used my own number.

  5. Lisa said

    Joe, I used your cell number too, and all I have to say is….Who’s the Blonde?

  6. Brilliant. I’m using this one…

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