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When moonbats attack #7998

Posted by mesablue on April 24, 2007

You gotta love a moonbat on the rampage. But, what happens when you mix moonbats, illegal aliens and a typically liberal college campus in Michigan (no, not that one)?

Much mayhem and hilarity are sure to follow.

Chris Simcox, co-founder of The Minuteman Project, spoke at Michigan State University on April 19, 2007 — or rather, he tried to speak. As is usually the case when moonbat morons don’t agree with something — they must try to quash it. The whole free speech for me but not for thee mentality that we find so endearing in the modern moonbat.

Please enjoy this video of the event, included are many scenes of hypocrisy, screaming tantrums and of course, Absolute Moral Authority. Particularly touching is the moment when one moonbat maiden explains to the policemen escorting her out that they’d stop trying to deny the free speech of the speaker if he would just “stop speaking”. Priceless.

The patience of the police in this video is admirable. I would have tazered a few of these goofballs.

The video is brought to you by the MSU YAF’ers.

More video from The State News with the moonbat explaining Absolute Moral Authority, my favorite moment which makes it all so worthwhile — here.

Tears, really.

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9 Responses to “When moonbats attack #7998”

  1. lauraw said

    This has been happening at other schools too. Seem to remember a very similar video some months back. The speaker was physically removed from the podium by protesters IIRC, with much cheering from the crowd.

    I kind of feel bad for the kids today. If you don’t know what freedom of speech is, how can you protect your own rights?

  2. TattooedIntellectual said

    The sad thing is, by the time people are enrolled in college they shouldn’t be considered kids anymore. At 18 you should be able to at the very least imitate an adult. The other problem is that they don’t consider this free speech. It’s not speech they agree w/ therefore it shouldn’t be happening, but I think that bleeds over from the toddler mindset.

  3. It happened at columbia university I think LauraW. I’m not up on my university’s and subcolleges in university’s. Is George Washington University associated with another university? If not, it also happened at GeeDub.

  4. Heres the columbia “protest”

    Now that I think on it, the gee dub thing was cancelled after this, because of safety.

  5. Mullah Cimoc said

    mullah cimoc say amerika right now this moment being destroy.

    No. 1, him barak obama him working for the hilary clinton woman. divert the money from the real competitor with fake campaign. him test water on issues for clinton woman, see what safe for her.

    No. 2, real mr. imus story of get the fired him. this been planning long time. imus him just convenient target, could have been anyone, if white and the male. this real purpose to terrorize media persons for lose job if tangle with this woman hilary clinton and the most important for signal true end of white male controlling usa. now this white man him target of new devil/satanic coalition made of lesbian, africa man, mexico man, and the white woman hate the man. This call the impose discipline.

    this all part god plan yes. thising for purify white society to cleanse of the bad. so bad time for tattoo having people when cleansing time come. them get it very very first. like big neon sign on head say: i scum, please cleanse me.

  6. Just watched it.

    The number of individuals clearly and verfiably guilty of simple assault, is innumerable, and the number of people of greater levels of assault is even greater, the number of people guilty of very real crimes that were I to have committed one at any time while I was in (which I was) I would have spent time in the brigg (which I did) I guess “daddy’s camcorder” is a greater offense on university campuses, than, say. . .assault.

  7. Also,

    I called a guy (who we thought might have been a closet gay, but we didn’t really care but he pissed me off) a “cocksucker” and he came at me, I was much larger than him and could have used him to clean the 4 fingers of death left overs out of my teeth, but our Plt Sgt, tackled me, even though I made no physical threat and choked me out.

    I once had a fireteam leader get sick of my sarcasm while he was marching backwards and got fed up, so he turned around rapidly. His helmet, which was strapped to his pack, hit me in the face, I can show you the scar, my teeth cut through my lower lip.

    I have a scar on my right eyelid from when I told the MP’s to let go of my wallet and my own face slammed into cuffs (my hands were still behind my head) and cut me.

    The reason I say this.

    Look at the fat guy screaming racist fascist and murderer, who sundenly gets his arm turned, going “OWW OWWWWWWWWWWW I didn’t do NOTHING!” Not only is he a pussy, but he’s also a coward, and inarticulate UNIVERSITY! student.

    Give me green service anyday, and thank god for it.

  8. that’s why it will never wor. Ruud Orlagh.

  9. see it started at the park,used to chill after dar. Huda Swithun.

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